Anno 1800 Review

Anno 1800 is the latest in a series of civilization-building games that become popular and here is why. Not only are the game part of a very successful franchise, with 14+ Anno games, but each game is different with its own story and so forth. Yes, there is a lot to it, with special editions and different parts to the game, but it is totally worth it since it will stay entertaining no matter how long you have played.

Anno 1800 – Quick Overview


Ubisoft Blue Byte


Real-Time Strategy, City-Building Game.

Age Restriction


Game Graphics (Blood/Bodies)

The game has absolutely no blood, bodies or anything related in it. There is no violence whatsoever which makes it a great game for all ages.

Violence Rating

The game has a very low violence rating due to the fact that there is no violence in the game at all. No fighting or anything of the sorts.

Does the game include foul speech, drugs or weapons?

There are no weapons, drugs, alcohol or anything of the kind present in the game and no foul speech what so ever.

Parental Control

There are no parental control settings, as it is not needed; seeing as the game does not have any violence or anything that should require it. However, it is still necessary to keep an eye out as gaming can be an addictive sport.

Is it an Online or Offline Game?

Anno 1800 can be played online and offline without limitations of any kind either way. Whether you choose to play online or offline, the game will be exactly the same.

The game does have a multiplayer option which does require internet access from all players involved. With the multiplayer option, more than one person can build on a single map.


The entire deluxe edition can be bought at several stores online with the cheapest being $69.99, however, there are different editions, stores and so forth that can affect the price so do research before buying; you might get it on promotion or cheaper elsewhere. The Gold edition can go for anywhere around $91.99.

The game does not have an in-game store so no extra costs needed, just the price of buying the game.

Anno 1800 review

What Platforms are the Game Available On?

The game is unfortunately only available on Microsoft Windows, aka computers.


Anno 1800 PC Requirements

CPU: Intel Core i5 3.5GHz/ AMD Ryzen 5 3.5GHz or better/higher.

RAM: 8GB or higher/better.

Graphics Card: Nvidia GeForce GTX 970 4GB/ AMD Radeon RX 480 4GB or better/higher.

Dedicated Video RAM: 4GB or higher/better.

Storage Space: 60GB or more.

Anno 1800 review

Anno 1800 Game Play

Anno 1800 is a city building game, yes, but there is more to it. With Anno 1800 you will have to build houses, shops and everything the people need whilst completing missions/quest and going on expeditions to find new places.

It sounds easy; however you are in for a challenge as it takes not only time, but a great deal of strategy. One decision can affect your cities growth for the rest of the game. There is definitely a learning curved to it, but do not be alarmed, you still get top build the 1800’s version of your dream city.

The point of the game; start out as a small town, build houses and so on to make it grow. Keep the people happy so more can come to stay or visit. Build bigger better buildings such as ports, museums and more to help grow your civilization. Gather the resources needed to keep on building and eventually use your ships to go exploring discovering new islands to trade with and so much more. You can even discover and rebuild South America.

Anno 1800 review

Anno 1800 – Features

Back to the past. You are literally sent back to the past, the 1800s to be specific where you have to rebuild using things that only existed back then.

With Blueprint mode, you can more easily manage everything, because you can plan your buildings in advanced and then they will be built as you get the recourse plus you can move buildings after they were placed if you are unhappy with how it turned out.

After exploring certain cities, you can go on to build a brand new South America.

There are buildings such as the zoo and museum that can be built to increase a lot of things for your city and they look stunning.

You can send ships on expeditions to discover brand new and exciting things, just select the ship, crew, and supplies and of they go.

There are 6 factors; Culture, festivity, pollution, nature, vulgarity, and instability, which form your city’s attractiveness which will influence how many people visit your place and so forth. The higher the attractiveness; the higher the amount of population, tourism and so forth.

One can also bring life to the lands, with irrigation systems and so forth. healthy lands will attract wild animals including lions and so on.

Mining for gold and traveling has also been added to the game.

You can not only explore to find other islands, but you can also trade with them for other and more luxurious goods.

Loads of different buildings to choose from when building and they can be rotated, moved and so on giving you a lot of free space to work with when designing your city.

Anno 1800 review

Anno 1800 – Pros

The game has absolutely great graphics with very small details whether it is the water, ships or even the building. It all looks so very realistic for a game.

There are loads to do, it is not just about building a few buildings and you’re done. No, no, there are explorations, expeditions, missions and so much more to do and even then you will not get bored.

The game has a multiplayer option, which means you can play with other people making the adventure even more exciting.

In each of the Anno games, you are sent into a year, Usually, the future, where something happened and you have to basically “rebuild”, however with Anno 1800 you are sent back in time and you get to recreate in my opinion the best time period yet.

Plenty of challenges and missions to complete while on the journey of building the perfect city.

Anno 1800 review


The game is rather large and one needs quite a big rig to play it on.

The game is only available on PC, so people with Playstations, Xbox’s or even Apple devices are out of luck.

Even though it is a once of purchase, buying the gold edition in order to get access to all of the games can be expensive.

Anno 1800 review


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Gaming can be a very addictive sport and precautions should be taken to avoid health issues, so here are a few quick tips to make sure you stay up and running.

Keep hydrated at all times.

Blood clots are real, and they can form when a person sits for long periods of time. So get up ever so frequently and stretch out all your muscles and get the blood flowing.

Take walks, runs and so forth to get the blood circulating, avoiding blood clots.

Keep an eye on what you eat; a healthy snack can always do you good.

Keep track of the time spent playing games, and make sure to spend time doing other things as well.

Energy drinks and kidneys are not friends so watch the intake.



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