Dreamhost Review

DreamHost is one of the most popular web-hosting providers with quite a few awards to brag about. Question is, is it worth the price and how does their service stag up against others in an ever-growing competitive market?  With this review, we will have a look at the service they offer, pros and cons and see if it is worth signing up.

Dreamhost hosting review

DreamHost – Quick Overview



What is Dreamhost?

Dreamhost is a hosting company offering hosting services such as reseller hosting, shared hosting and more. They have different plans for the different types of hosting and they are in cahoots with WordPress (website builder) making everything so much easier, as one will not need to sign up with multiple programs, instead everything is in one place.

Short History

Dreamhost was co-founded in 1996 by Josh Jones, Sage Weil, Michael Rodriguez, and Dallas Kashuba. They were college students at the time and the program was registered in 1997 as a hosting company offering only shared hosting, but since they have added quite a few new plans and features, including more hosting services, WordPress (Website Builder), marketing tools and so much more. They have also acquired a few other companies since then.

Any Upsales?

Other than the monthly payments for the plans you choose, there will be no extra charges. One only makes payments on chosen plans, and I say plans because one might need to take more than one depending on what it is you are looking for. If you use their site builder you will have to pay for that and the hosting, but if you only need hosting, then hosting is the only payment needed.

Is There a Money-Back Guarantee?

All of their plans have money-back guarantees, but the time period differs for some of them, for example, the shared hosting has a 97-day money-back guarantee, whereas the other plans have 30 days or 40-day money-back guarantees.

Please Note: Make sure of the time period when choosing a plan, just in case.

What About Support?

Dreamhost has online forums, FAQ pages, social media pages, email support, call support and more. One is sure to find help with Dreamhost as they do not only offer a multitude of ways to get support, but the support offered is actually very good. Dreamhost is a very large company with over 200 employees, all to make sure that their clients are helped when it is needed. To put it in short, their support is great.

Dreamhost hosting review

DreamHost – Features and Prices

Dreamhost offers a multitude of services, from hosting to website builders, so here are their products along with an overview of each and prices.

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is a service where a number of clients from a company share a single server, which can have its benefits, but also its limitations. Shared hosting is much cheaper than other hosting services, as clients share the server and thus the costs as well however, there are a few limitations. With shared hosting, one cannot change the server at all, you use it as you get it and most importantly, if someone on the server has a website that pulls a lot of traffic, then the websites of the other clients will become sluggish and slow as the larger website will pull and use most of the resources. Shared hosting is thus ideal for small websites or for beginners.

Please note, that sharing a server does not mean sharing information such as personal/private info and that Dreamhost makes it a point to make sure that website sharing a server does not affect one another. If a website becomes too large or popular, the site will be moved to another server, or the client will be asked to upgrade.


Monthly plans: $4.95 to $10.95 per month.

1 Year plan: $3.95 to $6.95 per month.

3 Year plan: $2.59 to $5.95 per month.

VPS hosting

VPS hosting, otherwise known as Virtual Private Servers or Virtual Server is a hosting solution that is more constant and more reliable, as resources are directed towards a single individual, which means no sharing at all. VPS hosting also gives you the ability to have as many domain names as you want.

Keep in mind that VPS does not give you root access to the server and they only use Linux operating systems, not Windows.


Monthly Plans: $15.00 to $120.00 per month.

1 Year Plan: $13.75 to $110.00 per month.

3 Year Plan: $10.00 to $80.00 per month.

Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated servers are the perfect option if you want a server all to yourself and the capability to modify and design it with complete root access. The MySQL server is on the same server which allows for faster access which is another benefit of these hosting servers. Dedicated hosting is perfect for very large websites, or if you have app or programs that pull a lot of resources.

Keep in mind that if errors were to occur, as a result of modification to the server, then Dreamhost will not be able to assist.


Monthly Plans: $169 to $299 per month.

Yearly Plans: $149 to $279 per month.

Other plans are also available; however one has to contact Dreamhost regarding prices.

Cloud Hosting


With DreamCompute you can design your server to fit your needs, without any limitations. The servers are not limited to Linux, but allow Windows and even BSD. One will also have full root access, which gives you full control of the servers. The servers will also scale with you, grow as you grow and when the time comes, they will even help you migrate to a private cloud.

Cost: you are billed monthly, with the price depending on what you used. Like a water bill, pay for what you use, once you have used it.


DreamObjects is a cloud hosting service that allows you to store or gain access to all sorts of data, websites, apps and so much more. To putt it simply, DreamObjects is like a glorified external hard drive, which is online and on a server.

Cost: you can try it free for 30 days, where after you will be charged on a monthly basis with the price depending on what you had used that month.

Dreamhost reviews

WordPress Hosting

WordPress is the best website builder in my opinion, so it is no surprise that Dreamhost has decided to use them and so has many others such as Bluehost. WordPress in itself is an amazing website builder that allows you to not only build a website but eCommerce stores, a blog and so much more. The only problem, it is a builder, not a hosting company, but that is where Dreamhost comes into play. By using WordPress through Dreamhost, you can build an amazing website and then host it, without having to become a member of different companies. With Dreamhost’s WordPress hosting, everything you need is in a single place.

Shared WordPress Hosting Cost:

Monthly Plans: $4.95 to $10.95 per month.

1 Year Plans: $3.95 to $6.95 per month.

3 Year Plans: $2.59 to $5.95 per month.

Keep in mind shared hosting is shared hosting, no matter the site builder or the company.

Managed WordPress Hosting Cost:

Monthly Plans: $19.95 to $79.95 per month.

Yearly Plans: $16.95 to $71.95 per month.

Some plans include Jetpack Professional, an amazing WordPress plug-in.

Woocommerce Cost:

Monthly Plans: $19.95 to $79.95 per month.

Yearly Plans: $16.95 to $71.95 per month.

Woocommerce is the WordPress version of an eCommerce program, hosted by Dreamhost. It is used to build online stores for digital and physical products/services.

Dreamhost reviews

Website Builders

Dreamhost offers 2 different website builders, the first is WordPress which we all know and the second is the Dreamhost Website Builder.

WordPress Website Builder

Everyone in the online world knows WordPress and if you don’t, there are only a few words to describe it, the world’s leading website builder. With Dreamhost, you get WordPress and a few extra gadgets/features.

Cost: $2.59 to $16.95 per month, hosting included.

Dreamhost Website Builder

The Dreamhost website builder is not as much a builder as a done for you service. With this handy feature, you choose a template, send them the content, and they will build the website for you, it is as simple as that. They do simple websites, eCommerce site and so much more.

Cost: Consultation free, and the price of the website/store will depend on everything you need and so forth, but prices can range from $299 and up.

Domain Names

The domain name you choose for your website is very important, if not the most important part of building a website, so it is only natural that Dreamhost has domain name services. Yes, that is correct; you can buy/rent your domain name through Dreamhost or move an existing one to them. They have a very wide range from .com to .net and everything in-between.

Cost: will depend on the domain name you choose.

Dreamhost reviews

Email Hosting

Dreamhost also offers email hosting services such as G Suite and more. The prices can vary from $1.69 per user per month and up, with the price increasing for every user added.


Grow is a feature of Dreamhost where you learn everything there is to know about the services offered by Dreamhost. It is basically an online school for Dreamhost. Prices depends on the plan you choose and so forth.

Dreamhost reviews

DreamHost – Pros

Basically all of the Dreamhost plans have a money-back guarantee, some with 30-day guarantees and others with 97-day guarantees.

They offer 24/7 support, and the support a great.

Pages hosted on Dreamhost have above average loading times.

Dreamhost is an eco-friendly, as they are a carbon-neutral company, purchasing carbon off-sets to rid the air of carbon.

WordPress and the other apps/programs they offer have one-click easy installation.

Dreamhost has a wide spread of different types of hosting, catering to everyone’s needs.


Dreamhost does not have a cPanel, instead, they have their own customized streamlined panel. For some, this is not a problem, but for others, it is a letdown.

The Dreamhost WP platform does not support HTML, so those who have websites consisting of both will need 2 hosting plans.

Dreamhost reviews


Dreamhost was founded in 1996 and is relied on to power 1.5 million websites. The company exists for almost 20 years and their performance has not slipped during all this time. They have an above-average uptime and page-load speeds are not too shabby even if one has a page that is not optimized well.  The shared hosting plan comes with a website builder and WordPress and includes unlimited disk space and bandwidth. In addition, they received PCMag’s “Best Web Hosting Provider” award two times in a row.

The worst nightmare for any website owner is when a company unexpectantly closes down, sells the company to new owners that is not experienced or simply just slack as time goes on.  With DreamHost, the possibility of that happening is almost zero, thus one can build a website with peace of mind.

All their services have a beyond awesome price tag if one consider that they have almost zero downtime, everything that is included and the support structure given.

WordPress comes pre-installed and it only takes a few clicks to get going. Beyond perfect for those who are new to WP or have little knowledge about technical difficulties.

Like always, I recommend to start with one website and test the service yourself before you go “big scale”. If all fails, it is easier to move one site than it is to move 10. I personally had a hard time to find any cons with this hosting provider when testing the service and would thus recommend them without hesitance.


Do you use DreamHost or used it in the past?

Please be so kind as to tell us about your experience to help others make a more informed decision.

Thank You!




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