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GetResponse Review – The All Time Favorite

With this GetResponse review, I will cover all the basics of the program to determine if it is worth spending money on. They are one of the more popular email platforms around and it is used mainly as an auto-responder service, but they are better known for being an all-in-one platform when it comes to marketing services. Their email marketing service has always been top-notch, so how does the rest of their services compare? Well, let us find out.




What is GetResponse?

Mainly, the program is an email marketing service provider that offers tools needed in the creation of emails, email campaigns/lists, and so on. In other words, it is a hyped-up auto-responder, which includes a multitude of extra marketing tools to be used at your discretion. GetResponse offers more than most other auto-responder service providers, including:

  • Landing Pages
  • Webinars
  • Tools to run and manage paid ads
  • Auto-responder (Email Marketing Services)
  • Marketing Automation
  • Conversion Funnel

Getresponse review

Founder and Short History

Simon Grabowski founded GetResponse back in 1998 as a way of setting up an email list and a way of dripping content at preset times. Thus, using only $200, he created GetResponse, a program that would over time grow, becoming something much more as more tools and features were added, making the program better and better, allowing it to rise and become as successful as it is today.


Getresponse Pricing

Their pricing is beyond reasonable considering what one gets! In addition, they have a no-obligation trial to test out all their services before buying. Compared to other alternatives, GetResponse is still the cheaper option in my opinion because they offer a range of marketing tools that would otherwise be purchased separately. The landing page builder is not too shabby at all, and platforms that offer these like leadpages and Clickfunnels, cost quite a bit separately. 2 of my favorite, most needed tools for the price of one!


Any Up-Sales?

The program itself has no up-sales whatsoever. You get what you have paid for. They offer different plans, including custom ones, and those are the only monthly costs you will have from them. However, they offer a marketing toolkit, which is a 3rd party program/service, but the toolkit is not a must-have and comes at a discount for premium members.


What About A Money-Back Guarantee?

GetResponse offers a free trial, but not a money-back guarantee. The free trial can be used on any of the plans, except for the custom ones, and last up to 30 days, not to mention the free-for-life, very basic plan that you can join.


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Is The Program Legit?

GetResponse has been around for a lifetime, and to add to that, they have millions of successful clients, therefore, it is safe to conclude that the program is most definitely a legitimate one.


User Interface

The platform has a neat appearance and is easily navigated, with tabs, categories, and so forth. I am most fond of the quick actions portion, which is a list of your most popular performed tasks. The dashboard can also be easily customized, removing or adding widgets and so forth.

Email Marketing – A Drag-and-Drop editor allows for a large variety of email types to be created. It is completely user-friendly and easily learned and gotten used. The editing is simple and the templates are easy to use. Managing lists can be relatively easy, once you have gotten used to it. They have a multitude of templates for forms (Registration, Opt-In, and Opt-out), which are easily edited and managed.

In summary, the email marketing service and the rest of the tools/features are simple and easy to use once you’ve gotten accustomed to it. A Bit of a learning curve is involved as with most programs, and I have found that the landing page builder can be glitchy if used on Firefox.

Getresponse review


What about Technical Support?

The support offered by GetResponse is good, and it includes an online chatbox, made up of tons of people, quite a few of them being professionals who know what it is they are doing. This allows one to ask questions and get the answers within minutes. Other types of support are also offered including, live support from GetResponse employees. In summary, very reasonable support.


What About Tutorials?

GetResponse offers a wide range of articles covering each section/tool, including topics such as setting up your email marketing campaigns as well as managing your marketing automation and lists. They furthermore have the GetResponse academy, a very good and on-point academy that teaches people how to create lists and such.


GetResponse – Features that Stand Out For Me

Email Marketing – A bunch of tools and/or features to help design, create, manage, and automate emails and lists.

Conversion Funnel – Tools/features to create different kinds of funnels.

Landing Pages – Features and tools needed for creating landing pages and so forth.

Marketing Automation – The tools needed to automate as much of your marketing as possible.

Webinars – Video and webinar tools to help you interact with clients and audiences.

Paid Ads – Tools needed to create paid advertising.

List Building Program – GetResponse University, an online course to teach you everything about email marketing via GetResponse.

Website Builder – 2 Ways of building a website, DIY, or AI-assisted.

Market Place – GetResponse products to promote.

Mobile Apps – Mobile apps created by GetResponse, including the GetResponse app.

GetResponse Review – Pros

  • GetResponse offers a free 30-day trial, that will give you access to all of their tools/features, without the need to give up any payment details.
  • You get a significant discount when signing up for the 1 – 2 year plans.
  • GR comes with integrated CRM.
  • They offer a multitude of tools and features including some rather impressive ones such as their marketing automation.
  • Tools and/or features are mostly easy to understand and simple to use.
  • GetResponse not only offers a massive amount of functional and great-looking templates, but they also have blank ones that can be customized to suit your needs.
  • A list created with GetResponse is a trusted list! Your changes of your emails landing in the spam folder are almost zero.


  • There are no refund policies or money-back guarantees at all. Once you have paid, you will not be seeing that money again.
  • Canceling subscriptions can be a difficult quest to complete.
  • Importing lists from other servers can be a difficult task.


My Personal Opinion…

The GetResponse compliance team works extremely hard to ensure that emails and lists are of high quality, to keep their relevance scores high. This is of course understandable as one would not want for emails to be flagged as spam, but maybe they are working a little too hard on this, or at the very least, they could approach the situation differently.

Let me explain unless you have a great database, your list can go up in smoke rather quickly, and you cannot get it back. To put it simply, they have a no-bad list tolerance. Now obviously you do not want a bad list, but because of this, the platform is not 100% beginner-friendly, or for inexperienced email marketers. I just think members should be given enough time to export their lists, before shutting it down.

To sum it all up, unless you are 100% sure your database is good, then GetResponse is not for you. If you so much as violate a single term, your account gets shut down, with no means of exporting your list beforehand, thus losing all your contacts. If you do decide to use GetResponse, export your list on a frequent base as a means of backup!

The final verdict, it is not recommended for beginners at all but is a beyond awesome platform to work with, if you know what you are doing.

Do you use GetResponse or used it in the past? To refrain from making this a one-sided opinion, please be so kind as to tell us about your experience in the comment section. It would be much appreciated!

Well, that is it, for now, thank you for stopping by.

Have an Awesome Day!

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