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With today’s post, we will do an Internet Marketing Ninjas Review, a program designed for SEO and rank. As we all know, your rank, traffic, and so on, are quite important in the online world, because, without them, your site will most definitely fail. Now there are quite a few similar programs out there, and it can be hard to find the one that offers exactly what you need, in a price range you can afford. So let’s take a look at IMN, and what it is that they have to offer, so you can decide if the program is for you or not.




What is Internet Marketing Ninjas?

There are a lot of ways to describe what exactly Internet Marketing Ninjas is, including that it is a top link-building site; (a site that is used to create and build links), to get more visitors, subscribers, and so forth, on one’s website. It is also described as a popular SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tool; which is a tool used to direct more traffic to a website, usually unpaid traffic.

There are more ways, that people have described the program, and with so many, it’s hard to put a label on it, but in my experience, the best way to describe the program, is by calling it a marketing program, which makes use of multiple internet marketing methods, by providing tools, used in such endowers, to pull more traffic to a site.

To put it simply, Internet Marketing Ninjas is a program, that provides tools/features such as Link Building, SEO, and so on, to be used as a way of getting more traffic to one’s website, thus making it more successful.

Internet marketing ninjas


Founders and History?

Internet Marketing Ninjas (IMN) was founded by Jim Boykin back in 1999, and he is the current CEO of the program. At first, it was just a basic SEO service, but over time it grew into something way more. They became one of the leading SEO Service providers out there, and over the years they added many other tools that assist in gaining traffic, such as link building, Content Creation, and so forth.


What Does It Cost and What Do They Have to Offer?

Free tools

IMN offers a bunch of Tools completely free of charge. They include:

  • SEO Tools, (Side-by-Side SEO Comparison, Image and Link Analyzer, and so on)
  • Social Tools, (such as Social Activity Tool, Facebook Privacy Checker, and so on)
  • Tools for Fun, (Phone Number Spelling Tool)
  • Webmaster Tools, (Domain WHOIS look-up Tools, Free Online Spell Check, and so forth)
  • Other Tools, (SEO Tools, Tools, PPC Tools, Webmaster Tools, Web Design Tools, Other Tools, and so forth)

Hire a Ninja – A form is submitted with relevant info, and a budget along with a quote will then be given. Pricing depends on what work needs to be done, the amount of content, services, and so on. It can cost anywhere from $ 5000 and up.  Yeah, pricy, I know! However, their services is no bad at all and if you are a big-time blogger or affiliate marketer, it can turn out to be a good investment as these guys know their stuff.

Note:  Do not invest in this as a newbie, these are meant for the pros who need tweaking and can afford to splash that money!


Any Up-Sales?

They do not have up-sales. Yes, they have different services, with different payments, but there are no hidden fees or tools that need to be purchased separately after you have already joined. It’s plain and simple, use the free tools, for free, buy Snippets+ and use those tools, or hire a Ninja and have them do it. There’s nothing more to it and nothing less.


What About A Money-Back Guarantee?

IMN does not have a money-back guarantee or any form of refund whatsoever.


Legit or a Scam?

To be honest, there is not a doubt in my mind that IMN, is completely legit, and not a scam. Let me explain why.

Not only is the company older than 20 years, but they have many clients who have had success with the program, not to mention the big companies out there that are using IMN themselves. IMN has also won several awards and has many accolades, and that is not even mentioning the industry recognition it get. So yes, I am comfortable saying they are legit.


Make Money Online – Importance of a Website


User Interface

Beyond easy to navigate the platform and even easier to use the tools. This is as simple as it gets, a small child will be able to use the platform. The tools themselves are easy to use as well, most are just the click of a few buttons.

Internet marketing ninjas reviews

What About Support?

Internet Marketing Ninjas has many ways of providing support to their clients, including FAQ pages, a Ticket system, Knowledgebase, Phone support, and email, not to mention various social media platforms with rather large communities. It is safe to say that if you encounter a problem, you will most definitely find a solution, one way or the other.


Internet Marketing Ninjas – Pros

  • They offer A LOT of free tools, that you can use to better your SEO and rank.
  • If you use their tools, to work on your SEO, rank, and so on, yourself, then you can get great results.
  • They have a lot of ebooks to guide and teach people about their tools, and the online world.


Hiring a ninja can be a bit expensive, with the lowest price being $5000.



Internet Marketing Ninjas has been the “go-to” site for many newbies over the years when it comes to providing website development and marketing tools. Beyond awesome service, taking into consideration how much these tools usually cost if purchased separately. This is a must for any beginner or even someone who just wants to save money.

The tools and services they provide actually work well without glitches and provide the correct data. The platform is easy to use and navigation is a breeze, making it 100% newbie-friendly.

Do you use Internet Marketing Ninjas or used it in the past?

Please be so kind as to tell us about your experience with the platform, it would be much appreciated.

Thank You, and Have Yourself and Awesome Day!

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