Internet Download Manager Review

Are you searching for the most efficient and cost-effective downloader? It is your lucky day as we will review Internet Download Manager and see if the program is really worth being at the top. We will have a look at the features, pricing and I will include my own user experience. Now, let’s get started…

IDM – Quick Overview




30 Day Trial Available

One-year license for 1 PC – $11.95

Lifetime license for 1 PC – $24.95

One-year license for 2 and more PCs – $9.95 for each PC

Lifetime license for 2 and more PCs – $19.92 for each PC

How Does It Work?

IDM is quite easy to install and manage with the following steps:

Download the program and Install it on your computer, then restart.  Once installed, open your browser/s and give permission for IDM to integrate, and then restart your browser/s.  You will now be able to download videos/files/audio and so forth.  A blue “download” button should appear next to the content which will enable you to choose from the file types available to download.

If you open the program on your computer, you will be presented with a multitude of other options like the Add URL, Resume, Delete, Grabber and Queues.  In addition, you will be able to fine-tune your settings, have access to “help files” and manage your registration.

What about the Free Trial Version?

IDM offers a 30-day trial to test the program. Most of the main features work in the trial version and you will be able to download directly from a page as soon as the “download” bar appears.  After 30-days the program will stop working and you will need to purchase the full version.

How Stable/Safe is the Program?

I have been using IDM for more than 5 years and I can honestly say that the program has never caused any problems on my computer. It uses little CPU power when running in the background and barely uses up RAM.  It furthermore, does not interfere with the performance of the browsers.

Please Note!  Only download IDM from their own Website to avoid scams or a program that is unstable.

What About Support?

On the IDM website, they have articles that explain the workings of the program; these can also be found when you open the program on your computer.  They moreover, have a “support web form” that you can fill out if you cannot manage to solve a problem by other means.  I would say the support is standard and not above average, but then again, never had problems with it, not to the extent where I needed expert help.

Any Upsales or Advertisements?

The program has no up-sales whatsoever and there are no advertisements linked to the download bar or program.

Internet download manager review

Internet Download Manager – Key Features

Easy downloading with just one click – When you click on the download link in your browser, Internet Download Manager will take over the download and accelerate it.  IDM supports FTP, HTTP, HTTPS and MMS protocols.

IDM supports all the popular browsers that include IE, AOL, Netscape, Chrome, Mozilla, UCBrowser and many others. It can also be integrated into any Internet application to take over downloads by using the “Advanced Browser Integration” feature.

The program is multilingual and can be translated into many languages that include Arabic, Bulgarian, Chinese, Dutch,  German, Hebrew, Italian, French, Japanese and Russian, to only name a few.

IDM can accelerate downloads by up to five times. Internet Download Manager segments downloaded files dynamically and reuse available connections.

Automatic Antivirus checking that makes downloads free from Trojans and viruses. It can also run a scanner on download completion.

The program has a “download all” feature that enables you to add all downloads that are linked to a current page.

IDM has a quick and easy installation wizard that will make the necessary setting changes for you and ensure a trouble-free installation.

Advanced browser integration, when enabled can be used to catch any download from any application.

Internet download manager review

IDM can connect to the internet at a set time and download the files you want, shut down your PC when it is done or disconnect with the Built-In Scheduler. You can also synchronize changes by using “periodic synchronization” of files.

Updates are quick and normally once a week or so.  Always be sure to update the program to have it run smoothly.

IDM will resume an unfinished download from the place where it was left off. The error recovery and resume capability will then restart interrupted or broken downloads that was caused by network problems, dropped connections or computer shutdowns.

You can Drag and Drop links to Internet Download Manager and also drag and drop downloaded files out of IDM.

The program supports many types of proxy servers, for example, FTP proxy servers and Microsoft ISA to only mention a few.

Access to questions/answers and “How To” files that will allow you to use the program with ease.

Internet download manager review

Internet Download Manager – Pros

IDM is an award-winning program that is in the market for a long time. They also received many awards from various software sites.

Unlike many other downloader programs, IDM has a speedy download process with its built-in accelerator.  Short videos will download in a matter of seconds with a solid internet connection. (Obviously, it depends on your internet connection at home) Even with a poor connection, I found that download speeds were exceptional compared to other downloaders.

Software is safe and free of any viruses and without adware or spyware.  Be sure to download IDM at their official site! In addition, files will be automatically scanned to protect users from downloading harmful content.

The browser integration feature is beyond awesome and mostly the reason why I purchased IDM in the first place. It will detect whenever there is downloadable content like video, PDF, Audio and so forth. Basically, the blue “download” button will appear next to any type of file that can be downloaded.

Internet Download Manager has consistent updates to keep up with browsers, windows and to fix bugs.  Updates are easy to install by just clicking a few buttons.

The price is beyond reasonable for a program that does so much!

IDM supports more than 20 languages, unlike many other programs that only support English.

Internet download manager review


I had a hard time finding anything negative about the program and will only mention points that might be a problem for others.

Besides the Questions and Answers, and web-form there is no other method to solve a problem like an email, phone number or live chat.  Personally, I never encountered a problem and thus no need for more support.

The advanced features might require a bit of technical knowledge to master.

Firefox does not always integrate well with IDM; sometimes the download option will be available on YouTube but not Facebook.  This, however, has nothing to do with IDM, but rather interference when Firefox updates. Usually, once IDM updates, it works fine again. This does not happen often though.

Internet download manager review

Conclusion Drawn From Own Experience With IDM…

I have been using IDM for more than 5 years (could be way more) and cannot go without it.  Definitely the best download manager that is not only reliable but, beyond reasonably priced.

Videos on Facebook are always the “come and go” type and once your timeline refreshes, it is almost impossible to find them again.  In addition, there are not many download managers with the capability to download FB videos. With IDM’s download button, above/below each video, it is just a click and you have the video safely in your download folder to watch again later.   Facebook usually has quite a bit of content on the timeline that might include multiple videos. With other downloaders, I found that it will sometimes download the wrong video, with IDM, that is never the case.

Internet download manager review

YouTube is bliss with IDM and one usually has multiple file formats to choose from.  Personally, I like to listen to “music remixes” and most of them are like an hour to 2 hours long and takes way too long for them to load on a slow connection. I have found that IDM downloads the video faster than the actual load speed on YouTube.  A must-have for those who struggle with slow connections.

To sum it up:  Internet Download Manager is an impressive tool that allows you to download almost any type of file.  I would say it is under-priced for what it can do, taking into consideration that they do not add advertisement or have any upsales.


Just because you can download any type of file, does not mean you should!  Lots of content has copyrights and it is considered stealing to download those without paying for it like music and movies.  There is also common courtesy and please consider the content creators that work hard to bring you awesome videos by liking/sharing/recommending or commenting on their stuff. It is also good manners to ask if you can download their video for personal use before doing so.


Do you use Internet Download Manager or used it in the past?

Please tell us about your experience with the program as to not make this a one-sided opinion.

Thank You!




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