Now Lifestyle Review – Does It Really Work?

Now Lifestyle is a health and fitness program that not only allows you to get in shape but also enables you to make money while doing so. In this review, we will be discussing all the pros and cons of the program and see if this is something that might fancy you. Please note that this review is kept short, only focusing on personal experience. If you want to have more details regarding the program features, please visit the sales page.

Now Lifestyle – Quick Overview



Who Are The Founders?

Now Lifestyle was created by Joel Therien in 2017.

What Does It Cost?

There are 4 options to consider when it comes to Now Lifestyle memberships.

The Health and Wellness membership: $24.97 /month.

Business Automation and Auto-Responder: $24.97 /month.

Reseller Program: Also $24.97 /month.

All together $75, however, there are always promotions and whatnot going on, so be sure to check it out. As of this writing moment, there is one going on.

You can join for free and get limited access to test certain aspects of the program first.

Keep note that this does not include products like protein shakes and exercise equipment, that can also be purchased at Now LifeStyle. These products have their own separate prices.

Short History

Now Lifestyle, known as the 7 minute workout at the time of creation, was founded back in 2017. It was founded as a fitness program, but it soon became a very popular MLM program with thousands of members. They have paid over $30 million in commissions since then and continue to grow as time goes on.

Is There a Money Back Guarantee?

A 30-day money-back guarantee is provided just in case you decide that it is not for you. There is, moreover, the free part of the program, which helps a lot to.

Scam or Not?

Now Lifestyle is most definitely not a scam and it is easy to prove. Not only is the founder of Now lifestyle, successful and known marketer, but he is also the creator of Pure Leverage and GVO, two other, very successful projects of his that took the internet by storm. Furthermore, there are successful clients of the program out there who are more than willing to share their stories about the program and its reputation.

What About Support?

Not only are there plenty of videos to help you out, but they also have an email support system, an online community and a live chat to give support to anyone who needs it.

Now lifestyle review

Now Lifestyle – Features

Health and Wellness

  • Include the family with 5 free personal memberships.
  • Private and secure members’ area.
  • Custom workouts automatically generated.
  • All sex and age included video workout training.
  • Calorie and diet counter.
  • Health and Wellness live video education.
  • Live video workouts.
  • Access to the merchandise/nutrition product lines.
  • Ability to turn this into a business and cash in.
  • Customized Nutrition plan based on the foods that you like.
  • A daily meeting with CEO, Joel Therien, in order to keep up to date with the latest trends.
  • Live coaching calls to keep the family and you accountable and on track.
  • University grade education on not only nutrition but exercise as well.
  • Diet plans and coaching, customized to fit the needs of each family member.
  • Workout schedule/video collection customized for your body form and the goals you have set.

Now lifestyle review

Business Automation and Auto-Responder

  • Subscribers; create/build a list of buyers and so forth.
  • Multiple segregated mailing campaigns; setup up auto-responder campaigns, a separate one for each of the multiple businesses you would like to promote.
  • Video/text templates; make use of the video lead pages for the greatest conversions.
  • Mailing follow-up system; generate unlimited follow-up messages to be sent monthly, weekly or even daily. It is all automated for your convenience.
  • Lead capture system; ready to use high converting pages, all done for you.
  • Template builder; build your own templates, simple and easy.
  • No technical skills needed with the easy and simple Drag and Drop design tool.

Now Lifestyle review

Reseller Program

  • Collect up to 100% commissions and 90% residual commissions every month once you become a reseller.
  • The traffic Rolodex allows you to generate free and/or paid traffic.
  • Payouts are done consistently, meaning you get paid on time each month.
  • Lead capture systems, banners, marketing tools package, affiliate sites and/or sales pages, blog articles, email ad copy and funnel systems are all done for you.
  • Training from very successful individuals in the industry, done weekly and live.
  • Bring potential clients to the live calls and let the Now Lifestyle team do the selling for you, and as a bonus, whenever someone joins the live call, you get instant credit/commissions.
  • A complete marketing tools package is included.

Now Lifestyle reviews

Now Lifestyle – Pros

The exercises are explained in simple and easy terms, making it easier for everyone to understand. I like the simplicity that comes with this program. Home-based bodyweight exercises that anyone can complete. No need for a gym, only basic equipment that is required.

It might take some time, but eventually one will see results, and if hard work is put in, the results can be surprising.

An evergreen niche that is easy to promote and not that hard to get clients since fitness and health are popular all over the world.

Now Lifestyle has life chats, Facebook pages and so on, making it a very social environment and giving people the support they might need. It also allows for great tips and so forth.

A founder that is interested in his members! Joel makes an effort to communicate with his members on a regular basis and he is active on the social platforms.

The program is mobile friendly, so you can take it with you wherever you go.

No need to buy additional promotional and advertising material. It is all included.

Anyone can join. There are no restrictions and it is available in almost all countries.

They always have promotions and so on, meaning you can get it for a lower price if you were to join during a “special”.

Now lifestyle review


Now lifestyle has awesome products that actually work well. However, the company focuses more on recruitment rather than the movement of the product itself.

They only offer monthly memberships. There are no yearly or 6 month memberships.

This is an MLM, meaning, you will have to recruit members and help them on a daily basis to succeed.  Multi-level-marketing can be tricky if one does not have the time or extrovert personality to make it work.  It would’ve been nice if there was a recurring affiliate program for those who struggle with MLM’s.

Joel therien now lifestyle


This is NOT a “get rich quick” program. You will have to work hard if you want to earn a decent amount of cash. Now Lifestyle has the potential to sell, put together very well with a product that works in a popular niche. Joel Therien is not only an expert in fitness but also an outstanding marketer with years of experience.  He literally “practice what he preaches” as one can see that he is not only in great shape but also successful in business.  As for the fitness part; the exercises actually work and if you follow them daily, you will definitely end up in better shape.

I recommend the program, because not only can you earn money, but get in shape while doing it. Win-Win situation.


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