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I am a sucker for disaster science fiction movies and 2012 is definitely one of my favorite ones as it is packed with disaster scenes from the beginning to the end. For a film that took up 3 hours of my time at once, was it worth watching, and more so, is it worth watching again?  You can read about my own views regarding the movie in this post and decide for yourself, but first, let’s get the film credits out of the way quick…

PG – 13

Genre – Science-Fiction Disaster

Release date – 13 November 2009

Director/s – Roland Emmerich

Producer/s – Harald Kloser, Larry J. Franco, Mark Gordon

Writter/s – Herald Kloser, Roland Emmerich

Run Time – 158 Minutes

Main Cast – John Cusack, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Amanda Peet, Oliver Platt, Thandie Newton, Danny Glover, and Woody Harrelson.

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Film Summary

The earth is warming up and it is leading to earth-crust-displacement, where all the landmasses are tearing apart.  It is causing total chaos on the planet, okay wait, let’s just make this short and sweet, it is the end of the world, for real.  But don’t feel sad, there is a solution, for a few people who have a billion euros. Ships are build that will be able to withstand it all and save the rich ones. Jackson Curtis, your average family man, is on a mission to save his family and obviously get them on the ships (he does not have a billion euros). The movie is packed with disasters, everything from massive earthquakes, tsunamis, and even Yellow stone that blows up, can be seen.



Always the same thing with these disaster films isn’t it? Guy gets together with his x wife, and the disaster brings them back together again. It is almost like this storyline is the only one available for disaster movies, with no other options available.  Too predictable and one already knows exactly how this is going to pan out from the get-go. I would have loved to see a twist of some sort in the story instead of the usual plot. Other than that, the storyline is easy to follow with no uncertainty as to what is happening and why it is happening.



Well, it is, after all, a disaster film and logic I guess will be determined by one’s own expectations about disasters in general. Few mishaps when it comes to logic but one that stood out for me is the fact that one needs to pay a billion euros to get on the ship!!! Seriously! How is it even possible that there are in fact thousands of people around with this kind of money! To be honest, I don’t even think Bill Gates will have enough to get all his family members and friends on board.


Acting Performance

The best actors for me were the two kids played by Morgan Lily and Liam James. Both of them nailed the emotions perfectly to fit each scene in its respective narrative. As for the rest, not bad, but also not Oscar-type of performance. Taking into consideration what was happening around them, there was a certain lack of emotion in the acting performance.


Graphics and Attention to Detail

This is the reason why 2012 is one of my favorite movies! If you did not know it was a movie, one could almost convince oneself that it is real!  The CGI in this film is spectacular and it is no surprise that it got the “Satellite Award for Best Visual Effects”.  The attention to detail is remarkable and each scene is a true work of art with each object defined as its own moving part to form the greater picture. Old film and to this day with newer technology available, there are still movies that cannot compete against 2012 when it comes to visual effects.


What I liked about the film

Awesome visual effects!

A storyline that is easy to follow.

Actors did a good job to portray emotions at the right time and place.

Logic was applied to all the disasters. Not too over the top and still possible to grasp.


What I did not like

I just have to come back to the scene where it cost a billion euro’s to get on the ships! After that scene I was kind of distracted, trying to work out in my head how many family members and loved ones Bill Gates has and I am sure that not even he can afford this. Logic just went straight out of the door with this one.


My Rant

When it comes to disaster films, one wants to see a disaster, as many scenes as possible and as bad as it gets right?  2012 made that happen with loads of scenes with earthquakes, a massive volcanic eruption and they even tossed in a decent tsunami to only name a few.  They kept a logical approach when it comes to the disasters and even though they are amplified, they are still created in a manner that would seem like a possibility in real life.

When it comes to disaster movies, visual effects make it a success or just a total flop. Roland Emmerich did an awesome job on this one and the effects alone are good enough to put this movie on the top when it comes to disaster films.


My Personal Rating



Did you watch 2012?

I would love to hear your thoughts regarding the film to make for a more interesting review.

Thank You!


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