Clickbank University 2.0 Review 2020!

As one of the largest affiliate marketplaces for selling digital products, you can bet that Clickbank University 2.0 has become quite familiar to affiliate marketers. They have been a well-known platform by vendors and affiliate marketers alike for years now. They teach people how to create their own digital products and how to then sell them online, or to market the products of others.

After about 3 years of operation, Clickbank University upgraded to Clickbank University 2.0, which added some new tools and training for its users. They also added, with the new version new courses and so forth to help and teach people in the field of affiliate marketing.

Clickbank university features

Clickbank University – Quick Overview




It will cost you $47 per month to join the program and yes, I know the price might seem extreme, but if you consider the benefits of the product, it might just be worth your time.

Are There Any Upsales?

There is an additional upsale you can consider, however it is not a must. It costs $594, as a once of payment.

Clickbank University History

CBU, which is a training program for Clickbank, was founded in 1998 by Tim and Eileen Barber. 3 Years later they had a complete remake, changing the company name to Clickbank University 2.0. Since then, they have won multiple awards, including being named one of the top affiliate networks in the United States. Furthermore, over 6 million people had joined them since then.

Do They Have a Money Back Guarantee?

You get a 30-day money-back guarantee, so if it does not work out, you do not waste money.

Scam or Not?

As for the rumors going about that CBU 2.0 is a complete scam, I can assure you that it is not. They have been around for years now with loads of people “bragging” about how they made money with CBU 2.0, and yes, they did change from Clickbank University to Clickbank University 2.0, but that is just because of the large changes and huge updates they made that year. Like a fresh and way better start.

What About Support?

They have a good support network, including webinars, online communities and a support center, which you can contact for help. There is room for improvement, but I would say they are doing a good job already.

Clickbank University – Features

The latest tools and training that they added, includes the tools needed to create your own personal digital products, and the training to then promote and sell the products that you have created.

Do keep in mind that their main focus is on creating your own products and promoting that. They do have an affiliate program; however, it is not as great as that of other programs.

To give you a quick look at what it is Clickbank University 2.0 includes, here is a list. Keep in mind it does not include every single thing:

  • The exclusive ClickBank University Community.
  • Access to other members to ask or answer questions and so forth.
  • Specially curated add-on training
  • Training on targeting specific areas in marketing.
  • Live events for a fraction of the price.
  • Ability to attend Clickbank University’s private events.
  • Massive discounts on ClickBank’s favorite tools.
  • Bi-weekly expert classes.
  • Learn from others who became successful before you.
  • CBU toolkit.
  • The tools needed to get the job done.
  • Traffic center.
  • Training videos about creating unlimited traffic.
  • 8-Week affiliate training.
  • A course taught by Adam Horwitz himself about becoming an affiliate.
  • 12-Week vendor class.
  • A course that is given by Justin Atlan on creating your own products.

clickbank university review

Clickbank University – Pros

If you do decide that the product is not for you, do not worry about losing your money since CBU 2.0 has a 30-day money-back guarantee.

The CBU YouTube channel has quite a lot of videos that contain useful information. The videos are in great quality, providing you the insight into online marketing and telling you how things work.

CBU also has weeks of lessons that are a mix of face to face and over the shoulder videos, giving you a great chance at learning.

ClickBank created ClickBank Builder 2.0. Meaning you can customize your ClickBank offers very easily without having to go through the hassles of finding another program to do it with.

Those of you that already know-how, can make use of the Active ClickBank Community to help others and answer questions that they might have.

CBU 2.0 includes a very thorough curriculum, whether it is the 8 week or 12-week course.

The CBU 2.0 training differs quite a bit from other money systems that I have reviewed since their training focuses more on creating products than anything else.

The weekly Questions and Answers webinar now allows you to get the answers to your unanswered questions and, moreover, allows you to help others do the same.

clickbank university review


Since CBU does not have regular updates, the information they provide can become quite limited and even outdated.

Since other programs do not work with CBU 2.0, beginners will have to purchase the ClickBank Builder seeing as the training focuses on it a lot.

After joining, you will only have limited access to the video content, seeing as you only get access to a few at a time to watch. This rule complies with vendor and affiliate training, making it quite a hassle since one wants to do the work without having to wait on others.

The lessons include only paid traffic such as Facebook Ads and Instagram Influence Marketing. Free traffic such as search engine optimization (SEO) is not included at all.

It can cost you+-$1000 per year if you count up all the small individual payments that have to be made. This can be a bit expensive, considering that success is not guaranteed at a specific time at all.

Moving your website somewhere else will be quite the hassle since their builder is a special one, meaning that when you do move it, it will come out looking like a hot mess that needs to be fixed. Do not get me wrong, it can be done, however, be prepared for the work that comes with moving your site.


CBU is a good choice if you want to sell your own products or services. The training for Vendors is good quality and spot on. If you have a product(s) that you want to sell at Clickbank, this training will be perfect. The affiliate training, however, is not the best there is and I personally will not purchase the product just for that reason. I feel that affiliate marketing has more aspects to cover than what they offer. To sum it up; if you want to become a successful vendor, this is something that will definitely help. If you want to be a successful affiliate marketer, I suggest looking at something a bit more advanced.


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