Greenland Movie Review

Here we have another disaster movie by Gerard Butler and I must admit that I was beyond excited for it to hit the theater since I am a sucker for any type of disaster movie. Geostorm was an absolute flop so I was curious to see if Gerard could crack it this time around.


PG – 13

Genre – Action/Disaster

Release date – 18 December 2020 (U.S)

Director – Ric Roman Waugh

Produced by – Gerard Butler, Basil Iwanyk, Sébastien Raybaud,  Alan Siegel

Written by –  Chris Sparling

Running time – 119 minutes

Main Cast – Gerard Butler, Morena Baccarin, David Denman, Hope Davis, Roger Dale Floyd, Andrew Bachelor Scott Glenn, and Merrin Dungey.

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Note: This review contains spoilers!

Film Summary

Well, this is not going to be hard to summarize. Yes, folks, you guessed it! Another disaster film with the same storyline.  Mommy and daddy had split up, but wait, the earth is about to end and daddy is going to rescue the ex and his kid, take them to that secret place where only a few will be saved and then they are going to live happily ever after.

Okay, I will be serious now, I promise…

So, a comet is about to hit the earth, and bits and pieces are falling down causing havoc. Gerard Butler plays a determined father and family man who are trying to bring his kid and estranged wife with him to escape to Greenland. Greenland is the only place on the planet that will be safe from the comet strike. The film focuses mainly on the stupid mistakes the wife makes and how humans will act in this type of disaster towards each other.



For goodness sakes, I mean really!? How many times can you use the same storyline and get away with it? The guy that gets together with his ex to save his family from extinction and then a happy ending. Like, do these people actually have a fixed script for every disaster movie? How about you kill off all the main characters in the end and let the pets survive, anything at this point will be better than the same story over again with a different spin. Beyond predictable from the start with absolutely no suspicion as it does not take a genius to figure out how it will end.



From a logical standpoint, well it is, after all, a disaster film and logic will depend on how you would imagine it if a rock slams into the earth, okay a few rocks but nevertheless. They did a great job portraying reality; I can actually imagine that it will go down the way it does, with only certain people who will be chosen to survive. As for logic when it comes to the storyline, yeah, not so much, unless that woman is beyond stupid. (Could explain why they are separated in the first place)  First, she just has to blurt out that her kid is sick, which gets them kicked off the list, then she just goes wander off in the night, on the freeway in the middle of an apocalypse. I mean, really, if she left a note on the car, clearly, she expected him to be back, why not stay with the car until he comes back?


Acting Performance 

I personally think that Gerard Butler should stick with action movies, period. One of my favorite actors and disaster films is not doing it for him. After Geostorm he should’ve just stayed clear.  Overall the actors did not do a horrible job, yet not a suburb job eighter. With disaster, apocalyptic type of movies, emotion plays a huge role when it comes to capturing the audience. In many scenes, they did not practice the proper emotional response that a scenario would normally call for in real life. I mean, if a rock falls out of the sky in front of me, I would most likely be hysterical with fear written all over my face.  I feel that the acting was inconsistent.


Graphics and Attention to Detail

Not too shabby, but not beyond breathtaking realistic. One would expect better in this day and age with technology that has come a long way. Older films like 2012 have set a standard when it comes to disaster films and sadly, this one did not quite live up to the same standard.


My Rant…

Overall, this movie turned out much better than Geostorm, a disaster movie that was not a total disaster.  I was quite disappointed to see the same storyline, AGAIN with not much suspense. To sum it up, Greenland is the typical, predictable “end of the world” scenario that can be seen in many other films as well. Always the lead characters that reach the “safe area” and survive.

The film has a slow pace unlike other disaster movies and instead of plenty of destruction scenes, it focuses on the family and how people will react to the event.

If one is not into disaster type of films, this is actually an awesome movie that is well worth watching and entertaining. Even tho I was annoyed with the fact that the same plot got recycled again, it was not unbearable to watch. With most disaster films, I unusually end up, watching it a couple of times and make a point to own it on blu-ray to appreciate the CGI. Greenland, not so much.

For me, movies are a form of art. How you captivate your audience with emotional reaction, the message you convey, and the attention to detail, to only name a few. With Greenland, I feel like they tried to paint over the 2012 canvas and failed miserably instead of just painting their own story on a new canvas.


My personal rating

6/10 – Would’ve been 8/10 if they had a fresh, new storyline.


Did you watch Greenland?

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Thank You!


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