Digistore24 Review – Legit or Scam?

With this Digistore24 review, I want to determine if the platform is something that can make your life easier, or whether it’s something to be completely avoided. I will only be covering what it is you came here for, is the program legit, the pros and cons, and a basic overview of the program. This will not be a tutorial of the program, if you are looking for more technical details and such, feel free to visit their website where they do provide tutorials on their inner workings.

Do take note that this website is tailored towards beginners and as such, simple terms and so forth will be used so it is easy to understand.

If you have or are currently using Digistore24, please be so kind as to leave a comment of your own experience and opinion down below, to keep this review from being one-sided. I would appreciate it.





A Bit About the Company

Sven Platte founded Diggistore24 back in 2012 and the company has been growing at a slow yet steady pace and has since become one of Europe’s largest networks. It was first founded as an online solution for German-speaking countries, but since then, it has grown into a network that reaches a global audience.


What is Digistore24 About?

Digistore24 is an online market similar to ClickBank and ShareASale, where Affiliates and Vendors are connected. They do the work of a middleman, between the affiliates and vendors handling the online store, accounting, payment methods, payments, and so forth, thus you do not have to.

Note – A Vendor also known as a merchant, is a person who sells products and/or services, whereas an affiliate also known as a publisher is someone who markets and promotes products/services, to earn commissions.


What Does it Cost to Join?

The program itself is free to join, however, both vendors and affiliates will be charged a fee when a sale is made.

Digistore24 review

How Does Digistore24 Work and How Do You Make Money?

You can either sign up as a vendor to sell products and/or services, or you can sign up as an affiliate to promote the products and/or services of the vendors. The sign-up process is free and easy to do, and there is in most cases no need for approvals and such like there is with most other programs, which would make it rather impossible to join for beginners.


It is rather easy to add your products with Digistore24. All you have to do is simply go to the account section, add a product using the Products tab, and wait for it to be approved. Once the products have been approved, you will be given tools that allow you to add the rest of the info, such as add-on forms for websites, tracking, delivery, integration, automated sales, set commissions for customer services and affiliates, and so forth.

If you have products/services that are of good quality, then you should have no problem with making money as the top affiliates will be rather eager to promote it.

In summary – Vendors are provided with a complete sales and payment system, that handles everything, sales processing, delivery, and so forth. All you have to do is provide the necessary info via their intuitive dashboard.


It is as simple as finding a product and promoting it, making a commission for every sale you make. Do take note, that the more branded products, will have application processes, and you may not be accepted to promote their products.

Searching for and finding a product is simple as everything is neatly sorted and categorized, with products listed based on sales volume allowing you to find what will sell best.


Is digistore24 a scam?

Okay, so before we go any further, let’s get the big question out of the way, as I know a lot of you are here for this very reason. Digistore24 is not a scam. Yes, it is a rather new company compared to many others, but they have been growing at a steady pace and is still moving forward in a positive direction as well as being featured on The Wall Street Journal Inc. and the Start-up Valley.

Now it is still a rather new company, and just like with any other, they are still ironing out a few glitches that appear along the way, but they are making positive strives and staying on their toes with frequent updates, error fixes, and so forth. Digistore24 is a legitimate company and a great place for beginners to start as the requirements for joining are still low. As the company grows and gets bigger this will most likely change, and it will like many others become a network for pro marketers.


User Interface and Ease of Use

The Logical and neat design makes it easy and simple to navigate for both affiliates and vendors not to mention beginners. Tech experience is not required for signing up or searching for products as it is all pretty straightforward. The simplistic, but functional dashboard is free of clutter which I love. With a lot of other platforms, a person usually feels like giving up or the need to go to college to understand just the basics of the platform, but with Digistore24 navigation is easy, as the platform is simple, yet effective.

Digistore24 review


How Does Payment Work?

Payments can be done weekly, biweekly, or monthly, the threshold for payments depending on which you choose as the longer time between payments, the less the threshold becomes, with monthly payments only needing $50, whereas more regular payments can require up to $250.

Digistore24 provides a large variety of payment options including, Bank Transfer, MasterCard, PayPal, Visa, and so on.


Requirements for Signing Up

Signing up is pretty straightforward. There is no need for lengthy approval procedures, and acceptance is usually pretty fast if not immediately. These days, almost all of the networks cater to pro affiliates that have established social followings, websites, huge lists, and so on, which makes it very hard, and impossible even for beginners. Digistore24 is not that picky and gives new marketers a chance to get into the game of marketing. Sign-up does not require a website and you can promote as many products as your heart desires.

The requirements needed to join are within almost everyone’s reach and are as follows:

  • 18+ years old
  • You need to have at least one payment option
  • Digistore24 is a worldwide company; however, some countries are prone to illegal online behavior that might lead to you being declined. (Sorry)
  • Affiliates still need to apply to promote products, but unlike most companies, the acceptance rate with Digistore24 is much higher.

Digistore 24 reviews

What About the Products?

Digistore24 offers three different types of products, events/seminars, Digital and physical. The physical products are pretty limited and range in supplements and skincare, mainly focusing on the health niche, however, digital products have much more available and there is a big variety to choose from.

In summary, physical products have restrictions for both vendors and affiliates and as such, if you are planning on promoting physical products of other niches, you would be better off with a company like Amazon.


How To Make Money Online – Popular Options


The digital products are half and half, with some being good and others not so much. But on the other hand, a much larger range of niches is available. Just make sure to pick a good product when deciding on what to promote.

When it comes to Digistore24, you will not be spoiled with products to choose from. They are a growing company and not yet as large or popular as other networks, but as previously mentioned, they are one of the few companies that still cater to beginners and you are bound to find a good product that suits you if you are willing to scour through what Digistore24 does have to offer.

Digistore24 review

Support and Tutorials

The support structure is not that bad, I have seen a lot worse, and Digistore24 is actively solving problems as they come up. They do provide a lot of tutorials that help members navigate the platform and they also have guides to help their vendors and affiliates succeed. A free guide with tips on how to be successful is provided upon sign-up.

Digistore24 review

Are There Other Options?

Yes, however, take note, if you are a complete beginner, it might be hard to join these Networks.


CJ Affiliate



Digistore24 Review – Pros

They are free to join and approval is near immediate with no lengthy waits.

They do provide the option of getting paid monthly, bi-weekly, or weekly.

The commission rates are reasonable ranging from 15% to 90%.

Automated technology helps avoid technical and administrative problems.

A variety of payment methods are provided including PayPal.

Accurate data is provided for both Affiliates and vendors. Affiliates will be provided with an overview of all their affiliate campaigns, such as how many people have visited the product page, how many clicks an affiliate link gets, how many sales were made, and so on. Vendors however will be provided with data such as how many sales a product/service has had.



Because the network is still up and coming, it doesn’t have as many users as other, more popular ones, which makes it harder to find products in varying niches.

Their products are a bit limited and focus mainly on online marketing and health and fitness.


Let’s Sum This Up…

Seeing as I focus mainly on beginners and those who are still trying to get their feet under them in the online marketing industry, I will be giving Digistore24 a positive rating. If you are already an experienced marketer, or at the very least know what you are doing, then clearly you will go for the better firms such as ShareASale or CJ Affiliate, seeing as they offer a better variety and more quality products.

The company is moving skywards, and its development is moving at a steady rate. There is no doubt in my mind that they will become a competing company sometime in the future.

Now just with any other network, it is the responsibility of the affiliate to check, and double-check the products he/she is choosing to promote before doing so. As an affiliate marketer, your reputation matters and if you start promoting crappy products, your reputation will go down the drain with it and people will stop buying products from you in the future. The conversion and cancelation rates are a good indicator of a product’s quality and should tell you whether or not it is worth promoting. The only true and legitimate way there is, and honestly the pro way of doing things, is to buy and test the product yourself before choosing to promote it.

Digistore24 review

Once upon a time, I was a newbie, and the only place I could join without hassle was ClickBank. Back then it wasn’t as much of a problem as it is today, as these days you have to be a pro to be able to promote a product. Digistore24 provides people with the chance to reach their dreams. As I am certain that they will become the next big company with some support, I will be supporting and helping them grow. Some of their products are great, you just have to spend some time searching for them.


Make Money Online – Importance of a Website


Well, that is it for this Digistore24 review. Please leave some feedback in the comment box if you are familiar with the platform as this would help others make a more informed decision.

Thank you and have yourself an awesome day!


Cj Affiliate Program Review – Still the Best Around?

In this CJ Affiliate review, we will take a look at the platform and determine whether or not it is still worth it in 2022. To save time, this review will only cover things related to the affiliate side of CJ Affiliate, so if you would like to know more, and/or get the full list of features, feel free to look at their homepage.

Ever used CJ Affiliate before? Please leave a comment down below regarding your experience to prevent this review from being one-sided.






Year Founded and History

CJ, or as it was known at the time, Commission Junction, was founded back in 1998, before being bought in 2003 by ValueClick and renamed CJ Affiliate in 2014. The program is one of the top-rated and it has paid out billions since it was first founded.


What is CJ Affiliate?

CJ Affiliate is one of the largest online networks there is, connecting vendors (Merchants) with affiliates (Publishers), all on a single platform.

For Beginners  Affiliate Marketing is the art of promoting the products/services that belong to one another and then earning commissions for every sign-up/sale you make. CJ Affiliate brings those with products/services and those who want to promote together, all the while providing the needed tools, features, and so on to market the products/services. They also handle payment and so forth.

Cj affiliate reviews

What Does it Cost?

CJ Affiliate is completely free to join.


User Interface and Ease of Use

Signing up is simple and can easily be done within a few minutes. A few tasks, such as completing a profile, tax and payment info, promoting methods, and so forth, will need to be completed.

The dashboard itself is straightforward and the marked tabs make navigation a breeze. The color scheme is simple, and easy on the eyes, with no bright colors, flashing banners, and so forth which can cause headaches.

The product list is simple, well well-detailed, and most of the time a lot of information is provided. Browsing products is easy, and one does not need to go back and forth to the sales page while looking for something suited to your needs.

However, I have found that searching for products can be frustrating at times as CJ Affiliate sorts their products into not only categories but also sub-categories instead of grouping niche-specific items together, making it a task to find products specific to your niche. There is also the search for products, which involves ticking a bunch of boxes and then pressing search, a rather tedious method of finding products, but that is just my personal opinion.

I have however realized that loading speeds are slow no matter how strong your internet connection is.

Cj affiliate program review

What Do You Need to Sign-Up and Be Accepted?

A checklist will need to be completed and accepted before you can apply to advertise programs and get paid. When completing the checklist be as thorough as possible to ensure that merchants will accept you to promote their products.

You will need the following:

User Information – Full name, phone number, and so on.

A Valid Email

Network Profile – A list of sources from which you plan to drive traffic, such as email, social pages, websites, blogs, and so on. Give a detailed description of your marketing plan. In summary, give a sales pitch to show the merchant who you are and how you plan on promoting their products.

Add a promotional property – Create a list of the sources that you plan to have advertising links on.

Company details and tax forms – Submit your W-8Ben or W-9 and choose the currency you work with.

Add payment details – Pick a payment method that works best for you.

Answer questions – General questions usually only take a few seconds to answer.

Cj affiliate reviews

What About Getting Paid?

There is a threshold of $50 (Make $50+) before payment can be made, which will be done on the 20th of every month. CJ Affiliate has a net 30 basis, which means your commissions will be pending for 30 days before they can be paid out, in case refunds are requested.

Unfortunately, CJ Affiliate does not work with PayPal, and so forth. Payments are direct deposit or Payoneer only.

Follow the rules, or you do not get paid. Read and re-read the terms and conditions very carefully and make sure the methods you use to promote are permitted. CJ Affiliate is a platform that has no quarrel with taking commissions even for the smallest of mishaps.

Cj affiliate reviews

How Many Affiliate Programs Can Be Joined?

Well, that is completely up to you. As long as you qualify, you can join as many as your heart desires but take into account, that you have to apply for each one separately.


What About Support?

The default support option would be their support center, which consists of a knowledge base that answers questions. If the support center does not provide what you need, then you are redirected to a contact form, where replies can take anything from a few hours to a few weeks to come. It is not 100% responsive.


What About the Products?

CJ Affiliate has a large selection of products, including big brands such as Barnes & Noble, Verizon, InterServer, and so on. There are over 3000 products listed on their platform so you are bound to find something suitable.

Cj affiliate reviews

Scam or Legit?

Now the most important question there is, is CJ Affiliate a scam or are they Legit? In my opinion, I can honestly say they are 100% legitimate. I have always received my payments on time, and the platform has never given me any major issues so far.

Nonetheless, there is quite a bit of complaint going around which calls for concern. There is one fact that I know with certainty, if you do not comply with their terms 100%, then you will not get paid, or at the very least, your payment will be delayed. It is that simple. CJ Affiliate does not tolerate cookie stuffing, spamming, and so forth. If you are a beginner and still finding your footing in the marketing world, then I recommend you stay clear of CJ Affiliate until you are 100% certain of yourself and what it is you are doing.

Can I make Money with CJ Affiliate?

Yes, you can, if you follow the rules and work hard at it. Affiliate marketing is not completely as easy as many would like you to believe. It takes hard work and dedication, no matter what affiliate marketplace you choose. Read more about What it Takes to Work Online and be Successful at it.


Are There Other Options Around?


ShareASale – Equivalent of CJ and my personal favorite Marketplace

Digistore24  – Great for Newbies


CJ Affiliate Review – Pros

CJ Affiliate is one of the oldest Affiliate networks still around.

The user interface is simple and beginner-friendly.

They have a large variety of products, some of which are big brands, leaving something for almost every niche.

Selling Ad Placement is an option for those with websites.

Advertisers can be filtered depending on profit potential.

The tools for creating links are great.

Cj affiliate review


Getting accepted as an affiliate on CJ is rather easy, but getting accepted by merchants to promote their products can be a bit more difficult. The merchants prefer working with experienced marketers over newer ones.

Their customer service isn’t what it used to be and their response times have become slow.

There are too many complaints on the web, mostly regarding payment failure due to breaking the rules. I am all for punishing those who break the rules, but with CJ they search out the smallest of mistakes to avoid paying their affiliates.

They have a very limited amount of payment methods. We live in the modern world, they could at least add PayPal or Bitcoin.

If you do not make sales for a certain period then you have to pay an inactive fee.


Let’s Sum This Up…

When it comes to picking an all-in-one affiliate program, CJ Affiliate used to be the first pick, but that is no longer the case. When I joined back in 2012, it was a great pleasure working with them. Affiliates used to be treated with respect, whether beginner or pro. I no longer feel the same towards them as they have become the same as many other platforms, only in it for their gain and forgetting the smaller people.

And asking fees for inactivity, it’s just ludicrous. They make it as if it is some great honor to be able to promote their products and you need to pay if you dare step back for a moment. There are many other great marketplaces around, and this type of thinking is what usually sinks a company in the end.

Well, this is it for this CJ Affiliate review. Ever worked with CJ or still do? Please leave your feedback as this will help others to make a more informed decision.

Thank you and have yourself an awesome day!


Shareasale Affiliate Program Review

With this ShareASale review, I want to determine if it is worth joining or whether you would be better off going elsewhere. ShareASale is directed toward two groups of people, affiliates and vendors (Merchants), however, with this review, everything regarding the affiliate side of the program will be covered. With time being of such value, I aim not to waste time and as such will only go over what is most important, a basic overview, pros and cons, personal experiences, and such. If you are looking for more details, feature lists, and so forth, feel free to visit their website.

Please note – This site is mostly dedicated to beginners and thus I try to keep things as simple as possible without using terms that are complicated and hard to grasp.

If you have used or are currently using ShareASale, please consider leaving a comment and sharing your experience, as it will keep this review from being one-sided and help others as well. It would be greatly appreciated!





When Was it Founded?

It was founded back in the year 2000.


What is Share a Sale About?

ShareASale is one of the larger affiliate marketing networks currently in existence and provides a platform where vendors and affiliates are brought together. It is a place where vendors sell their products/services and a place where affiliates go to find products/services to promote.

For beginners – Vendors (Merchants) are those who have products/services that need to be sold, and affiliates are those who promote these products/services and earn commissions by doing so. ShareASale is an all-in-one platform with thousands of products/services for affiliates to pick from and then get paid in the same place.

Shareasale affiliate program review


What Does it Cost to Join?

ShareASale is free to join for affiliates.


Is Sharesale Legit?

Right, now before we continue, let us answer the question that most want to be answered. Is it a scam?

ShareASale has been around for a very long time, over 2 decades, and as such, we can with certainty say that they will most likely still be around for quite some time. In addition, the company is a reputable one, connected directly to Awin, which in and of itself has a very reputable history. The chances of them going belly-up, are very slim.

The payments are always on time, and there are no issues with transfers as long as you have entered the correct payment details.

Nonetheless, as nothing in this world is perfect, the company does experience a few glitches here and there, but they are still a pleasure to work with and try to solve problems as fast as possible.


User Interface and Ease of Use

The website is beginner-friendly and rather easy to navigate. To some, it might look outdated, but I prefer the term simplistic.


Support and Tutorials

All affiliate marketers receive a welcome kit upon sign-up that will help them get familiar with the site, and affiliate marketing itself. They also provide a FAQ page that can provide answers to any questions you may have, not to mention the training webinars that are also available to help individuals improve their marketing skills.

As for the customer support, it is average. Telephone and email are the direct means of support offered by ShareASale, and response times differ from day to day.


How to Earn Money with ShareASale as an Affiliate?

Pay Per Lead – You receive payment for every person who clicks on your affiliate link, redirects to the page, and completes a form or task.

Pay Per Sale – A commission is earned for every person redirected to a product with your link and then makes a purchase.


What About Getting Paid?

All payments are pending for thirty days before being paid out, and payouts are always on the 20th of each month. In summary, all the sales you make between 20th February and 20th March will be paid out on the 20th April.

ShareASale payment methods include Payoneer, Mailed Check, and Direct Deposit. Sorry people, but Crypto and PayPal are not options.

There is a payment threshold minimum of $50, which means you will have to earn $50+ to receive payments. The threshold can be made higher if you so choose.

Shareasale affiliate program review

Is a Website Needed to Sign-Up?

Yes, one is needed, or at the very least an active social media page. The website you use to apply must be content-rich, active, and free of any hate speech, adult content, or content with age restrictions.

Shareasale affiliate program review


How Many Affiliate Programs Can I Join?

ShareASale does not have any limits on how many programs you can join, so join as many as you like. This is great for those who have multiple sites or pages in different niches.


How to Get Approved as a ShareASale Affiliate?

When signing up use a custom email address such as name@yourdomain.com and avoid free ones such as “@Gmail” or “@Yahoo” as these are usually rejected.

Enter the top-level domain rather than the sub-level domain of the website that you own and use and make sure that the URL leads to a relatively fast-loading, live website that does not contain too many pop-up ads.

Before you start applying to become an affiliate, make sure your social page/website is worth the visit by doing SEO, adding content, and so forth. If you have a website in a poor state, then you will not be making sales anyway, so no need to rush to add affiliate links.

Please Note – Approval can take anywhere from 1 to 3 working days.

Shareasale affiliate program review


Why did ShareASale Reject Your Application?

There are many a reason for people to get rejected including using a free domain or a site that may appear dodgy. There are other reasons, but I do not work for ShareASale and as such can’t say for certain.

If the following content is included on your site it will most likely be rejected.

  • Adult Content: The content does not have to be adult content, just a display of adult banners is enough for rejection.
  • A website that promoted illegal activities.
  • Websites that contain content regarding racism, hatred, violence, and so on are also a no.
  • Have a great website with none of the above and a custom email, but still got rejected? Whelp, it may be your place of residence, sorry. Applications for regions that have a high risk for affiliate fraud are usually rejected. Nonetheless, an email with your details can be emailed to them and you can ask them to reconsider. If you have good, quality content, as well as targeted traffic, then you have a good chance of being approved.


How To Make Money Online – Popular Options


How To Get Approved By Merchants?

Once you have been approved as an affiliate for ShareASale, then you will have to start getting approvals from merchants to promote their products.

The same rules apply as before, but with a bit added. Merchants review the websites of those applying to promote their products, so keep them clean, fast-loading, and niche-specific. Promote products within your niche to have better chances as some will not care about the niche, but most do and only approve those who are in their niche. Have a website about dog care, then apply for dog care products.

Make sure your ShareASale profile stands out above the rest.

Make sure to add descriptions of your skills and niche, and don’t be shy about it. Add all your marketing skills, and make sure to mention the methods of driving traffic that you use.

Include a brand logo or photo on your profile.

When applying, be as thorough as possible. Mention marketing plans and how you plan to integrate the product into your niche.


Are There Other Options Around?


CJ Affiliate

Digistore24 – Great for complete newbies who find it impossible to get approved with CJ, ShareASale, or Clicbank.


ShareASale Review – Pros

They have a large variety of products that can suit any marketing strategy or niche.

There is a high acceptance rate. Sure it can be a hassle to apply and get approved, but it is nothing compared to other networks such as CJ Affiliate. If acceptance eludes you with ShareASale, then it will be a fantasy with other programs such as CJ.

Their search and filter tools are great, and with just a few clicks you can easily find what it is you are looking for.

Payouts are reliable and on time each month.

They offer tracking and reporting features.

Additional tools are provided to affiliates such as banner creator, customizable affiliate links, and so forth.

ShareASale provides affiliates with a good variety of analytic features that are very important for the success of affiliate marketers as these tools allow one to keep an eye on marketing efforts and then adjust strategies accordingly. It gives you real-time, accurate tracking of sales and clicks.

The ShareASale marketplace keeps a balance between big-time brands and small businesses ensuring there is something for pro affiliates to promote, but also something for the beginners who are just starting. These days networks such as CJ Affiliate cater only to the pros, the top-dog affiliates by providing only big brand products, which is great for the advanced and experienced, but not so great for people who are still finding their footing as they do not meet the requirements for promoting such products.

For those who have multiple websites and or niches, ShareASale is great, as the platform allows you to keep everything nice and tidy under a single roof. The program does not offer a very large variety of affiliate products allowing you to keep things simple and in one location. Signing up for more than one merchant’s products can also be easily done as you can just list all your websites and so forth in a single place. In summary, you apply once with all site/social media pages, and all of them will be active for that single program.

Shareasale reviews


Merchants do not always stick around, some leave over time, and so on, and ShareASale does not send out notifications when this happens, so you can still be promoting a product that is no longer being sold. Affiliate links will no longer redirect and become useless. When it comes to promoting, I put a lot of effort into marketing a link, with free giveaways, social media, blogging, free content, and so forth, only to then find out the link no longer works and that I have wasted all my time and effort.

I always focus on the long term, create campaigns and such that are set and forget and don’t need babysitting 24/7, but with ShareASale, you have to be constantly monitoring to avoid this problem. Perfectly fine if you only have a few affiliate programs/links, but not so much if you have multiple links, websites, programs, and niches.

There are some glitches and problems with the affiliate links, especially with WordPress. When copying a link into WP you have to check that the characters stay the same when editing. I haven’t checked with other platforms yet, but a majority of people use WordPress so it felt worth noting.


Features That I Find Awesome

The trending merchants’ feature displays the top 10 most popular products trending on ShareASale.

They provide some great search and filter features to help make finding the perfect product much easier. The provided filters allow you to narrow everything down to only the specific products you are looking for. There is of course also the modified search which allows you to choose from products that are ShareASale exclusive, products that have auto-approval, joined status, power rank, and so on. In addition to all of this, you can also filter results for Click Commissions, cookie length, sale/lead commission, earnings per click, and so forth. Not that many programs around with this handy feature.

Shareasale reviews

Auto-Approval, allows you to easily find merchants that automatically approve applications.

With customized linking, you can completely customize your affiliate links, shorten them to make them more appealing to the eye, and so forth. They also provide social tools which allow for sharing links with others. Products showcase is a handy feature that helps you create banners, and the “make a page tool” lets you create entire galleries.



ShareASale is not perfect and has a hiccup now and then, but don’t all programs have them?  It isn’t anything drastic that makes it unbearable. I do recommend the network for beginners, as it is much easier to join and for applications to be accepted. Sure other programs are easier to get into, but their products are garbage and just not worth promoting. With ShareASale, you still get some junk, but with some time and effort you can find something worth promoting and it is easier than with other networks to do so.

Shareasale review

The golden rule of making money online

Before making money, you have to provide quality content. Most people are just so desperate to start earning that they do everything in reverse, finding the good quality program first and then trying to create the content. This always results in a crappy-looking website, just plastered with affiliate links screaming I am desperate. Sorry but this will not be making you any money, much less an income. Do it the right way, first a website/page that is filled with quality content on your choice of niche, then find the perfect product/s that fits in with your site.

If you get rejected, well if at first, you don’t succeed, spruce up your site and try again.


What it Takes to Work Online and be Successful at it?


Well, this is it for this ShareaSale review, thank you for stopping by, it is appreciated!

Do you use ShareASale or used it in the past?

Please do not forget to give your opinion in the comment box as this will help others to make a more informed decision.

Thank you and have yourself an awesome day!

ClickBank Review – Legit or Not?

With this ClickBank review, I will overview everything important about the network to determine if it is worth the time and effort or if it is not something worth pursuing. ClickBank is one of the globally leading marketplaces for both affiliates and vendors and was always the top to-go-place for many years, is this still the case?

Before we continue, do you use ClickBank, or used it in the past? Please be so kind as to tell us about your experience in the comments to prevent this review from being one-sided as this will help others to make a more informed decision.

Thank You!





What Is ClickBank?

ClickBank is an online marketplace that connects both affiliates and vendors, vendors being the ones to create and sell products/services, and affiliates being the people who then promote the products/services in return for commissions. With everything ClickBank has to offer, reliable tracking and payouts, secure payment processing, global presence, extensive affiliate network, and so forth, you can’t go wrong.

Clickbank reviews

What Does It Cost?

ClickBank itself is completely free to join, but they do however have a few fees that need to be paid before payments are made.

There is a one-time activation fee that will need to be paid before one can start listing products. The rest of the service fees and so forth are listed below.


Payments, Payment Methods, and Fees

How do I get paid with ClickBank?

Check: ClickBank mails a paper check to an address of your choice.

Direct Deposit: Within a few select countries payments can be directly deposited into your bank account.

Wire Transfer: For countries that don’t do direct deposits, payments can be wired to you.

Payoneer: Payments are made via a Payoneer account.

Payment Amounts and schedules

The threshold amount (The smallest amount of money that needs to be reached before payment can be done), is set by you, in other words, you choose how little you have to earn before payment can be made, whether it be $10 or $ 1,000,000.

ClickBank allows its members to choose when they are paid, either weekly or every other week (once every 2 weeks). Payments are however only done on Wednesdays.

Fees and Payments

There are a few fees that will be debited from your accounts, such as refunds and charge-back fees.

The following fees will need to be paid before payout:

  • A $2.50 processing charge with every cash-out
  • A $0.50 to $1.00 return fee
  • Refund Charges
  • Debit Backdating
  • ClickBank takes 7.5% of the cost price plus $1. (If the product costs $50 then $4.75 charge)
  • The Commission fees are redacted from the price.

Other things to consider

Payments are withheld if you do not have at least 2 sales made using the following payment methods:

  • Carte Bleue
  • Discover
  • JCB
  • MasterCard
  • Visa
  • American Express
  • Diners Club
  • ELV (European Direct Debit)
  • Maestro
  • PayPal

For those living in the U.S., if you make more than $600 in commissions, then 1099 forms will be sent out.

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What About a Money-Back Guarantee?

A Money-back guarantee is not needed as it is free to join and become a member. Fees and payments are only taken or redacted once you start making money, other than the activation fee of course.

Nonetheless, they do have refund policies for those purchasing products from the marketplace, however, do make sure to read these policies before purchasing as they can and do differ depending on the product, vendors, and to a degree even the affiliates.


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Scam or Legit?

The program is most definitely legit, for a multitude of reasons such as the fact they have been around for decades, and have millions of users, both vendors and affiliates alike. They even have a training program Spark by Clickbank.

Hundreds, if not thousands of products are sold in the marketplace to clients all over and they always deliver. Now do keep in mind that ClickBank itself is not responsible for the vendors, and as such quality of products and so forth rely solely on the vendors themselves.


What About Support?

24/7 Support is offered by Clickbank to their affiliates and their vendors. Getting information can be done in a few different ways including FAQ Pages, customer service lines, and so on. The customer service line is especially helpful to customers.

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ClickBank Review – Pros

High commissions are offered to their affiliates with some going as high as 75%.

Signing up and getting started is easy and straightforward.

A Bunch of different languages is available to include everyone.

They have a rather convenient payment schedule.

The amount of products they have is astounding and everyone is bound to find something.

Massive amounts of money can be earned via ClickBank.

Products from Clickbank are some of the most profitable and highest converting platforms that there are in the online industry, not to mention a relatively good reputation.

A boatload of helpful articles is offered to both affiliates and vendors.

A separate program, Spark by ClickBank an affiliate training program, is available to affiliates and vendors of all levels.



The email support is not the best quality and can be a bit slow.

With the massive amounts of products available, it is bound for some of them not to sell.

Some of the niches have a hefty amount of competition.

ClickBank is unfortunately the home of get-rich-quick products. Always make sure to do the proper research beforehand when it comes to promoting money-making opportunities.


Clickbank Alternatives?

ShareASale – A bit difficult for newbies to join but awesome products are available.

CJ Affiliate – Difficult to join and get approved by vendors but a huge variety of quality products.

Digistore24 – 100% Newbie friendly. Easy to get approved by both the Network and Vendors.



Clickbank is a great place to start if you are fairly new to marketing, whether it will be as an affiliate or a Vendor. Affiliates should always make a point to do some decent research on the products that they plan to promote. Use the statistics that are available to you and browse around Google to find out if the product has a good or bad reputation.

Make a point to test products before you start to promote them. I usually test Clickbank products on my social networks first to see if it has a positive or negative impact on individuals. You can also email a few friends or even get friends and family to give you their honest opinions before you implement your marketing strategy. Remember everyone is different and what you might see as a great product might just be a lousy one for others.

Being a successful affiliate has been awesome, but a successful vendor is way better!

Clickbank makes it super easy to get your own product online and literally puts it in front of thousands of affiliates who are skilled enough to make tons of sales. Most people think that their only option is to become an affiliate and promote the Vendor’s product. If you have skills or knowledge that others can benefit from – then why not create your own product?


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ClickBank Review – Features


What Does ClickBank Have to Offer for Vendors?

Vendors can submit their products to a very busy marketplace that is browsed by consumers and affiliates. ClickBank currently has thousands of affiliates that promote their products, most of them very experienced marketers.

ClickBank is a middleman between vendors and customers, taking care of payment confirmations, customer services, processing orders, and so forth. Of course, the program does take a processing fee, but working with them is much easier and allows you to avoid the headache of having to open a merchant account and take orders online.

Help in the form of articles that provide an understanding of what a vendor is and how to begin.

Vendors more often than not work with affiliates and even have more than just a single product to sell, thus the reason why ClickBank offers helpful articles that teach a person how to do so.

A bunch of tools are provided to help members reach their goals and do their work, but understanding how to and when to use what tools is a tricky business, and as such, ClickBank offers a wide range of articles to explain how their tools work.


What Does ClickBank Have to Offer for Affiliates?

The ClickBank marketplace offers all kinds of products in all kinds of niches from archaic to new, to popular, and as an affiliate, you can browse these products and find one or more to promote.

The importance of marketing tools is known by vendors, which is why they provide all their affiliates with marketing materials such as banners, sales letters, or even in some cases, email marketing campaign letters.

Understanding what it is to be an affiliate is just as important, which is why Clickbank offers articles on a wide range of topics to help get you started, including articles on how to get started.

All kinds of tools are provided, including reporting and tracking tools.

More articles are provided for detailed General Account Help.

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The Marketplace

A Marketplace such as the one ClickBank has, is an online space where vendors sell products and affiliates market them to earn commissions. In short, vendors sell their products, and affiliates promote them.

Both vendors and affiliates are not limited to a single product, and as vendors can sell more than one, affiliates can choose to promote more than one as well. It’s simple really, just pick a product, generate the Hoplink, start promoting, and start earning.

Finding products in the marketplace can be done in several ways including;

Basic search – A simple search bar at the top of the page that will yield you the basic search results.

Advanced Search – Located beside the basic search bar, this technique gives you the ability to do a refined search that yields specific products.

Improving Search Results – Refine or broaden your search results with the use of characters (*?*~).

Sorting Search Results – A Filter sidebar will appear once you have made your search, allowing you to get more specific products.

Attributes – A Second sidebar will appear consisting of attributes that can help shorten a list even more.

Categories – Categories allow you to search for item-specific results such as sports categories, or health and wellness.

Resources – Tools and features provided that will help one understand and view the marketplace.

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Understanding the ClickBank Marketplace Statistics

The following information is provided in the statistics section:

Initial $/sale – The average amount that affiliates can earn for every sale made of a vendor’s product.

Grav (Gravity) – A calculation consisting of all commissions made by varying affiliates for a single product over 12 weeks. This information gives a person an idea of which products are selling. Keep in mind the higher the gravity, the more competition to go up against so do not choose something that is too loaded.


Marketplace Categories

Now I am not writing a spelling bee competition list and as such I will only list some of the sub-categories available with ClickBank plus the main category to which it belongs.

  • Health and Beauty – As Seen On TV
  • Economics – Business and Investing
  • Baking – Cooking, Food, and Wine
  • Student Loans – Education
  • General – Fiction
  • Fashion – Arts and Entertainment
  • American Football – Betting System
  • Hardware – Computers and Internet
  • Domains – E-Business and E-Marketing
  • Job Listings – Employment and Jobs


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