Wealthy Affiliate University Review – Still Working in 2023?

I joined the platform back in 2013, which is why I believe myself to be in a position to give an honest Wealthy Affiliate Review about, what it is they do, and what they have to offer. It is my intention, that this review highlights what WA is, and what they have to offer, allowing you to decide if the program is suited for you or not.

Now let me not forget my manners, and first welcome you, and offer my appreciation that you are spending your valuable time here. I hope that your stay will be informative, and helpful but also pleasant.

Speaking of reviews and Wealthy Affiliate, well no easy way to say it, but WA is a massive platform, with tons of training, tools, and features, thus the reason for this lengthy review, which will leave you with a bit of reading to do, but headlines are bolted, and feel free to skip over what you already know, towards what you’re interested in.

Don’t you just hate it if you only have one opinion to work off? I implore those of you who have used WA in the past or still are, to please share their experience by leaving a comment. It could just save someone from making a wrong decision, or perhaps, even help them make the right one.

Please Note:  This is a brand new website and even tho my WA review moved over here, the comments had sadly stayed behind on the old one.

Wealthy Affiliate Review – Q & A

Not seeing yourself reading and finishing this entire review, or only looking for specific details? Well, no stress, you are always free to read my Q&A about Wealthy Affiliate where I answered the most commonly asked questions regarding WA and my experience with it.





What is Wealthy Affiliate About?

WA is a membership program, which teaches people everything there is about internet marketing and website development, as well as provides the tools needed to put the new knowledge to use. The lessons are in the format of video courses, which are all properly titled, categorized, simple to follow, and easy to comprehend. Save for the lessons/training, Wealthy Affiliate also contains one of the largest and most active online communities, filled by skilled and experienced marketers, willing to share and offer help.

In summary, Wealthy Affiliate is an All-in-One platform, concerning learning how-to and then actually building a website/online business. It provides the training and the tools needed to do so.


Short History and Founders/Owners

Founded in 2005 by Kyle and Carson as a keyword membership site that provided monthly popular keyword lists, Wealthy Affiliate has come a long way since. Ever since, they have added upgrade after upgrade, tool after tool, and so on, turning it into the extraordinary program it is now.

Now Kyle and Carson are never sitting on their hands, the two are constantly working, always trying to improve their platform, and keeping up to date with the ever-changing online world. As it is, in 2020 they completely refurbished their entire platform, and in the last year alone, they have added over 155 updates to their program, some minor, others much larger. They are constantly evolving with time and trying to meet all their members’ needs.


What Does it Cost?

There are 3 different plans from which to choose:

Starter plan, which is free to join for life, no credit card required. It includes:

  • 1 website
  • SSL Certificate
  • Level 1 Training
  • Hosting
  • Website Builder
  • 24/7 live support (limited)
  • Analysis
  • Jaaxy starter
  • 1000 visits

And more

The Premium plan is $49 per month, or go annually, $499 per year. It includes the starter plan and:

  • 10 websites
  • Core training, all levels
  • Jaaxy Lite
  • Unlimited support
  • 52+ expert classes annually
  • 1000+ Training modules
  • Hosting security
  • 250 000 visits per month
  • Private Messaging
  • Unlimited Q & A

And more

Premium Plus plan, $99 per month, or go annually at $999 per year. Includes Premium plan and:

  • 50 websites
  • Priority support, unlimited
  • Jaaxy Enterprise
  • 200+ expert calluses annually
  • One million visits per month
  • Private priority experts help

And more

Are there Up-Sales?

With WA, what you pay for, is what you get. There are no extras that will need to be purchased, other plans or products to buy, or anything of the kind. Just your WA subscription and domain purchase.


Do They Have a Money-Back Guarantee?

No. Wealthy Affiliate already has a free-for-life starter plan, which allows you to test the program, its features, and its training without having to give up a cent.


Legit or Scam?

Well, considering scams never last that long, and Wealthy Affiliate has been around for over a decade, going on 2, it is safe to say that it is indeed, not a scam.

Then why is it sometimes labeled as one? Well, that answer is quite simple. There are two reasons; first, it takes time and effort to succeed. You need to complete the training, build a working site, create the content, drive the traffic, and so forth. Yes, I know it sounds like climbing Everest, and though it will be hard, it will work if you can dedicate yourself. Wealthy Affiliate pays out their commissions once a month, so if you are promoting WA and making sales, you will get your money.

The second reason for WA being labeled a scam is competition!  Yes, you read that right, competition. The online world is a very competitive one, and people will do anything to get ahead, even label their competition as scams, to get more sales on the product/program they are promoting.

In summary, Wealthy Affiliate works! Every person has their own needs and will choose what is best for them, but Wealthy Affiliate is a great platform for start-ups and beginners. It is also the least expensive choice for those who do not have large amounts to invest in hosting, tools, and exedra. Their first-page Google rankings in and of themselves are more than enough evidence that the program is reliable, trusted, and works.


Can I Make Money with Wealthy Affiliate and How Long Does it Take?

Not surprisingly, the most frequently asked question and the answer is one I can’t give. I cannot tell you whether or not you will be successful or not. Every person differs and has different ways of going about things. A different way of living, a different way of thinking, and different amounts of time to spend. Some people have patience, determination, and dedication, and some do not. If you are signing up expecting results within an instant, then you most definitely fail. If you, however, approach this as a business, set long-term goals, and such, then your chances of being successful are quite high.

As for the time frame, again it differs from person to person, but if you give everything you have, put in the time and effort needed, and use the training, then you can expect results within 6 months. If you’re only working here and there, doing little bits at a time, then it will take longer.

Personally, I’ve been making money with the program for 10 years now. Some years are slow, while others are much more successful. It all depends on how much time I invest. Below you can see a screenshot of my commission emails each month. Non-stop for the last 10 years. So yeah, you can make money with the platform, If YOU PUT IN THE WORK!


How Do You Go About Making WA Work for You?

Start at the beginning with the training, and complete all of it. If there is something you do not understand, then watch it again.

Build your website, and continue to work on it, don’t stop. Without a website, it is pointless, as the site will be what makes you your money. The longer you wait to create your site and start publishing content, the longer you will have to wait before you start earning.

Pick any niche other than online marketing, as this niche is over-saturated and very competitive. Create multiple sites, with multiple niches, or multiple sites with one niche, all of them connected, or perhaps one large variety niche, multiple sites promoting different areas of the niche.


User Interface

The platform is very easy to use, and simple to navigate, with guides, and tutorials to show you the way. The tabs, categories, and so forth, are all marked and indicated, making the user interface beginner-friendly. Training can be marked as finished once completed, helping to mark where you are in your training. They also have a search bar that can be used to search and find what it is you are looking for.

Wealthy affiliate review


Community and Support

Wealthy Affiliate has one of the largest online communities there is, and they will always help in any way they possibly can. The live chats allow people from all over the world to talk with one another, no matter their experience level. Not one for live support? No worries, WA also has technical support as well.

SiteSupport is one of many features provided by Wealthy Affiliate and a more technical support system. If tech support is also not within your cards, don’t worry, WA will provide it. They have a private messaging option that will allow you to communicate with a WA member privately, not to mention the, ask a question feature, that allows people to ask questions and have them answered. Just check if the answers you’re looking for are already there, if not fire away with the questions. Most problems will be solved within 48 hours.


How To Make Money Online – Popular Options


Wealthy Affiliate and WordPress

Wealthy Affiliate only works with WordPress as its website builder. When it comes to building websites or blogging, WordPress is the most popular platform there is, so no surprise WA works with them. WordPress is a reputable company that always makes an effort, and as such, the hosting with WA is secure and performs very well. WA also, unlike many others, gives you the freedom to move your website to another platform, should you choose to leave WA.

Wealthy affiliate scam legit


Wealthy Affiliate Review – Pros

The platform is easy to navigate, especially after their latest remodel.

They have an abundance of training videos, lessons, courses, and step-by-step tutorials, not to mention the expert classes, and best of all, it’s all self-paced. There’s no one watching over your shoulder telling you to hurry up.

24/7 support.

The premium membership has a 7-day grace period for payment.

The free membership has no limit. You can stay a free member for however long you please, without having to give credit card information.

WA websites are mobile-friendly, meaning that no matter the platform, template, and so on, they will also work on mobile.

All Premium and Premium Plus websites get free SSL Certificates.

Other than great hosting, WA websites tend to do very well within search engines. (the work still needs to be done)


WA has a substantial amount of information and beginners can get overwhelmed rather quickly if they do not start tutorials and such.

The free membership for life is not available in all countries, though it is in most. Some countries have high fraud statistics like Nigeria, and as such the free membership, is not available.


My Personal Opinion on Wealthy Affiliate.

Over the years I have joined multiple programs, looking for something of higher quality, to supply my followers/readers with, and in the end, I just ended up back with Wealthy Affiliate. I am rather picky with what I promote, because if I were to promote something and that something fails, not only will I fail, but those who followed me would fail as well, along with my reputation. I can with all honesty say, I am comfortable with recommending WA, because if they were to put in the time and effort, then the chance of success is great.

Not to mention, money doesn’t grow on trees, and purchasing everything separately is a financial nightmare. Wealthy Affiliate includes everything, the training, hosting, features, tools, website builder, keyword tool, and so forth, all in one place, which is why they are an All-in-One platform.

In addition, WA goes the extra mile to provide members with what they need, including great support, and such. They even work with credits, to help their members to pay for memberships and such.

Feel free to read my article about What it Takes to be Successful Online.

In Summary

Is it a perfect platform? Sorry, but no. Perfect doesn’t exist in the online world. On the other hand, if you want to earn money with affiliate marketing and website development/blogging, then WA is a great place to start. Not to mention, the free membership contains more than enough to get you started.

Visit Wealthy Affiliate


Wealthy Affiliate Review – Features

A list with a description of the features Wealthy Affiliate has to offer.



These days, everyone is aware of what hosting is, and how to choose the right web host. WA provides secure, fast, and reliable hosting.

Grow a Business – Whether you are well experienced and want to build multiple businesses, or are a beginner just starting, SiteRubix (hosting platform) will be there throughout your journey. There are currently people using WA’s platform to run million-dollar companies with great success.

Fast – Slow hosting can severely impact your ranking within Google, but luckily, you don’t have to stress about that with WA. One of their main points of focus is speed, and with WordPress, you can be assured that your website will be hosted on the most powerful and latest servers. Their average page load time is 1.3 seconds, and they have a load limit process that ensures your website will always run at optimal speeds.

Double Host – Downtime is the thing that everyone fears when it comes to hosting. A feature called double hosting is WA’s way of ensuring no downtime for their members. What is double hosting? Well, double hosting is a mirror of your website. When one goes down, the other is put in its place, ensuring there is always a site up and running.

Back-ups – Has anyone ever messed up playing with tech? Everyone has. With Wealthy Affiliates managed WordPress Hosting, all your data is backed up, so you can restore it at any time should you so wish.

Site Manager

This is a handy WA feature, that allows you to better manage your site, along with notifying you of when you last updated, your site health, the last time you made a back-up, and so forth.

Site Builder

Wealthy Affiliate uses WordPress, a great website-building platform. You can build on new domains, already owned ones, and even free ones. Once you have a domain, just choose out of the thousands of templates they give access to, and start creating.

Wealthy affiliate review


Site Domains

Site Domains is a special category set aside for just domains and everything domain-related such as:

  • Free Domains
  • Transfers
  • Registrations
  • Domain Search
  • Not to mention being able to register and/or transfer multiple domains.


Site Content

Content is one of the most important things on a website, so having it look dull or uninteresting is a big no-no. WA’s Site Content allows you to easily and comfortably create, design, and manage your content. Features include:

  • Full Metrics on content in real-time
  • Manage versions of documents
  • Instantly export directly to WordPress’ Create and Utilize templates

Site Comments

When it comes to ranking on Google, everyone knows that comments play a key role. With Site Comments, you can earn credits for commenting on other members’ posts, or request and pay for comments on your website.

Site Feedback

Just like with comments, feedback is a very important part of the process. Again, you can earn credits by providing feedback, or you can request and pay for feedback on your site.


Wealthy Affiliate’s training is improved, and yet it is simple. After joining, there is a step-by-step, state-of-the-art training platform that you will be guided through, whether you are an expert or a beginner. The program focuses on teaching everything one needs to know, to have a successful, long-term business.

Training includes:

  • Tutorial training
  • Questions and Answers
  • Task-based Courses
  • Expert Classes
  • Video Training
  • Classrooms on specific topics
  • Live Weekly Training Classes
  • Interactive discussions

Online Entrepreneur Certification

Consisting of 5 phases, and 10 lessons each, the Online Entrepreneur Certification courses will teach and guide you through the process of creating and building a business with a niche you chose.


Affiliate Bootcamp

Consisting of 7 Phases, 10 lessons each, the Affiliate Bootcamp courses will teach and guide you through the process of building and designing a business with a niche connected to promoting Wealthy Affiliate.


A feature that provides you with a list of classrooms that offer webinars, tutorials, videos, and courses, each containing a Q&A section where you can get the answers you need.

Wealthy affiliate review


My Training Activity

This handy feature allows you to keep track of what training you have completed and what you still have left to do. It also tracks every video you have watched, what has been learned, and exedra. It keeps you up to date with what you are doing.

Training HQ

This is where every piece of info WA has to offer is kept, from courses to videos to lessons, and so forth, everything in a single place, listed from new to old.


WA – Research

Doing the proper research will make or break you. This rather useful feature will help you to do the necessary research on topics such as:

  • Site Rank
  • My Keyword Lists
  • Alphabet Soup
  • Search Analysis
  • Niche Keyword Lists
  • Affiliate programs
  • Brainstorm HQ

Wealthy affiliate university review


Live Events

There are live events weekly, which are fun and fun to learn from. A large range of topics are covered, which include everything you need to know about creating a successful online business. All events are published afterward for those who could not attend, want to go through it again, or want to go through it at a slower pace.

Does wealthy affiliate really work


Well, that is it for this Wealthy Affiliate review. Again, thanks for stopping by and reading all the way to the end. Have something to add? Please do so via the comment box, your feedback would be much appreciated.

Thank you and have yourself an awesome day!



Does Wealthy Affiliate Really Work – Q & A

There are a lot of questions surrounding WA, and in this article, I would like to address the ones, more frequently asked. This is NOT a typical Wealthy Affiliate review, but rather a commonly asked questions and answers post. I do try my best to answer questions as thoroughly as possible so bear with me if it is a bit long.

Visit my detailed Wealthy Affiliate Review, if this is not for you and you require more information.


How Long Have I Been Using Wealthy Affiliate?

Since 2013

Does wealthy affiliate really work

Is Wealthy Affiliate a Scam? (most frequently asked question.)

WA is a program that has been around for over a decade, so the question you have to ask yourself this; do scams normally last this long? The answer would be no, they don’t. The definition of a scam is someone who takes your cash and then never gives you what you paid for. Now I might be delusional, but when I last checked, i.e., a few minutes ago when I started working on this post, everything I paid for is still there and working perfectly. Heck, there were even new updates and scheduled upcoming training like always.

Wealthy affiliate scam legit


Secondly, I’ve been with the WA Affiliate program for 10 years on and off, and not once did they miss a payment, right on time every 1st of the month as you can see from the screenshot below.

Wealthy affiliate legitimate

Why Does Everyone Call it a Scam Then?

Who can tell the minds of humans, I would wager that it is mostly the people who did not finish the training, had a non-interesting niche, didn’t put in the work, and so forth. I mean, it is after all, much simpler to just put the blame on the program, rather than admitting you failed somewhere along the line.

It has been many years since WA was first founded, and numerous people have designed websites with Wealthy Affiliate during those years and been very successful at it. The platform in 2023, remains the same platform it had been back then, with the usual updates to keep up to date with technology. You still get amazing WordPress hosting and a great Keyword Research tool and they are still going with the regular webinars. They keep their training up to date, and it is just up to you whether you want to put in the time and effort.

So what Changed?

Higher commission payouts, that is mostly what. You do not get much by promoting a cheap platform, however, if you go for high ticket sales, the commission is much more. Training platforms that offer high payouts in commissions have become more attractive to affiliate marketers, hence why they trash the cheap ones as a means to promote their own expensive alternatives. It is an old game between affiliates and the competition is high.

Bottom Line…

If you cannot do a simple task like choosing a nice, setting up a website, posting on a weekly basis, and driving traffic (the core of WA training), I very much doubt that you will be successful anywhere else. To be able to call WA a scam, or any other similar platform for that matter, you need to tick all the boxes and ONLY then you can call a platform dogy if you still fail…

Choose the correct niche – Some people seriously have the ability to choose a niche that is not profitable or without any potential at all and then get angry when they fail. I’ve seen niches like “Christmas socks for babies” and think to myself, how can you possibly produce content on a weekly basis, all year long for a topic so limited to time?

Consistency – To be able to be successful at almost anything online, you need to be consistent. The competition is stiff and those who put in the extra hours will outsmart/outrank you. When it comes to blogging, you need to at least post new content twice a week and keep at it forever. You cannot have a website with only 10 posts on it and then complain about not making money or having visitors.

Feel Free to Read More About What It Takes to Work Online.


Is Wealthy Affiliate the perfect and number one choice for learning affiliate marketing and website development?

Only in your dreams. Perfection does not exist in the online world, not when it comes to websites, and especially not when it comes to learning programs, they all have at least a flaw or two. There are, however, people of all kinds, some who can invest, and others who cannot, some have limited time to work, whereas others have eternity to give, those who love blogging, and those who can barely bear it, some who fancy creating lead pages, and then others who despise it with everything they have.

Now of course there’s also the fact that there are many different ways to make money online, and teaching programs for most of them, so deciding on which program is best, means finding the middle ground.

Yes, Wealthy is an all-in-one platform, but you won’t learn absolutely everything there is to know in the online world from WA. You will have to explore and learn through trial and error, and such. WA is your intuition. It gives you the basics, tells you how to navigate the college/university, and then it is up to you to go attend different classes and learn from them. They teach you the basics, such as keywords, website building, blogging, and so forth, but when you finish the 5 years of training, and you are still clueless, well, you got yourself in quite the pickle then.


What are My own hiccups with Wealthy Affiliate? (Yes, they too have problems, or maybe I have)

There are two main issues I have with the program…

Community Support

Yes, I am one of those who have problems with community support, but let me explain why. With community support, any person can sign up, and become an expert, whether they’ve even completed the training or not, which can lead to the wrong info being given because they only did a simple Google search. Now it might just be me, but if I wanted to use Google search, I would not have bought the product in the first place.

Wealthy Affiliate is a platform that recommends and relies on community support, with your ranking on the WA platform depending on it. A lot of people have become so focused on the support that they forget about working on their websites, thus not practicing what you preach and becoming broke as you fail at your site, because of how noble you had been. Wealthy Affiliate ambassadors are great, but the same problem, anyone can become one. My personal opinion is that they should remove this entire part of WA, and make it so only a few select few could become ambassadors paid through commissions, to teach the rest. (Maybe get an AI to handle this LOL)

Affiliate Program

As I already mentioned, WA relies on community support for successful affiliate marketing. Now, this would not be such a problem if you only had a few affiliates to teach, but times that number by 50, 30, or perhaps for some, even hundreds, and you have a night terror on your hands. The saying ‘you can’t help everyone exists with good reason and my greatest respect for the ambassadors who pull it off.

Now all of this makes it start looking like an MLM (Multilevel marketing), the likes of which I despise greatly, not for believing they are scams, but because of the work and effort going into teaching so many people. Basically, in summary, keep referring until you reach your limit, which is a bummer, because who doesn’t want to be making profits?


How to make Wealthy Affiliate work?

Focus! It is easy to get distracted on a platform that has this much going on, so stay focused, and do your training, if you don’t understand it, then do it again.

Create and work! This is the literal definition of the story. The more content you create, and the more work you put in, the more visitors you will get and the more money you will make. If you finish one site start with the next, but be always busy creating. Websites are what bring in the money, so why be wasting time and effort on unimportant stuff?  Keep in mind, that no matter how many sites you build, if they do not have at least 50+ posts, then they will not be very productive.

Do not Promote WA as a newbie! Ever see a bunny trying to play catch with a pack of wolves, whelp that is what you get if a newbie enters the make-money-online world. It’s cruel, and it’s a literal online war, to see who gets the leads, so pick an easier niche like pets, health, and so forth to start out with.

Pretend that the Wealthy Affiliate ambassador rankings don’t exist until you have at the very least completed training, and finished your website, with at least 40+ posts published. You can’t teach someone how to swim if you do not even know how to tread water, because you will fail, and drag them down along with you.


Do Affiliates Write Bad Reviews to Promote Wealthy Affiliate?

The online world is as previously stated a warzone, so, yeah, of course, you get people who unfortunately write biased/bad reviews about some products just to promote another, the same goes for WA. It is the same with any business, you get your dirty players, and then the ones who don’t hold back when retaliating, that’s the way it goes, everyone trying to find a way to get ahead of the competition.

Keep in mind, that the role goes both ways, just like there are people who label others as bad and/or scams to promote WA, there are also others who label WA as bad/scams to promote their “perfect program”. That does not mean either program is bad and/or a scam.

As with everything, just keep an open mind, read a few different reviews, do some research, and then make the choice of what is best for you. I always recommend going for a program that has a free plan, or a free trial version does enable you to test it and make sure it works for you first, before investing any amount of cash.


What Makes WA Different Than the Other Programs?

For me, there are a few features/tools that make it stand out from the crowd, specifically the Jaaxy keyword tool, the option to earn credits, the WordPress Hosting, and the comment features. What about the training? Well, personally no need for it anymore as I am already educated after all these years.

Let’s break it down…

Hosting – A Lot of other companies are knocked straight out by Wealthy Affiliates hosting, and websites hosted there, do very well. Their WordPress interface is easy to use, and depending on the plan you have with them, you can host up to 20 websites with WA. The interface has been made beginner-friendly, and not to mention, despite the amount of competition that exists, WA still finds a way to dominate the search engines. If all fails, you can always move your WP site to another host, Wealthy Affiliate does not hold your site “hostage” as with many other programs.

Keyword Tool (Jaaxy) – Keywords are the most important thing in the online world, and Jaaxy is a very nifty tool for such research without a complicated interface. Works just as well, and in some cases even better than the more expensive tools, and I have to give it the credit for a lot of my first-page rankings.

Feedback/Comments – Feedback in the form of comments can make or break a site within the search engines. When it comes to beginners, this is one of the hardest parts. You need the traffic to get comments, but you need comments to rank better and get better traffic. The WA’s comment tool will help you get the feedback you need on your site, and the feedback features will get you exceptional advice from other individuals on your site and/or help you correct mistakes.

Wealthy affiliate review

Credits – Now, I have never gone out of my way to earn credits via commenting, nevertheless, I do try and make things as insightful as I possibly can, which includes trying to help others not have to spend everything they have. You can pay for Wealthy Affiliate, by collecting WA credits, thus, the program will be paying for itself. I have been using credits to pay for my membership for a couple of years now, not to mention you can buy and pay for domains with credits as well.

Credits can also be bought and added to your Wealthy Affiliate account if you want to spend them on other things, or if you are a few credits low on paying for your membership, then you can just breach the gap. The point of all this, WA offers ways to help soften the money blows for their clients. Name any other program that has this feature that allows you to get hosting, keyword tools, domains, membership, and so forth with credits earned, this is one of the reasons why WA will stay my recommended starter platform.

To sum this up, if you go with training, then there are better programs around, but most of them do not include the other tools and/or features WA does, such as hosting, at the very least, not hosting for up to 20 websites. They also do not provide in the, earn your membership department, not to mention the lack of proper keyword tools, comment posting, content writer, and such. These are tools and/or features that usually have to be acquired separately, and can add up to quite the price tag.


Why Do I Stay with Wealthy Affiliate?

My old blogger site just got old and I wanted to move it to WordPress, the choice for my WP Hosting was easy. So, here I am, posting on my new WordPress site, hosted by Wealthy Affiliate. They provide good hosting, Keyword research tools, and a lot of other great goodies, so where else would I possibly want to go, not to mention, still one of the cheaper platforms.

On the topic of training, I kinda moved on years ago, left the nest, and broadened my mind and knowledge, after all, WA training is mostly created for newbies, and eventually, everyone has to spread their wings. Now I just stick around for the hosting, price, and tools which are still the best in my opinion.


Let’s Sum This Up…

Wealthy Affiliate offers a free version for most countries, and a credit card is not needed to sign up. If you discover the program isn’t for you, then just move on to the next, no money lost. Internet is full of possibilities and you do not need to stick with WA alone, and if you don’t find the training to be for you, then stick around for the great tools and hosting. Honestly, they have something for everyone, including experienced individuals.


Have questions? Please leave them in the comment section and I will get to them as soon as possible. Have something else to add that I have left out, it would be appreciated as well so we can refrain from making this a one-sided opinion.

Thank You and Have Yourself an Awesome Day!

ClickFunnels Review – Worth the Hype?

ClickFunnels has joined the world of Leading Page builders, and even claims a spot at the top, or does it? With this ClickFunnels review, we will cover everything that they have to offer, their prices, the Pros, and the cons, giving you the knowledge needed to make informed decisions, before purchasing.

Keep in mind that this is a review, and to save time, which is limited and valuable, I will not be covering the features or tools in detail, as all of this information is available on their website. If you clicked on this review looking only for my opinion, then feel free to scroll down to the bottom of the page where it is located.

If you are using the program or have used it in the past, please be kind and leave a comment below to share your opinions and experiences with the program to keep it from being so one-sided, thus helping others make better-informed decisions. It would be appreciated!





What is ClickFunnels?

Sales funnels are the process of leading potential clients to your products and/or services using step-by-step processes such as articles, automated emails, landing pages, and so on, all in the effort of generating more customers, thus getting more sales.

Now as for what ClickFunnels is, it is a program that provides all the features/tools needed to create your landing pages, sales funnels, membership sites, webinars, and so forth, and it allows you to do so, without needing multiple degrees and Ph.D.’s in technology.

In summary, ClickFunnels was created to be a program that helps entrepreneurs and business owners design sales funnels and so forth, allowing them to better promote services and products, thus getting more sales.


Founders and History

Todd Dickerson and Russell Brunson co-founded ClickFunnels back in 2014. It was founded as a software program able to assist people and provide the needed tools to design sales funnels.


What does it Cost?

Basic – $127 per month.

Pro – $157 per month.

Funnel Hacker – $208 per month.

Subscribing to their annual plans will save you money in the long run.


Any Up-Sales?

ClickFunnels has advanced training that is offered separately at the price of $47, a once-off payment.

There are other services not offered by ClickFunnels that will have to be obtained via third-party program subscriptions, which will have to be paid for separately.

After subscribing, you will also get access to the products and services that ClickFunnels sells on its website, each with a price of its own.


How To Make Money Online – Popular Options

What About Support?

Support from ClickFunnels is offered in a multitude of ways, from online chats, Blogs, Email Support, and FAQ Pages, to a Facebook group and everything in between. If you require help, there are plentiful ways of getting it. The most popular ways are the Facebook group and the Chat support as they provide help the fastest but don’t forget about the FAQ Pages as your question might already be there and answered.

The clickfunnels review

What About a Money-Back Guarantee?

ClickFunnels offers no money-back guarantee, but they do have a 14-day trial. If you cancel your subscription before 1 year has passed since sign-up, you will receive credits to spend on other ClickFunnels services or products; otherwise, there is no refund. There might also be a cancellation fee depending on the circumstances of the cancelation.


Legit or Scam?

ClickFunnels is not a scam, and most definitely legit. They have more than 5 years of services and quite a great amount of clients, not to mention people who have been or are still currently successful with them. Yes, the program might have a bug or two, but otherwise, completely legit.


User Interface

The platform’s user interface is complicated and not beginner-friendly; therefore, I am not particularly impressed with it. The page builder in my experience was found to be on the slow side, and the drag-and-drop was not as easy as it is on other platforms. There is most definitely a learning curve to the platform, but once you get the hang of it, smooth sailing from thereon.

Clickfunnels review


Do They have Training and/or Tutorials?

ClickFunnels provides guides, forums, tutorials, and so on, as a way of helping their clients understand the program and the tools/features that come with it. A training program known as Funnel Flix, which provides training and courses, is also available but purchased separately during sign-up.


Can I make Money with ClickFunnels?

Using funnels to make money is becoming a more and more popular thing these days, and it is a legitimate way of generating more sales, therefore, a way of making money, but as with any internet marketing program, time, patience, and hard work will be needed to be successful. So in summary, yes, it is possible to make money with the program.


Who is the Program Intended For?

Simply put, any business with an online presence interested in using funnels as a way of generating more sales, thus making more money, can use the program as long as they are willing to learn how to use funnels and the program, not to mention put in the work.

Clickfunnels review


ClickFunnels Review – Pros

Steven and Russell are great teachers who know how to get information across to their audiences, and how to keep them involved. CF training is above average.

Funnel Templates are provided by ClickFunnels, which is great for those amongst us who have never created one before as it gives them a great place to start.

The drag-and-drop editor makes navigation easier and it is much simpler to use.

They provide a multitude of elements and widgets to use.

The first domain name is completely free.

ClickFunnels has 2 massive online communities in the form of 2 Facebook Groups, one of which is for affiliates and the other for all members.

ClickFunnels can be easily integrated with most email and payment providers.

Clickfunnels a scam


The ClickFunnels affiliate program cannot be joined by anyone at any time. Yes, any affiliate can promote their basic products such as Dotcom Secrets, but the rest of it, such as the program itself, can only be promoted by those who have made more than $1000 advertising their basic products, not to mention that you have to not only join but complete the ClickFunnels affiliate boot camp training course.

The basic plan limits the number of visitors and funnels you can have.

The huge training curve that ClickFunnels has can be very intimidating to a lot of people.

Considering that programs such as LeadPages offer similar tools and features at a lower cost, ClickFunnels can be considered pricey.

The split testing offered is rather basic.



To be honest, I expected ClickFunnels to be this beyond awesome product, considering that it’s been blown up all over with advertising and affiliates going nuts over it like it’s the next big thing only second to ice cream, so I am a rather bit disappointed and for a few reasons.

I never found a design style that I liked. A lot, if not most of the web pages are cheap-looking, flashy, and just overall intimidating. I prefer going for landing pages that are classier professional-looking, and just have more of an upmarket look and feel.

Marketing like this has been used for ages, by millions of people and it’s nothing new. So yeah, when people land on a page that looks cheap and flashy, their BS detector is immediately turned on, and they become wary. If you plan on thriving in this industry, you best build a classy-looking page that screams “I am a professional”, rather than a flashy thing that screams “buy my scams”. In summary, I had a hard time building a page that satisfied me.

They have no free option, and though they do offer a trial, you have to submit credit card details upon subscribing, which is as good as buying it. These days, there are way too many scams around, which makes people wary of just blindly giving out credit card details, because, well you might decide that the program just isn’t for you, but then it gets deducted anyway, right? If the program is truly that great, then just offer a free version or a free trial without the need for details, and the program will sell itself. People wouldn’t hesitate to upgrade once they see the value in it.


I do not recommend this program for newbies, it is better suited for someone who already has an established business/product, and just needs a way of marketing it better. The program is also expensive, and knowledge is needed to make it work, therefore, again, not beginner-friendly. I’d give the program a rating of 8/10, as it is an excellent program, not to mention Brunson is an expert who knows what he is doing, and the books plus training, all support the program 100%.

Well, this is it, for now, thank you for visiting, and please do not be shy to share your opinion as this will help others to make a more informed decision.

Thank You and Have Yourself an Awesome Day!




Jaaxy Review – A Keyword Tool that Works

I have been using this keyword tool for over 8 years and thus feel qualified to review it and give my honest opinion. With this Jaaxy review, I will point out all the features that stand out for me as well as the pros and cons.  If you desire a more detailed list of all the features, please visit the Jaaxy home page as I do not wish to clutter up this review with unnecessary information to waste your precious time.

Used Jaaxy in the past or present? I hate a one-sided opinion and would appreciate it if you add yours to the mix in the form of a comment as this would help others to make a more informed decision.

Thank You!





What is Jaaxy?

Jaaxy is a keyword tool created by the founders of Wealthy Affiliate. Jaaxy provides tools and features to assist with all things website, keyword research, market, competition, research, and so forth, all to make things easier for bloggers, website developers, affiliate marketers, and so on.


Why is Keyword Research Important? (Beginners)

Keywords are the words/phrases that people enter into a search engine. Without the right keywords, people would never be able to search for and find your articles, websites, content, and so forth, and if no one can find your websites and such, then you will have no traffic, and without traffic, you cannot generate an income. It is for this very reason that keywords should always be included within your content. If you want your online venture to be successful, then keywords are a must, and tools like Jaaxy will help you find the right ones.


Jaaxy Pricing

There are three different plans to pick from, including:

Starter plan – Completely free to join

  • Only 30 keyword searches
  • Brainstorm Idea Feed
  • Keyword Competition data
  • 30 SiteRank Analysis Scans
  • 20 Search results
  • Affiliate Program Finder
  • Website Analyzer
  • Keyword List Manager

Pro plan – $49 per month

The starter plan and:

  • Sort-able search results
  • Unlimited search history
  • Manual QSR Search
  • 2x multi-threaded Search
  • Alphabet Soup (15/Letter)
  • Search Analysis
  • Manual Domain Search
  • 2K SiteRank Analysis Scans

Enterprise plan – $99 per month

Includes the Pro plan and:

  • Alphabet Soup (50/letter)
  • Automated QSR
  • Unlimited Keyword Lists
  • 10K SiteRank Analysis Scans
  • 5x Speed
  • Automated Domain Search
  • 5x Multi-Threaded Search

Jaaxy keyword tool review


Are there any Upsales?

Jaaxy does not have any up-sales. You choose the plan best suited for you, and that is it, no additional costs.


Do They Have a Money-Back Guarantee?

Jaaxy offers a free starter plan that includes the basic and necessary tools for one to test the program, and as such, they do not offer a money-back guarantee.


User Interface

The platform layout is clear, easy to understand, and simple to follow/use. All tabs, tools, features, and such, are marked, as well as the results from searches, making the platform not only user-friendly but beginner-friendly as well.

Jaaxy keyword tool review


What About Support?

Seeing as Jaaxy is merely a research tool, support isn’t exactly something that is needed, but they do offer the basics nonetheless, in the form of email support. They also have PDFs, videos, and such to help members better understand the platform.


Jaaxy Keyword Tool Review – Pros

One of the best free tools to use, and the paid versions are worth investing in if you are serious about proper SEO.

Experience is not required, as the program is simple to understand and easy to use.

Search results can be shared or saved for later use.

Jaaxy allows you to keep track of keywords without the need for a third-party program.

Videos and PDFs are provided to help/teach people how to use the tool.

For the free version, extra searches can be earned by recommending the program to others. Not everyone has the money to invest in such tools, or the extra must-haves, especially those who are just starting, not to mention you are only researching keywords in the first place for a website, blog, or some such thing, which already costs money to create. Jaaxy allows you to earn free searches by recommending their program, which will earn you a little extra cash along with the searches.

Jaaxy keyword tool review


Searches cannot be location specified, such as local or global. They are all mixed.

The language you search in cannot be chosen.

The starter plan only has 30 keyword searches period. After that, you need to earn more by promoting Jaaxy or upgrading to a paid plan.


Personal Experience

As I previously mentioned, I have been using Jaaxy for over 8 years, which sounds like forever. I have used both the free and paid versions of the program, not to mention a bunch of other keyword tools as well. Some were beyond great, with classy user interfaces, and tons of data, and yet I still prefer Jaaxy, which has helped me achieve first-page Google rankings with many of my posts. The program is accurate, and I have always preferred simple yet effective, over fancy, when it came to keyword and research tools, which is why Jaaxy will stay my recommended tool.


In Summary

When it comes to affiliate marketing, the possesses can be long-suffering and difficult, but Jaaxy, which was designed by the same people behind Wealthy Affiliate, helps ease the suffering, by making things less time-consuming and difficult. They have great tools, all of which are simple to understand and easy to use, making it the perfect program for beginners and experts alike, offering a plan for everyone.


Jaaxy – Main Features

Keyword Tool

Hundreds of millions of new keywords are searched every day with Google alone, making the task of finding the right ones a difficult one. A keyword research tool that can sort through it all, and so forth is needed for this very reason.

Jaaxy simplifies the process and cuts down on the hours and hours of research you would have normally needed to do, saving you time that can be used for more important things. Not only does Jaaxy search keywords, but it also searches for the statistics of the keywords, providing you with info such as Avg, KQI, domain data, Traffic, QSR, SEO, and so much more.

Values/results are explained in short.

Avg – The number of searches a keyword gets per month on average.

KQI (Keyword Quality Indicator) – Indicates what quality the keyword is, great, good, or poor.

Domain Data – The specific keyword’s available domains.

Traffic – If page ranking is achieved, this is the number of visits to the post.

QSR (Quoted Search Results) – How many other websites have ranked with this specific keyword/s.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – A count established by traffic and competition, the higher the count the better the ranking.

The program uses other search engines such as Yahoo and Bing as well and not only just Google, providing more coverage over search engines and better results. Jaaxy also has a feature that allows you to save, share, export, and exedra, your results, allowing you to do all the work from a single place rather than having to bounce around all the time.


Find Affiliate Programs

Jaaxy has an affiliate program search function, filled with thousands of affiliate programs, allowing you to search, analyze, and find the perfect program for you. Locating new affiliate programs has never been easier.

Jaaxy keyword tool review

Alphabet Soup and Niches

Research can be the most enduring and difficult process, which is why Jaaxy has automated the top techniques in research. With a single phrase, you can create an entire alphabetical list or variants of it. A single search will give you hundreds of keywords, ideal for use in your PPC or CEO campaigns. The tool will also allow you to produce new niche ideas, with the use of favored and pertinent searches provided by Jaaxy.


Find Domains

With every search that is done, Jaaxy will reveal to you the domains (.com, .org, .net, and so forth) that are available for the keyword search that you have done. A bunch of high-traffic and high-value domains are revealed with every search.

Wealthy Affiliate and Jaaxy were founded by the same people, and as such the two are partnered, thus making it very easy to purchase domains via the WA SiteDomains feature.



Being successful at SEO requires an understanding of what it is your competition is doing, and how it is that they are achieving their rank. Jaaxy’s Search Analysis Algorithm allows you to easily do so, as it provides you with info on your competitors. The tool, furthermore, enables you to enter new niches successfully, negating the need to spend hours upon hours doing research.  It is done y reverse engineering websites that are already successful. You are also able to analyze rankings across multiple search engines, thus giving you a leg up.

Jaaxy keyword tool review

SiteRank for SEO

SiteRank allows you to truly analyze your website, and determine which activities helping you rank, and which ones aren’t, thus giving you the info to improve your site and help it rank better. The tools allow for other features as well, including, rank tracking campaigns, rank tracking frequency, competitor rank tracker, and so forth. It even provides you with a timeline to help determine how your site has been doing over a certain period.


Well, that is it for this review. Thank you for visiting and hope to see you again. Please leave a comment if you have time to spear, it would be appreciated.

Thank you, and have yourself an awesome day!



LeadPages Review – Is It Worth It?

With this LeadPages review, we are having a look at the platform to see if it is worth spending money on. They are a rather well-known platform for the creation of landing pages and designing websites. This will be a detailed review covering all aspects of the program, giving you the info you need to decide whether this program is for you or not. Features are not included, seeing as it is all accessible on the program’s homepage after all.





What Is LeadPages?

Email marketing is a popular way of growing a business in the online world these days, and involves growing an email list, which consists of subscribers, to whom you then promote products/services. Growing an email list means getting more subscribers; this is done with promotions, and so on. Leads are a very common way of building an email list, and generating leads, means creating landing pages, websites, pop-ups, and so forth. This is where LeadPages comes in. They will provide the tools needed to generate leads, thus allowing you to grow your business.

In summary, LeadPages is a company that has the features and tools needed to create landing pages, websites, pop-ups, lead magnets, webinars, and so on, which will then in turn generate more leads, thus leading to more subscribers being added to your email list.


Founders and History

LeadPages was founded back in 2012 by Simon Payne, Tracy Simmons, and Clay Collins, but was only released in 2013. When they were first released, they had quite a bit of content, starting with an abundance of templates, tools, and features to be used by their clients, thus making them popular rather quickly. In the first year alone they millions of funding that allowed them to add their first major upgrade that very same year.

Throughout the years, such as in 2014, LeadPages added a bunch of other tools and features, including SMS Text, integration, and so forth. 2015 would be the year that they held their first converted event, consisting of a conference, with the main topic being marketing for small businesses. 2016 saw them acquiring a smaller email marketing company formerly known as Drip.

Back in 2017, they partnered with Facebook and added Facebook Ads to the program. The company has continued to grow and upgrade its program since.


LeadPages Pricing

There are three different plans to choose from when it comes to LeadPages, consisting:

Standard – $49 per month, or $37 per month, paid annually.


  • Email Tech Support
  • 1 website

Pro – $99 per month, or $74 per month, paid annually.


  • Email and Chat Support
  • Unlimited A/B Split Testing
  • Email Trigger Links
  • 3 Websites
  • 10 Opt-in Text Campaigns
  • Online payments and Sales

Advanced – Contact LeadPages for a quote


  • 1 on 1Quick Start Call
  • 5 Pro Sub Accounts
  • Pro Plan Features
  • Advanced Integrations
  • All plans include:
  • A Free Custom Domain for Annual Users
  • 40+ Standard Integrations
  • Free Hosting
  • Pop-Ups, Alert bars, and Landing Pages
  • Mobile Responsive Templates
  • Unlimited Leads and Traffic
  • Lead Notifications


User Interface

The platform does not contain lagging or glitches and is rather easy to use. It can take some time to learn how to use the platform, but with the tutorials available online, even beginners can find their way.

Leadpages review

Are There Up-Sales?

The program itself does not contain any up-sales, but there is a more than likely chance that you will have to subscribe to other programs such as MailChimp, seeing as LeadPages does not provide all of the tools and features, and another program will be needed to fill in the gaps. These programs have subscription fees of their own so monthly costs will be increased.

The LeadPages terms and conditions documents also stipulate some fees for services and so forth, the amount of which depends on the services provided.


Is There a Money-Back Guarantee?

There is unfortunately no money-back guarantee or refund policies of any sort. If you cancel your subscription at any time whatsoever, then you will receive no money back at all, even if you did not finish your month. However, They offer a free trial that gives ample access and time to properly test out the program, as well as a 7-day grace period in case you forget to cancel, but keep in mind that if the program is used within the grace period, then you will be charged.


Legit or Scam?

The program is most definitely not a scam, and here is my reason for saying so.

LeadPages has been around for about a decade and currently has millions of subscribers, most of whom are successful. The time that they have been around; is more than enough evidence of their legitimacy. Now, age and subscribers aside, LeadPages, also updates the program regularly, with tons of comments, reviews, articles, and so on being posted regularly. Yes, just like with any other programs, they have had hiccups, people who were not successful, or even people who did not have the best of experiences. Even still, they have tried to improve, fix their little hiccups, and help others be successful. So yes, they are legit.


What About Support?

LeadPages offers support in many forms to help all of its users, including email support, call support, chat, webinars, tech support, and so forth. They also have FAQ pages and guides to provide even more support for their clients. Now depending on the chosen method, support is usually given within 48 hours, with chat support being the most effective.


Do They Offer Training or Tutorials?

LeadPages is not a training program, but they do have weekly coaching, webinars, guides, 1-on-1 quick start calls, and so forth, to teach their clients about the program and how to use it. It may not include training videos, or lessons and such, but it is sufficient enough to get one started in this line of work.

Leadpages review

Can Money Be Made with LeadPages?

There are a lot of things that can determine success, from the person to the business, and even the motivations. Any online business of any kind takes hard work and patience to be successful, and LeadPages is no different in that manner. You will also need to be willing to learn. Things like promoting the wrong product or not doing the work can also influence your success.

In summary, yes, the program does work and can generate an income, but are you willing to make it so. Read more about what it takes to work online and be successful at it.


 Features that Stand Out

Site Builder – A drag-and-drop, all-in-one website builder, featuring stunning templates, along with an abundance of tools and features connected to customizing, designing, analytics, and so forth. The builder is mobile-friendly, and the tools are excellent. Free hosting is included, with a 99.9% uptime guarantee, not to mention the free custom domain, website publishing, integrated conversion tools, and much more.

Leadpages reviews

Conversion tools – Split-testing, pop-ups, real-time analytics, alert bars, and so forth, are the tools you will be provided with, to help with conversions.

Integrations – Make your life or the life of your subscribers easier with standard integrations, advanced integrations, and email integrations.

Publishing – Make your website truly yours with WordPress plug-ins and domain registrations.

Security – Keep your site, as well as your subscribers safe and secure with SSL, GDPR Compliance, and so forth.

Design and Templates – Create the perfect custom website with HTML editing, customizable templates, an icon library, mobile-friendly templates, and so much more.

Leadpages review

LeadPages Review – Pros

The interface itself is simple to understand and easy to use.

Beginners and so forth can easily use LeadPages, as prior HTML experience is not needed.

The support, especially the chat support is above average, and help is usually given rather quickly.

Landing pages can be created in a short period.

LeadPages has made a lot of its features customizable.

A great analytic tool called Leadmeter tells you if your page is converting well or not.

Leadpages review


Credit card details need to be provided when entering the free trial, as LeadPages automatically renews the moment your trial expires. This can lead to people losing money when they do not cancel in time.

There are no money-back guarantees or refunds whatsoever. If you pay for something, you will not see that money again.

Some tools such as pop-ups for YouTube are not included.


Summary and My Opinion

LeadPages is one of the more affordable options out there. If you are committed to online marketing then this might just be worth spending your money on. The platform is easy to familiarize oneself with if you can get around the slight learning curve, but then again, online marketing and website development themselves have learning curves. Are you already familiar with WordPress and marketing campaigns? Then you will have trouble learning how to work with LeadPages. Are you a complete beginner? In my opinion, start with the cheaper option first until you find your footing.

I always prefer programs that have free versions or trials, as they allow people to test the program first before investing. LeadPages does indeed offer just that.


Well, that is it for this review, do you have something to add? Please feel free to add your own experience with the program in the form of a comment, it would be much appreciated.

Thank you and have an awesome day!



GetResponse Review – Basic Overview

With this GetResponse review, I will cover all the basics of the program to determine if it is worth spending money on. They are one of the more popular email platforms around and it is used mainly as an auto-responder service, but they are better known for being an all-in-one platform when it comes to marketing services. Their email marketing service has always been top-notch, so how does the rest of their services compare? Well, let us find out.




What is GetResponse?

Mainly, the program is an email marketing service provider that offers tools needed in the creation of emails, email campaigns/lists, and so on. In other words, it is a hyped-up auto-responder, which includes a multitude of extra marketing tools to be used at your discretion. GetResponse offers more than most other auto-responder service providers, including:

  • Landing Pages
  • Webinars
  • Tools to run and manage paid ads
  • Auto-responder (Email Marketing Services)
  • Marketing Automation
  • Conversion Funnel

Getresponse review

Founder and Short History

Simon Grabowski founded GetResponse back in 1998 as a way of setting up an email list and a way of dripping content at preset times. Thus, using only $200, he created GetResponse, a program that would over time grow, becoming something much more as more tools and features were added, making the program better and better, allowing it to rise and become as successful as it is today.


Getresponse Pricing

GetResponse has a free trial, as well as the following plans:

Keep in mind that the price is affected by list size.


Monthly – $19 to $539 per month.

Yearly – $15.58 to $441.98 per month.

2 Year (24 Month) – $13.30 to $377.30 per month.


Monthly – $59 to $599 per month.

Yearly – $48.38 to $491.18 per month.

2 Year (24 Month) – $41.30 to $419.30 per month.


Monthly – $119 to $699 per month.

Yearly – $97.58 to $573.18 per month.

2 Year (24 Month) – $83.30 to 44489.30 per month.

Max plans have custom pricing.


Any Up-Sales?

The program itself has no up-sales whatsoever. You get what you have paid for. They offer different plans, including custom ones, and those are the only monthly costs you will have from them. However, they do offer a marketing toolkit, which is a 3rd party program/service, but the toolkit is not a must-have and comes at a discount for premium members.


What About A Money-Back Guarantee?

GetResponse offers a free trial, but not a money-back guarantee. The free trial can be used on any of the plans, except for the custom ones, and last up to 30 days, not to mention the free-for-life, very basic plan that you can join.


How To Make Money Online – Popular Options


Is The Program Legit?

GetResponse has been around for a lifetime, and to add to that, they have millions of successful clients, and therefore, it is safe to conclude that the program is most definitely a legitimate one.


User Interface

The platform has a neat appearance and is easily navigated, with tabs, categories, and so forth. I am most fond of the quick actions portion, which is a list of your most popular performed tasks. The dashboard can also be easily customized, removing or adding widgets and so forth.

Email Marketing – A Drag-and-Drop editor allows for a large variety of email types to be created. It is completely user-friendly and easily learned and gotten used. The editing is simple and the templates are easy to use. Managing lists can be relatively easy, once you have gotten used to it. They have a multitude of templates for forms (Registration, Opt-In, and Opt-out), which are easily edited and managed.

In summary, the email marketing service is simple and easy to use, once you’ve gotten accustomed to it, and the rest of the tools/features. A Bit of a learning curve is involved as with most programs, and I have found that the landing page builder can be glitchy.

Getresponse review

What about Technical Support?

The support offered by GetResponse is good, and it includes an online chatbox, made up of tons of people, quite a few of them being professionals that know what it is they are doing. This allows one to ask questions and get the answers within minutes. Other types of support are also offered including, live support from GetResponse employees. In summary, very reasonable support.


What About Tutorials?

GetResponse offers a wide range of articles covering each section/tool, including topics such as setting up your email marketing campaigns as well as managing your marketing automation and lists. They furthermore have the GetResponse academy, a very good and on-point academy that teaches people how to create lists and such.

Getresponse review

Features that Stand Out For Me

Email Marketing – A bunch of tools and/or features to help design, create, manage and automate emails and lists.

Conversion Funnel – Tools/features to create different kinds of funnels.

Landing Pages – Features and tools needed for creating landing pages and so forth.

Marketing Automation – The tools needed to automate as much of your marketing as possible.

Webinars – Video and webinar tools to help you interact with clients and audiences.

Paid Ads – Tools needed to create paid advertising.

List Building Program – GetResponse University, an online course to teach you everything about email marketing via GetResponse.

Website Builder – 2 Ways of building a website, DIY, or AI-assisted.

Market Place – GetResponse products to promote.

Mobile Apps – Mobile apps created by GetResponse, including the GetResponse app.

Getresponse review

GetResponse Review – Pros

GetResponse offers a free 30-day trial, that will give you access to all of their tools/features, without the need to give up any payment details.

You get a significant discount when signing up for the 1 – 2 year plans.

GetResponse comes with integrated CRM.

They offer a multitude of tools and features including some rather impressive ones such as their marketing automation.

Tools and/or features are mostly easy to understand and simple to use.

GetResponse not only offers a massive amount of functional and great-looking templates, but they also have blank ones that can be customized to suit your needs.

Getresponse review


There are no refund policies or money-back guarantees at all. Once you have paid, you will not be seeing that money again.

Canceling subscriptions can be a difficult quest to complete.

The platform does have some glitches, especially around the landing page builder.

Importing lists from other servers can be a difficult task.


My Personal Opinion…

GetResponse used to be my go-to, and I’d still rather use some of their features over those of other email marketing service providers, however, they are sadly not my top recommendation anymore for these reasons:

Some of their terms are dubious, or just completely confusing.

The GetResponse compliance team works extremely hard to ensure that emails and lists are of high quality, to keep their relevance scores high. This is of course understandable as one would not want for emails to be flagged as spam, but maybe they are working a little too hard on this, or at the very least, they could approach the situation differently. Let me explain unless you have a great database, your list can go up in smoke rather quickly, and you cannot get it back. To put it simply, they have a no bad list tolerance. Now obviously you do not want a bad list, but because of this, the platform is not beginner-friendly, or for inexperienced email marketers. I just think, members should be given enough time to export their lists, before shutting it down.

Thinking of exporting your list from a third party to GetResponse? Well, may the odds be forever in your favor? Not to mention, you could spend a lot of time and effort on building a list, only to have it closed down and completely gone forever.

To sum it all up, unless you are 100% sure your database is good, then GetResponse is not for you. If you so much as violate a single term, your account gets shut down, with no means of exporting your list beforehand, thus losing all your contacts. If you do decide to use GetResponse, export your list on a frequent base as a means of backup.

The final verdict, it is not recommended for beginners at all but is an awesome platform to work with, if you know what you are doing.

Do you use GetResponse or used it in the past? To refrain from making this a one-sided opinion, please be so kind as to tell us about your experience in the comment section. It would be much appreciated!

Well, that is it for now, thank you for stopping by.

Have an Awesome Day!

Visit GetResponse


Small SEO Tools Review – Best Free Tools?

Need to do SEO on a budget but not sure if free is actually reliable. With this Small SEO Tools review, we will have a look at the suit to see if it is worth the time. I have been using SST for many years and thus feel qualified enough to give an honest opinion regarding the platform. To keep this review short and sweet and to save you time, I do not list all the features in detail as it is already on their home page. If you require more information or have questions please drop a comment and I will gladly fill the gap.

One-sided opinions are so boring, right? If you use SST or have used it in the past please tell us about it in the comment section as this will help others to make a more informed decision. Thank You!





What is SmallSEOTools all About?

It is an online suite that is focused on mostly SEO optimization. They offer more than 15 categories of tools to optimize your website. In addition, they also offer additional tools to make life online a bit easier.


Short History

SST was started by Tausif Akram in 2010 in the UK. He wanted to make life a bit easier for webmasters with access to advanced online tools that would enhance their content. Obviously still going strong with more improvements and tools added over the years.



Tools are free to use but please take note that some tools have limitations like the number of words you can scan on a monthly basis and so forth. SST offers a series of payment options if you wish to exceed some of the limits. Pricing starts at $9.80 for basic and goes all the way up to $599.80.


User Interface and Ease of Use

The dashboard is straightforward with clearly marked tabs for each tool, making navigation a breeze. The tools are beyond easy to use, mostly just a click of a few buttons to complete a task. If simplistic is your thing, then you will most definitely enjoy using this platform.

Small seo tools review

Quick Rundown of My Favorite (And Not So Favorable) Tools

Plagiarism checker – This is my favorite tool and the one I use the most! Beyond reliable and also the most accurate compared to other tools. Plagiarism can absolutely ruin search engine rankings and thus far this tool made quite a bit of first-page rankings possible by pointing out duplicate content that other tools simply missed. In addition, it points out exactly the phrases or words that are plagiarized and the source. Awesome tool that you cannot go without!

Small seo tools review

Ping Tool – I have absolutely no definite proof if pinging the engines makes a huge difference but I swear, this one does! Been blogging for about 12+ now and it is a custom to use the SST ping tool after publishing an article. Usually, articles will index only a day or two after using the tool whereas if I forget to ping, it will take longer.  Obviously quite a few factors regarding indexing, however, I love their ping tool as I am convinced that it brought me luck when it comes to fast indexing over the years.

Backlink Checker – This allows you to calculate the number of backlinks pointing to a page. A reliable tool to some extent as data is sometimes conflicts with other online tools like Google analysis. The margin however is not big.

Small seo tools review

Website SEO Score Checker – You can use this tool to find out the SEO score of a website and identify the elements that need to be worked on to increase the score. Beyond useful tool that I use quite often to identify problems.

Article Rewriter – Not my favorite but then again, I am not such a huge fan of rewriters at all as the content just seems off most of the time and takes the human element out of it. I’ve been creating content for many years and tested rewriters quite a few times to see how such articles will perform against written content and No, an article that is re-written by software is almost always on a losing streak.

Grammar and Spell Checker – Works for basic grammar and spelling mistakes, overall not bad for a free tool.

AI Detector – In a world where AI is taking over writing, Small SEO Tools provides an AI detector, to help identify AI writing within articles, blogs, and any other texts.

Word to PDF converter – This Will convert your files from DOCX to PDF format without affecting text formation. Really cool feature since most platforms offering this service are not free or scramble the text.

Additional tools include but are not limited to:

  • MD% Generator
  • Text to Image
  • Text to Speech
  • JPG to word
  • Domain Authority checker
  • Image Compressor
  • Video Downloader
  • Facebook Video downloader
  • Image Resizer
  • Video to GIF Converter

And so forth.


Small SEO Tools Review – Pros

A large number of free tools are available.

A good portion of the tools are reliable like the plagiarism detector and ping tool to only name a few.

Tools are available worldwide and available in a few different languages.

Their blog has some useful articles that are informative and fun to read.

Small seo tools review


Some of the functions are not directly available on the platform and depend on third-party tools that will require registration to be used.

Analysis capacity is quite limited for the free version.


Let’s Sum This Up…

They offer some of the best free tools available that are much more reliable than many other tools. If you are on a budget with limited funds but still need basic SEO done, this is a good starting point. Although I do not use all the tools and went for some more advanced tools when it comes to grammar checking and keyword research I can say in all honesty that I still to this day stick with some of their tools since I find them more reliable than most.

Will their tools make a difference to your content?  Yes, they will if used correctly! Keep in mind tho that SEO starts with great content creation, something that is unique and fresh. If constant rewriting is your idea of producing content, you might not do so well as the human factor cannot seldom be mimicked by online re-writers.

Well, that is it for this review, thank you for visiting, and please remember to add your opinion if you have time as this will make the review more informative for others.

Have Yourself An Awesome Day!


ConvertKit Review – Simplistic Marketing

With this ConvertKit review, I will be covering all the basics of the platform to determine if it is worth the time and money. We will take a look at their features and tools, prices, and so forth, comparing them against other companies such as AWeber and GetResponse to determine which is best, as well as cover the pros and cons of ConvertKit.

Please Note – This is not a features list and a detailed overview of features and tools will not be given as they are already covered on their main page.

One-sided opinions are not always useful, so if you have in the past or are currently using ConvertKit, kindly leave a comment regarding your experiences and help others get a better understanding before they spend their money. Thank You.





What is ConvertKit?

ConvertKit is an Email Service Provider (ESP) and one of the global leading email marketing companies out there today. What are ESPs and what do they do? Well, that’s simple, they were founded for a few different reasons, such as landing pages and automated email services, nonetheless, there was a single goal in mind, to provide email marketing services, thus the reason why they are mostly called email marketing companies instead of email service providers, but both terms are correct.

Now as to the point of what ConvertKit is other than an Email Service Provider, whelp, they are a company that offers all of the most commonly used marketing services available and then some, all with a spin on it. They provide their features, tools, services, and so on, offering a unique experience, not to mention they offer tools/features that other companies do not provide, and other features/tools have been updated in new ways to make things easier, simpler, more successful, and so forth.

Simply put, ConvertKit is an ESP with a twist.

Convertkit review

Founders and Short History

Nathan Barry founded the company back in 2013, and at first, it was founded as just a method of reaching more people through his blog. As time passed, the program evolved into something more, and Nathan decided to share it with the world. Over the years, ConvertKit was upgraded frequently until we got the program that we have today. An affiliate program was also added back in 2015, so as the members grew, so did the program.


What Does it Cost and What do They have to Offer?

Free Membership – No card information is needed, completely free.

  • Email Support
  • Sell Digital products and subscriptions
  • Unlimited landing pages
  • All basic features
  • 0 – 1000 subscribers

Creator Membership – $15+ per month, or $9+ per month, billed annually.

  • Free Membership Features
  • Free Migration from other tools
  • Automated Funnels and Sequences
  • 1000+ subscribers

Creator Pro Membership – $29+ per month, or $25+ per month, billed annually.

  • Creator Membership features
  • Newsletter Referral System
  • Facebook Custom Audiences
  • Subscriber scoring
  • Advanced Reporting
  • 1000+ Subscribers

Please Note – A free trial for test driving is available for both the creator and creator pro plans.

Convertkit review

Any Up-Sales?

The program in and of itself does not contain any up-sales at all, however, as it is an ESP and only an ESP, some other features and tools will perhaps not be available with ConvertKit, and a third-party program will be needed to acquire them.


How To Make Money Online – Popular Options


What About a Money-Back Guarantee?

All of ConvertKit’s plans including the annual ones included have a 30 money-back guarantee, so no matter when or for how long you have signed up, within the first 30 days you can cancel and request a refund.


User Interface and Ease of Use

Signing up is simple and easy to do within seconds. The dashboard they use is straightforward with clearly marked tabs, which makes navigation a breeze and there are no flashing banners or bright colors that put a strain on a person’s eyes.

ConvertKit is a beginner-friendly program and learning how to use it is not an extremely tedious task as with other email marketing companies. Their forms are easily edited and they provide a good variety of templates to pick from.

Their user interface will be a blessing, especially if simplistic is your thing.

Convertkit review


What About Support?

Quite a few different forms of support are offered, such as email service, FAQ Pages, articles, help center, videos, guides, and so forth. With such a multitude of ways in which to find support, one is bound to find the support one is looking for.


Do They have Training and/or Tutorials?

Free courses and video tutorials are included with ConvertKit to help give members a basic understanding of the program and how it works.

Convertkit reviews


Can I Make Money with ConvertKit?

For such a simple question, the answer is anything but, so I will give my own. Yes, money can be made with the program, of course depending on whether or not you put in the time and effort to do so, and that is not even considering that the program by itself will do nothing for you as a website, social following, and so forth is needed for content. So in short, it is a possibility to make money with ConvertKit, but it will take hard work.


ConvertKit Review – Pros

Once you have found your footing with the tool, it is easy to use and simple to understand.

The landing page editor will allow you to create landing pages, whether you have a website or not.

The support provided is responsive, and help is usually provided to their members.

Another way of earning is added, as ConvertKit allows members to charge a subscription fee for their newsletters.

They offer a money-back guarantee on all of their plans, including annual, so if the program is not working for you, feel free to cancel and get a refund within the first 30 days.

A completely free membership with limited tools and features is offered by ConvertKit, thus giving you the chance to use and try the program properly free of any costs, allowing you to test and discover whether the program is worth investing money in or not.

Convertkit reviews



Other programs such as Aweber offer much the same or very similar tools and features, and at a lower cost than ConvertKit, and as such it is not the least expensive ESP out there.

Most of their templates are limited and text-based. They could use a bit of an update in this area of their program, like adding more choices, varieties, and so forth.

More basic reports such as click-through rates, unsubscribe rates, and so forth are offered, but not the more advanced reports such as geo-tagging, click maps, and so on.



If you are simplistic like me, then this will be the perfect platform for you. I hate clutter, and having to work with a dashboard that has too many things on it or in one place makes navigation a task all of its own and it can get annoying real fast. This is part of the reason I like ConvertKit, and it offers all the things needed for a basic email campaign setup.

I admit I do not spend a lot of time on email marketing as I am a blogger and website builder and as such spend my time creating content, thus not the time for email marketing campaigns or the need for a fancy email provider. However, if it is your plan to towards more in-depth email marketing campaigns, I rather advise finding another program/service provider that offers more tools and such, ConvertKit being a bit on the limited side when it comes to certain things such as forms and templates.

In summary, if you’re a beginner then ConvertKit with its simplistic navigation and layout is the perfect starting point, for it is a program that will give you similar results as others.


Thank you for visiting this page and taking the time to read the review, it is appreciated!  Your opinion matters, please be so kind as to leave a comment to help others make a more informed decision.


Aweber Review – Pros, Cons and Features

With this Aweber review, I will be covering all the basics of the platform to determine if it is worth the time and money. But first, allow me to give you a warm welcome and I do hope that you will leave with some added knowledge.

Do you use Aweber or used it in the past?  Please be so kind as to tell us about your experience in the comment section to refrain from making this a one-sided opinion. It would be much appreciated!

Aweber review




What is AWeber?

As an email marketing service, AWeber provides the features and tools needed to run a successful email marketing campaign. Everything from the tools needed to create email lists, newsletters, campaigns, and so forth, to auto-responders and so on. It is an all-in-one, one-stop, platform for email marketers.


Founder and Short History

Tom Kulzer, a software engineer, was the sole founder of AWeber back in 1998. He had discovered the lack of automated response software, and it had set him on a journey of building his own, which ultimately lead to him designing an automated web assistant that would eventually become AWeber. The program would be updated, changed, and so forth to keep up as the times changed, which is what lead to the platform we ultimately have today.


Aweber Pricing

AWeber provides 2 different plans to choose from, one being a basic plan that is completely free to join, allowing up to 500 subscribers, and offers access to all of AWeber’s features and tools.

The second plan offered is the Pro plan, the cost of it depends on how long you subscribe and how many subscribers you have, nonetheless, it offers access to all of AWeber’s features and tools.

Monthly Plan – $19.99 and upwards per month, the price increases, the more subscribers you have. ($19.99 – $149.99 per month)

Quarterly Plan (3 Months) – $16.33 and upwards per month, the price increases the more subscribers you have. ($16.33 – $146.33 per month, billed quarterly)

Annual Plan (Yearly) – $16.15 and upwards per month, the price increases the more subscribers you have. ($16.15 – $146.15 per month, billed annually)


Any Up-Sales?

For those who have more than 250 000 subscribers, special plans, with special pricing custom made, and though this is not an up-sale per se, it is worth mentioning. There are no other up-sales or costs.


What about a Money-Back Guarantee?

As AWeber already has a full free plan, they do not provide any money-back guarantees whatsoever, but they do however provide refunds on time not used, meaning when you cancel your plan, you will be refunded for the days you had left on your plan that will not be used.


Legit or a Scam?

There are many different reasons to believe and state AWeber as legitimate. The program is over 2 decades (20 years) old and has a multitude of users. With so many users, they also have quite a lot of success stories dating back over 20 years, a lot of them willing to speak for the program. Millions of dollars have been made and paid out by AWeber users.

Aweber review

What About Support?

AWeber has a support center that gives access to a multitude of ways in getting the support you need, as well as training and educational content that will teach you and help guide your way as you get to first experience the program. The support center includes the following:

  • Email
  • Live Chat
  • FAQ Pages
  • Live Webinars
  • AWeber YouTube Channel
  • Hire an Expert
  • AWeber Statistics
  • Contact us (Support)
  • Call
  • Knowledgebase (Educational and/or Support)
  • Webinars (Educational)
  • On-Demand Webinars
  • Certified Experts (Experts that do the work for you)
  • Video Tutorials (Educational and/or Support)
  • System Status (Stats and Info on AWeber itself)


List of Tools/Features

  • Automation
  • Builder
  • Email Deliverability
  • Integrations
  • Support Centre
  • Analytics
  • AWeber API
  • Customer Referral Program
  • Engagement tools (Engage more people)
  • Mobile Apps


How To Make Money Online – Popular Options

AWeber Review – Pros

A free plan that includes all tools and features is offered by AWeber, with no limit on time.

AWeber is a beginner-friendly program is it is simple to understand and easy to use.

A Multitude of templates, some designed by experts, others by AI, is available with AWeber.

A Multitude of ways to get support is offered, and if for some unfathomable reason you can’t get it, there is a support center that has videos, FAQ Pages, and so forth.

AWeber’s pricing is quite reasonable, and no, it’s not the cheapest, but considering what all you get, definitely fair.

AWeber has mobile apps that allow you to do things on the go.

AWeber is one of the first programs to have AMP for email.

Aweber reviews


Multiple segments cannot be included or excluded at once when sending an e-newsletter.

There are programs with better tools and cheaper plans available.

Despite the landing page builder is quite useful, a way to use Facebook Pixels and/or Google Analytics is not provided.

Some templates can be quite dated and do not work as well.

The RSS/Blog to email templates cannot be edited using the drag-and-drop editor, and they are not of the greatest quality.


What it Takes to Work Online and be Successful at it?


AWeber Review – Product Overview


The data which matters such as KPIs and so forth is provided by AWeber analytics. The data will give you insight into your marketing campaigns, allowing you to discover what is happening with your emails, and thus giving you the ability to adjust, repair, and create emails that will further your campaign and help it be more successful. The integrated split testing furthermore allows you to see what content would provide the best results.



Basic marketing automation tools such as auto-newsletter, auto-responder, automated tagging, and so forth are proved by AWeber, allowing for automation creation of nearly everything, which not only helps save time but will also help you be more successful. It also allows for more personalized communications, with directed campaigns and so forth.


AWeber API

AWeber API allows one to build one’s apps and integrations.



The AWeber builder consists of responsive email designs (Also Know As Responsive templates), drag-and-drop email creator, RSS/Blog to email functionality, and other tools that will help create stunning yet functional emails. You furthermore get access to smart design, an AI-powered template creator that automatically creates functional templates, and the AI-powered landing page builder to help build great-looking yet useful landing pages.

Aweber review


Customer Referral Program

AWeber’s affiliate program allows users to refer clients to AWeber with referral/affiliate links to earn commissions.


Email Deliverability

Tools that ensure emails go into the inbox rather than the spam folder.


Engagement Tools (Engage with more People)

Features and/or tools such as Concierge Migration Services (Migrate Lists from other programs), Targeting (Organizes lists with the use of categories and so forth), Sign-up forms, Quick Segmentation, and so forth that help better manage lists and subscribers.


Mobile Apps

Mobile apps including Curate (Create and send newsletters with the use of content from your blog or website), AWeber Atom (Create Sign-up Forms), and AWeber Stats (Reports and Statistics on your email campaigns), all of which help you to continue working on your mobile, thus on the go. It also enables you to check your campaigns where ever you are.



Third-party integrations that help you link other shops, programs, and so forth to your AWeber account, simplifying life and making success easier to reach.

Aweber review

Visit Aweber


Well, that is it for this review, thank you for visiting, and please do not forget to leave a comment if you have something to add.

Thank you and have yourself an awesome day!


Affilorama Review – Still Worth It?

With today’s post, we will have a look at Affilorama wherein we will determine whether or not the program is still worth the hype in 2022. Please keep in mind that this Affilorama review only covers the basics as a means to save time. Feel free to visit their website if you want to know more about all the features they offer.





What is Affilorama?

It is an affiliate training program that provides its users with blog posts, lessons, and so forth, all to teach individuals, beginner or experienced, about affiliate marketing, providing knowledge to help marketers build successful and profitable affiliate marketing businesses.


Who are the Founders?

Mark Ling and Simon Slade founded Affilorama back in 2006.


What Does It Cost?

Basic Training – Free to join.

Pathway to Passive – It will cost $37 to join.

AffiloTools – Multiple plans with the basic plan being free to join, the Bronze plan costing $17 per month, the silver plan costing $47 per month, and the Gold plan costing $97 per month. There is also a 30-day Premium plan trial that cost $1 to join.

AffiloJetpack – Will cost $997.


Are There Any Up-Sales?

Affilorama is a get what you’ve paid for program which means you choose a plan that suits you, pay for it and that is the end of it. The program has no upgrade to this, or buy that, promotions, and though a lot of people do consider AffiloJetpack and so on, up-sales, this is not the case, as these packages are tools in and of themselves and not part of the actual training program. They are not needed in the training and so forth.

Please note, that Affilorama does not include domains, and though domains are not considered an up-sale I still mention that you will have to purchase them separately.


Is There a Money-Back Guarantee?

The paid plans provided by Affilorama all have a 60-day money-back guarantee.


Legitimate or Scam?

Affilorama was founded back in 2006, giving them 15+ years of success and 15+ worth of users who have had success with the program. They provide lessons that work in our day and age, and the affiliate program does pay. It all leads to one conclusion, the program is legit.


User Interface

The training is well labeled and sorted, making it easy to navigate and easy to follow. As for the platform itself, it is simple to understand and easy to use.


What about Support?

Affilorama offers 24 hours support, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Support comes in different forms including, phones, email, and the ability to ask other members. There is also online support, such as articles that include a variety of topics.

As for the Affilorama forum, it contains a multitude of articles/forums that cover a wide range of topics, and chances are if you are looking for a specific piece of info, you will most likely find it there.

Note: The program has pretty much run its course and is not as busy as it use to be. To depend on members for help via the forum and such is not sufficient as one can wait for days to get answered.

Affilorama review

Affilorama Review – Pros

Affilorama provides training videos free of charge.

Some of the plans Affilorama provide includes 1-year free hosting.

All of the paid plans come with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

A private member forum is available.

Affilorama offers free membership for life.



Some of the content provided by Affilorama is outdated and no longer works with 2022’s features and tools.

Packages such as Pathway to Passive have to be purchased separately and these tools/features are not available in the basic plans.

When you start adding up all the premium plans, it can start to get a bit expensive.


In Summary

Great program if you want to learn the basic ins and outs for free and the paid plans include products/tools that are not half bad and will help set you on the right path. For me, the online community is not as active as would have liked it to be, but if you do not need the support and can follow the instructions yourself, then this program will do just fine in teaching you how to build a successful online business.  Keep in mind that there is no easy fix to making money online and that it is hard work to succeed.

What it Takes to Work Online and be Successful at it?


Any Other Options Around?

Wealthy Affiliate is similar to Affilorama and offers basically the same training with the only difference that they are more active and updated.


Affilorama Review – Features

Free Lessons

Introduction – An introduction to what Affiliate marketing is, what any affiliate marketer needs to get started, and lessons such as tips on approving productivity, or affiliate marketing for beginners.

Market Research – Lessons in researching marketing, with points such as choosing affiliate programs, keyword research, and so forth. Lesson topics included are, what your market wants and/or how to do keyword research.

Content creation – Everything related to creating great content with lessons on topics such as Writing Product Reviews and How to Record Affiliate Videos.

Site Building – Lessons on how to search for and find the perfect website builder and how to build a site. Topics that are included are as follows; SiteMaps, and Anatomy of a Web Page.

SEO – Classes on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and everything related to it. Topics that are included are as follows; Introduction to Affiliate Marketing SEO and What is Google PageRank.

PPC – Pay Per Click, also known as PPC, and everything related to the topic is discussed during these sessions. Lessons on how to make use of it, and so forth are also included along with topics such as Conversion Tracking, and what is PPC.

Affiliate Outsourcing – Training or lessons on how to downscale or eliminate work by outsourcing your massive workload. Lesson topics included are Top Tips for Hiring and Keeping Workers.

Pathway to Passive – A guide created to teach and help people in building successful websites that can earn a passive income.

Affilorama review



Search Marketing Tools – Tools/features that help users keep a better eye on their rankings, analyze and monitor backlinks, discover technical errors that harm rankings, keep track of search engine rankings, and so forth. It also allows individuals to find keywords that are the most important and reveals where attention must be paid.

Competition Analysis Tool – Use these tools to monitor any websites including that of your competition and as such you can keep a better eye on what progress they are making and whether or not they are catching up with you. It also allows you to see what methods they are using to catch up with you or what the backlink strength on your opponent’s website looks like.

Website Health Check Tool – Monitor your website’s health and make sure there are no problems and/or errors of any sort. The tool will notify you the moment an error/problem has been detected, once you login to AffifloTools, thus allowing you to ensure your website is always running at its best.

Graphs and Statistics will, furthermore also be provided to you by AffiloTools, revealing to you your website’s earnings, social activity, rankings, and so forth.

Affilorama review


AffiloJetpack is divided into 4 different components and provides you with everything need to build a perfect money-making system.

Component 1: 90+ Emails that have been designed by experts to help build trust between your clients and you, which in time will then lead to sales.

Component 2: 3 Free reports, also known as bait, are designed to entice potential customers into making the leap and becoming permanent customers.

Component 3: An Enticing yet stunning website created and hosted for you by AffiloJetpack, with the possibility of customizing it if you want.

Component 4: Content Cheat Sheet that provides you with hundreds of unique and top-quality articles.

Bonus: Traffic generating strategies to help you drive more traffic and make more sales.

Included within the AffiloJetpack plan:

  • 3x Free Reports
  • 20 Content Cheat Sheets
  • Easy Webdesign with WordPress
  • Topic choosing (18 easy profitable choices)
  • 75 Emails created by Experts
  • 3x EBook Graphics
  • 12 Months Hosting
  • Website Content Creating (Easy)

Affilorama review

Affilorama Blog

The blog consists of a multitude of lessons and articles regarding different topics but is mostly based on how to start a blog and make it successful.


Affiliate Glossary

A Large scale affiliate glossary consisting of all the things you might endure during your time working on affiliate sites including things such as Google Panda, Black Hat, and so much more.


Education Solutions

Education Solutions is perfect for classroom discussions or online courses. It can easily be scaled for multi-campus offerings or single classes, providing real-life working examples. Easy-to-follow video lessons are provided, as well as hands-on, practical learning to help develop skills for real life.

Affilorama review


Do you use Affilorama or Used it in the past?

Please be so kind as to tell us about your experience, it will help others to make a more informed decision.

Thank you!