Banished Game Review

Banished is a city-building game that has become quite popular, even though it is not a new game, but is it worth the $20+ that it costs to download and play?  City-building games have become popular over time with hundreds of games about it, but with so many games, trying to outdo each other, you can expect a few that are not worth the price at all.

Banished – Quick Overview


Shining Rock Software


Strategy video game, city building game.

Age Restriction


Game Graphics (Blood/Bodies)

The game does not include blood, bodies or anything else of the sort. It is violent graphics free.

Violence Rating

The game does not have a violence rating since it is only a city building game and no violence is present. The only “bad” thing that happens is when an animal is killed for food or when a villager dies.

Does the game include foul speech, drugs or weapons?

No, the game does not include alcohol, drugs, and weapons or fouls speech of any kind. They only drink water and eat normal everyday food.

First or Third Person Player?

The game technically falls under the third person shooter category, since the game is played from afar. One hovers far above the city, building and strategizing.

Parental control

No parental control setting, as the game has a low age restriction and contains no violence.


Banished is not free and can be purchased on Steam for $19.99. Keep in mind different stores or editions might influence the price.

Is it an Online or Offline Game?

Banished can be played either online or offline, with neither way offering an advantage. There is no difference no matter what way you choose to play.

Banished game review

On What Platforms are the Game Available?

Banished is only available on Microsoft Windows, aka PC/Computer.


Banished – PC Requirements

CPU: 2GHz Dual Core processor or better/higher.

Graphics Card: 512MB DirectX 9.0 Compatible card or higher/better.

RAM: 512MB or better/higher.

Hard drive Space: 250MB or more.

OS: Windows XP Sp3/7/8/Vista/10.

banished game review
Banished Game Play

The game Banished is about a group of people who have to start their lives over in the wild with only the clothes on their back and a cart of recourse s to begin with. As the player, it is your responsibility to get them started by building houses and buildings that are used to gather more recourse s, which will be needed to keep on building and feeding your people. It is your number one priority to provide all the things the villagers need to survive including houses, as they can die from exposure to the elements. If the villagers are provided for, and your city is growing as it should, then you can expect your villagers to have children which will grow up to become workers and so on, however keep in mind that older villagers will eventually die of age so keep that population up.

To put it in short terms;

Build houses before the elements become a problem and kills your villagers.

Build sawmills, farms and other buildings needed to gather recourse s.

Use the resources to build even more houses and other sorts of buildings.

Keep your population up. Old villagers die of age and younger ones have children who grow up to become workers.

Keep on building and gathering, the city will keep growing.

Always provide for the villagers first before anything else.

banished review

Banished Features

Banished is an excellent village/city building game.

Different seasons, weather and other types of natural occurrences.

Survival based game where you have to collect resources, farm for food and other things to not only survive, but to grow your city as well.

Life in the game is very “realistic” and eloquently displayed.

The game includes hardships, like depression, droughts, food shortages and so forth which you will need to prepare for.

Farming is a big part of the game, as well as fishing and mining.

Houses are not the only thing one can build. Workshops, farms, factories and so forth is also part of the game.

The game even includes animals, both wild and not so wild animals. Cows and such can also be used for farming.

banished review

Banished – Pros

The game has great graphics and a realistic point of view to it.

There are a few different types of animals in the game, which can be farmed.

Villagers grow old; have kids and eventually die of age as it is in the real world.

Different types of buildings from brick/wood houses to sawmills, and even a shelter for the homeless.

Different types of weather; whether it is rainstorms or even sunshine and wind. The best part, everything looks realistic too.

There is no limit. As long as you gather enough resources, you can keep on building and growing your town/city.

There are a bunches of tutorials one can take to get to know the game before playing.

banished game review


There is a big learning curve to the game and it might take a few tries before the first successful town is built, especially if you are new to the game.

Most buildings are built out of wood and stone, so later on in the game when your town is growing, you will not be able to build a brick city.

There are no more updates or new versions for the game. What you have is all you are going to get.

banished game review


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Gaming can be a very addictive sport and precautions should be taken to avoid health issues, so here are a few quick tips to make sure you stay up and running.

Keep hydrated at all times.

Blood clots are real, and they can form when a person sits for long periods of time. So get up ever so frequently and stretch out all your muscles and get the blood flowing.

Take walks, runs and so forth to get the blood circulating, avoiding blood clots.

Keep an eye on what you eat; a healthy snack can always do you good.

Keep track of the time spent playing games, and make sure to spend time doing other things as well.

Energy drinks and kidneys are not friends so watch the intake.



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