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With this post, I would like to review the Chris Farrell Membership and pinpoint the features of the program to help you make an informed decision. I had specifically done this review based on my own online journey and how the membership got me started in an online world that seemed to be beyond difficult to master without proper guidance.

The world of affiliate and educational programs has grown exponentially over the years, making it more and more difficult to find one that suits ones needs for an affordable price. Every program has something unique to offer as well as features that are more or less the same as the rest of them, so with this in mind, let us start the review about the Chris Farrell Membership and see if it is the correct fit or not.

Chris Farrell membership

Chris Farrell Membership – Quick Overview



What is the Chris Farrell Membership?

The Chris Farrell Membership is a training program that teaches people how to navigate the internet marketing world and they also provide the tools needed to do so. It is basically an online school/educational program teaching people how internet marketing works and providing the ‘stationary’ needed to navigate the world.

Who are the Founder?

The program was named after its founder, Chris Farrell and he is also the one that does most of the training videos and so forth. Chris is one of the most respected internet marketers in the industry and his program was voted as the number one coaching program. He started online in 2008 without any experience and made an average of $200 a day after 6 months with $1000 days following soon after. In August 2010 he had made well over 1 million in sales and kept it up.

What Does it Cost?

The membership has 2 plans to choose from, with both offering the exact same thing, but each has a different price. Both of the plans include;

  • Exclusive Members-Only Tools
  • Create & Deploy Websites in Minutes
  • 10 Minutes to Success Training
  • How to Make Money Online Explained Simply
  • Dedicated Support
  • Access to Member’s Group
  • Training on Specific Skills (Facebook, WordPress, etc)
  • Traffic Course

The first plan costs $4.95 per week but has to be paid monthly which will cost you $37/month.

The second plan is an annual plan, with a price of $297 a year, saving you 33%.

You can, however, pay the $4.95 for a week/7 days if you would like to try it out or take a look around to see what they are offering for yourself.

Any Upsales?

There is only one up-sale when it comes to this program, and that is Chris Farrell’s Exclusive email swipe file which will cost an extra $47, once of payment. Keep in mind that it is not a must-have and one can choose not to buy the extra product.

Domains, hosting and so forth have to be purchased via a third party, as to have an up and running website. Chris will recommend tools and resources that he use himself like Aweber. Again, it is not a must to get everything, especially not as a newbie!

There is also the 4-week fast track program, where Chris will teach a group of people how to make money fast. The track is a 4-week course, but this program was closed at the time this review was written, so more info on it with the next updates.

Chris Farrell membership

Is there a Money Back Guarantee?

The program has a 30-day money-back guarantee for both of the plans, so if you are not satisfied or find something better, no worries, you can get your money back as long as it is within 30 days of payment.

Scam or Not?

This program is most definitely not a scam, and there are a few ways to prove this.

1. The program is older than 8 years with hundreds of members. Scams almost never last this long as people start seeing it for what it is, usually within the first year or 2 and they start losing members quite fast after that.

2. They have thousands of members, with thousands of testimonials from people who have had success with the program. Yes, testimonials can be fakes, but it is rather impossible to fake so many.

3. The training in itself is legit, proven by hundreds of success stories, including me, which means you, are paying for a working program.

Just because it takes work and time, does not make it a scam, it just means it is not a get quick rich kind of thing.

Keep in mind, it takes hard work, patience and a bit of time, but if you give it your all, it is quite possible to do the same.

What About Support?

The CFM does offer support, in 3 ways actually, to make sure that everyone can get the help that they need. The help/support one needs can be obtained in the following ways:

1. FAQ

There is a frequently asked questions page where questions that have been asked regularly are answered. So if you encounter a problem or need some info, check this page first, because someone else may have had the same problem or questions as you.

2. Online Community

The membership includes an online community where all of the members can go seek help, or provide it. Sadly, due to it being such an old program, the community itself is not very active.

3. Ticket Support

The ticket support system allows you to submit a ticket where you can list your problems or what it is you need and then they will reply with the answers/solutions, usually within 48 to 72 hours.

Chris Farrell membership

Chris Farrell Membership – Main Features

10 Minutes to Success

10 Minutes to success is a bunch of 10 minutes of videos with step by step training, about creating an online business.

Money Making labs

These consist of live videos with Chris Farrell on topics such as; Product creation, traffic generation, and even Business growth strategies.

I Love Traffic

I Love Traffic is where one learns techniques that can be and should be used to generate traffic for one’s website.

Understanding Facebook

Ascertain how Facebook works and then how to use that knowledge to generate more traffic for your website.

Video Made Easy

Learn how to make videos and how to promote them.

How to Make Money Online

A “how to make money online” course, to put it simply, someone who is currently making money online, shows you how to do so as well.

Lead Pages

This feature is basically a “how-to” for creating landing, mobile and sales pages with content on Lead Pages.


An online community of CFM members, discussing everything related to the program.

In addition, you will also get a bunch of (CFM) tools to help you along the way.

Chris Farrell membership

Chris Farrell Membership – Pros

The price is actually quite reasonable, especially considering what you are getting.

A lot of the content, features and even videos whether it is live or pre-recorded, is done by Chris Farrell, the guy who did it and created the program.

The training is helpful for beginners and even those who already have a bit of experience.

The program is highly rated and recommended, with some places even rating it the number one program.

They have a 30-day money-back guarantee for those who decide that the program is not for them.

Chris is an awesome teacher and likes to simplify the learning program to avoid information overload. Easy to follow his instructions and keep up.

Chris Farrell membership


The online community is rarely active and it can take quite a bit of time before you will be answered.

The membership-only includes the basics, the more advanced materials are up to you to discover and people who are already advanced in this field will not gain anything from the training.

Sometimes content will get a touch outdated and it might take a bit of time before they update.

Chris Farrell membership

How did the CF Membership Site Help Me?

Roundabout 2012, I had lost my job due to an accident that left me with no other choice than to look for an income online. Not as easy as many can relate and the failure rate is exceptionally high because there is quite a bit to learn before one can start earning a decent amount of money. I tried a few “scams” here and there but just ended up more confused and did not understand how affiliate marketing, email marketing, website development, blogging, SEO, to only name a few, fit together. Someone recommended that I join the Chris Farrell Membership and go from there. 8 Years on, I never regret joining and still look at his membership as a massive opportunity that was given to me. If not for his simplistic method of teaching, it would have taken me a long time to understand and implement.  So, I left after the training was complete and joined a membership site with more advanced training, especially in the direction of SEO as that was my biggest interest, but a huge part of my online success comes from having the right start with the CF membership site.


Last Word…

With such skill in teaching, I am a bit disappointed to see that the membership site is a bit on the old and outdated side and that no new videos and training were added in the last couple of years. Hopefully, we will see a new improved membership sometime in the future.  On the plus side, he still has one-on-one training every year and it is worth keeping an eye out for those, as it is a pleasure working with him when it comes to understanding the impossible.


Did you join the Chris Farrel Membership or joined in the past and have a success story? Please be so kind to tell us about your own experience and help as to not make it a one-sided opinion.

Thank You!

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