ClickFunnels Review – Worth the Hype?

ClickFunnels has joined the world of Leading Page builders, and even claims a spot at the top, or does it? With this ClickFunnels review, we will cover everything that they have to offer, their prices, the Pros, and the cons, giving you the knowledge needed to make informed decisions, before purchasing.

Keep in mind that this is a review, and to save time, which is limited and valuable, I will not be covering the features or tools in detail, as all of this information is available on their website. If you clicked on this review looking only for my opinion, then feel free to scroll down to the bottom of the page where it is located.

If you are using the program or have used it in the past, please be kind and leave a comment below to share your opinions and experiences with the program to keep it from being so one-sided, thus helping others make better-informed decisions. It would be appreciated!

Clickfunnels reviews



What is ClickFunnels?

Sales funnels are the process of leading potential clients to your products and/or services using step-by-step processes such as articles, automated emails, landing pages, and so on, all in the effort of generating more customers, thus getting more sales.

Now as for what ClickFunnels is, it is a program that provides all the features/tools needed to create your landing pages, sales funnels, membership sites, webinars, and so forth, and it allows you to do so, without needing multiple degrees and Ph.D.’s in technology.

In summary, ClickFunnels was created to be a program that helps entrepreneurs and business owners design sales funnels and so forth, allowing them to better promote services and products, thus getting more sales.


Founders and History

Todd Dickerson and Russell Brunson co-founded ClickFunnels back in 2014. It was founded as a software program able to assist people and provided the needed tools to design sales funnels.


What do They have to Offer and What does it Cost?

There are two plans to choose from when it comes to ClickFunnels, the basic plan, and the premium. As for what you will get and their prices, let’s look:

Basic – $97 per month, taxes may be applicable.

  • 100 Pages
  • 3 Payment Getaways
  • FunnelFlix
  • 1 User
  • 20 Funnels
  • 3 Domains
  • Email Support

Premium – $297 per month, taxes may be applicable.

  • 9 Domains
  • Follow-Up Funnels
  • Funnel Hacker Forum
  • Unlimited Pages
  • Unlimited Funnels
  • 3 Users
  • 9 Payment Getaways
  • FunnelFlix
  • Live Chat
  • Email Support
  • Virtual Hackathons

Subscribing to their annual plans will save you money in the long run.

The clickfunnels review

Any Up-Sales?

ClickFunnels has advanced training that is offered separately at the price of $47, a once-off payment.

There are other services not offered by ClickFunnels that will have to be obtained via third-party program subscriptions, which will have to be paid for separately.

After subscribing you will also get access to the products and services that ClickFunnels sells on its website each coming with a price of its own.


How To Make Money Online – Popular Options

What About Support?

Support from ClickFunnels is offered in a multitude of ways, from online chats, Blogs, Email Support, and FAQ Pages, to a Facebook group and everything in between. If you require help, there are plentiful ways of getting it. The most popular ways are the Facebook group and the Chat support as they provide help the fastest, but don’t forget about the FAQ Pages as your question might already be there and answered.

The clickfunnels review

What About a Money-Back Guarantee?

ClickFunnels offers no money-back guarantee, but they do have a 14-day trial. If you cancel your subscription before 1 year has passed since sign-up, then you will receive credits to spend on other ClickFunnels services or products, but otherwise, there is no refund. There might also be a cancelation fee depending on the circumstances of the cancelation.


Legit or Scam?

ClickFunnels is not a scam, and most definitely legit. They have more than 5 years of services and quite a great amount of clients, not to mention people who have been or are still currently successful with them. Yes, the program might have a bug or two, but otherwise, completely legit.


User Interface

The platform’s user interface is complicated and not beginner-friendly; therefore, I am not particularly impressed with it. The page builder in my experience was found to be on the slow side, and the drag-and-drop was not as easy as it is on other platforms. There is most definitely a learning curve to the platform, but once you get the hang of it, smooth sailing from thereon.

Click funnels reviews

Do They have Training and/or Tutorials?

ClickFunnels provides guides, forums, tutorials, and so on, as a way of helping their clients understand the program and the tools/features that come with it. A training program known as Funnel Flix, which provides training and courses, is also available but purchased separately during sign-up.


Can I make Money with ClickFunnels?

Using funnels to make money is becoming a more and more popular thing these days, and it is a legitimate way of generating more sales, therefore, a way of making money, but as with any internet marketing program, time, patience, and hard work will be needed to be successful. So in summary, yes, it is possible to make money with the program.


Who is the Program Intended For?

Simply put, any business with an online presence interested in using funnels as a way of generating more sales, thus making more money, can use the program as long as they are willing to learn how to use funnels and the program, not to mention put in the work.

Clickfunnels a scam

ClickFunnels Review – Pros

Steven and Russell are great teachers who know how to get information across to their audiences, and how to keep them involved. CF training is above average.

You can create a professional affiliate program with the ClickFunnels Premium Plan.

Funnel Templates are provided by ClickFunnels, which is great for those amongst us who have never created one before as it gives them a great place to start.

The drag-and-drop editor makes navigation easier and makes it much simpler to use.

They provide a multitude of elements and widgets to use.

The first domain name is completely free.

ClickFunnels has 2 massive online communities in the form of 2 Facebook Groups, one of which is for affiliates and the other for all members.

ClickFunnels can be easily integrated with most email and payment providers.

Clickfunnels a scam


The ClickFunnels affiliate program cannot be joined by anyone at any time. Yes, any affiliate can promote their basic products such as Dotcom Secrets, but the rest of it, such as the program itself, can only be promoted by those who have made more than $1000 advertising their basic products, not to mention that you have to not only join but complete the ClickFunnels affiliate boot camp training course.

The basic plan limits the number of visitors and funnels you can have.

The huge training curve that ClickFunnels has can be very intimidating to a lot of people.

Considering that programs such as LeadPages offers similar tools and features at a lower cost, ClickFunnels can be considered pricey.

The split testing offered is rather basic.

Clickfunnels review


To be honest, I expected ClickFunnels to be this beyond awesome product, considering that it’s been blown up all over with advertising and affiliates going nuts over it like it’s the next big thing only second to ice cream, so I am a rather bit disappointed and for a few reasons.

I never found a design style that I liked. A lot, if not most of the web pages are cheap looking, flashy, and just overall intimidating. I prefer going for landing pages that are classier professional-looking, and just have more of an upmarket look and feel. Marketing like this has been used for ages, by millions of people and it’s nothing new. So yeah, when people land on a page that looks cheap and flashy, their BS rather is immediately turned on, and they become wary. If you plan on thriving in this industry, you best build a classy-looking page that screams “I am a professional”, rather than a flashy thing that screams “buy my scams”. In summary, I had a hard time building a page that satisfied me.

They have no free option, and though they do offer a trial, you have to submit credit card details upon subscribing, which is as good as buying it. These days, there are way too many scams around, which makes people wary of just blindly giving out credit card details, because, well you might decide that the program just isn’t for you, but then it gets deducted anyway, right? If the program is truly that great, then just offer a free version or a free trial without the need for details, and the program will sell itself. People wouldn’t hesitate to upgrade once they see the value in it.


I do not recommend this program for newbies, it is better suited for someone who already has an established business/product, and just needs a way of marketing it better. The program is also expensive, and knowledge is needed to make it work, therefore, again, not beginner-friendly. I’d give the program a rating of 8/10, as it is an excellent program, not to mention Brunson is an expert who knows what he is doing, and the books plus training, all support the program 100%.

Well, this is it, for now, thank you for visiting, and please do not be shy to share your opinion as this will help others to make a more informed decision.

Thank You and Have Yourself an Awesome Day!




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