Market Samurai Review – Still Worth It In 2020?

Market Samurai is a keyword analysis tool for online marketers and bloggers. This is not an ordinary research tool as it offers a wide variety of SEO tools to help affiliate marketers build websites that do well in the search engines. To use Market Samurai you need to have a general understanding of internet marketing and building a website. The platform itself is relatively easy to use and you will only need basic skills. With so many tools out there offering more or less the same things, but each with their own unique features, it can be hard to find one that has everything you need. So, this is why research is important, and so as to not keep you any longer than necessary, let us begin with the Market Samurai review and overview.

Market samurai reviews

Market Samurai – Quick Overview



Who are the Founders?

Market Samurai was founded by a Noble Samurai team which included Eugene Ware, who is still CEO to this day, Dr. Anthony Fernando and 6 other team members.

What Does It Cost?

Market Samurai offers a free trial which people can use to see if the program is what they need and whether or not it is worth it, otherwise, it can be bought for the low price of $149. Yeah, I know what you are thinking, low price, yeah right, but keep in mind it is a once-off payment and you will have full access for life, which includes a bunch of tools that can be quite expensive if bought separately.

Any Upsales?

Market Samurai does not have any upsales, the only offers they have are the trial, which is free and the once of purchase of $149. That is it, nothing less and nothing more.

Is There a Money-Back Guarantee?

Not only do they offer a free trial version, but they also have a 30-day money-back guarantee so if you are still not impressed, you can get your money back.

Scam or Not?

They are most definitely legit, and the tools they offer are quite amazing.

What About Support?

Market Samurai offers support via a personalized email and they almost always respond within 48 hours. They furthermore have a blog where one can get loads of info whether one needs the help or not. They moreover have forums and such where frequently asked questions and so forth are answered and it is a great place to look for the info one needs without having to wait for a reply.

Market samurai reviews

Market Samurai – Features

SEO Competition Analysis

This tool allows you to analyze your competition within any niche one can think of. It basically allows you to ascertain what it is that makes your competitors flourish allowing you to adjust your site and take the lead.

Keyword Research

It doesn’t matter what niche you use, how nice your website looks and so forth. If your keywords are of poor quality and I say that in the sense of the keywords do not fit or they are not really the key ones, then your site will fail. Well, the purpose of Market Samurai is to be a keyword research program so it is no surprise that their main tool is a keyword research tool used to find the best keywords possible.


Use the Market Samurai Domain tool to find the perfect domain that not only fits your chosen niche but also gives you the best chances of high ranking and traffic.

The market samurai review


This tool will allow you to turn traffic to cash by creating instant affiliate which will be published directly to your site. How, you ask? Well, the tool works as follows. It will scour the web for any important info it can find, allowing you to create instant ads and so forth. It also allows you to compare with other affiliate networks such as Clickbank, Amazon and so forth.

Find Content

Finding content, never mind the right/perfect content for a site and such, can be quite the daunting task, but Market Samurai has a tool to help with that. Yip, the tool will actually help you find content that can then be used for your purposes as long as it is obtained legally.

Publish Content

This handy tool, allows you to write and publish content directly to your blog/site without any hassles. You can, moreover create a schedule for when you want content which has already been written to be published.


Market Samurai is not a training program, however, they do have a few articles/videos to help people understand their tools and how these tools work. They also help people to understand the basics of internet marketing, especially keyword related aspects of the online world.

The market samurai review


Backlinks are so important, which is why Market Samurai has a tool specially developed for the purpose of allowing you to create/build strong backlinks which will help get you better rankings.

Priority Email Support

A helpful support tool which allows you to get the support/help needed via personalized email, making sure your problems get solved.

Rank Tracker

It allows you to track where your site is ranking whether it is Google or Bing. Keeping an eye on ranking is important, because it allows you to ascertain whether or not your keywords and so forth are doing their jobs.

Noble Samurai

Noble Samurai is not as much a tool as it is a website there to help you find what you are looking for. Basically, it is a website where all of the Samurai products, articles, support and everything else is neatly listed for your convenience.


The Samurai Blog is a place where articles and so forth are published by the owners/employees of the Samurai franchise. These articles/blog posts contain information and so forth related to the program, its tools and its clients. It can be very helpful for multiple reason including; finding info or even help if it is needed.  I found that the Blog, however, is not updated on a regular basis and that some of the content is out-dated.

The market samurai review
Market Samurai – Pros

Using these tools cut the time usually spent doing all the research and so forth in half, if not more. With less time needed to complete this job, you get more time to spend on other things that are important.

All the tools provided cover an outstanding range of research area and not just the basics, but so much more.

Not only do they offer a free trial, but they only ask for a once of purchase, which means one payment and your done; no monthly or yearly fees.

It is a rather easy platform to use, with an easy interface to follow.

The market samurai review


Most of the data, aka search results, are collected from Bing, and personally I would prefer it if Google was the main focus as it is in my opinion the biggest and best search engine, currently.

The program has to be downloaded and installed which means that it will behave differently on each separate device as the size and so forth of the device being used will influence how it works.

The market samurai review
Let’s sum this up…

Market Samurai is a great “All in One” SEO tool that works effectively and cuts time. Not a complicated tool that takes too long to master and gets the job done without hassle. Nowadays it is hard to find marketing tools that do not require a monthly subscription, especially for those who have a tight budget. One can purchase Market Samurai once-off and have a reliable tool for a long time to come.  The perfect tool for newbies or those on a tight budget. For more experienced marketers, I would recommend adding an additional tool to fill in blanks.

Personally, I use Market Samurai combined with the Jaaxy Keyword tool and my SEO has never failed me once in the last 7 years. One tool will pick up data that the other has missed.



Have you used Market Samurai or other keyword research tools? Which one is the best in your opinion? Please leave a comment below to help others find the tool that works the best for them.





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