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Paying Social Media Jobs – Scam or Not?

With this paying social media jobs review, we are going to take a look at the product to find out if it is legit or not. This is not usually my type of “product” to review as the marketing presentation just flat-out screams run, run, run as fast as you can. However, quite a lot of people have purchased it and even more, are considering it, thus, I felt that it was needed to shake their product a bit and see what falls out.

Before we get to the review; if you joined PSMJ, please be kind as to tell us about your own experience as a means to help others to make a more informed decision.

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I rather not post the link, too dicey.


What are Paid Social Media Jobs?

PSMJ is an online marketplace where you can find freelance jobs in the social marketplace. These include stuff like; commenting on YouTube videos, managing social media accounts, tweeting, replying to comments on social media pages, and so forth. In addition, you get “training” on how to become successful at it.


What does it cost?

$27 once of payment


What About a Money-Back Guarantee?

You have 60 days to claim your money back from Clickbank


Normally I would run down the commonly asked questions in reviews, however, with this one I am just going straight for all the things that I find wrong with this.

First of all…

They recently changed the sales page a bit because too many people got sniff about their so-called Annie Jones or was it Kate? Who knows?

For those who are not up to speed, they used pictures from a stock image website to portray a person who apparently made tons of money just by using their training. Mrs Annie Jones or Something. In addition, their “breaking news” video was done by a Fiver freelancer, it was not an actual news bulletin. To make things worse, the wording was clearly done by someone who did not put much thought into representation. I mean, a woman called “Tash” working in bed, come on!



The “available in your country, act fast” popup. Seriously, this is not new anymore and usually links to scams period.

Paying social media jobs review


The jobs that are listed inside the platform can be found via a simple Google search for free. They provide links to popular freelancing sites like Guru, Freelancer, and Upwork that can also be joined for free. However, on closer inspection, I have found that all these are affiliate links, meaning, Annie or Kate or whoever receives a commission every time someone signs up to these sites. Nice, sell a product and then make commissions as well, and top it off with a bunch of upsells as well! To sum up, they charge you for stuff that is already free!


False or Unrealistic Claims


  • You can make over $700 per week, by helping businesses to manage their social accounts.
  • They will provide plenty of jobs to choose from.
  • Provide training on how to complete these jobs.
  • Anyone can do this without prior experience.


  • Very difficult to find jobs and if you do, it is not permanent.
  • They do not provide that many jobs; actually, they mostly provide links to places where you can find these jobs like Freelancer and Upwork, which is free to join anyhow so why not just skip the middle man?
  • Jobs like these do exist but you will need to be somewhat experienced. It is a competitive industry and some people do this for a living, however, it took months if not years to build up a reputable profile in social management. Businesses are not going to use your services without a good background. Sure you will find the odd job here and there but it will surely not pay $700 a week.
  • Job requirements will be impossible for you to complete as a newbie, as these tasks can be anything from getting 1000 to 5000 likes on a page or uploading 20+ videos to YouTube.
  • Freelancing is a competitive market! Those who are skilled and social media icons will snap up the jobs before you. To be able to compete, you will have to become skilled in your field. In this instance, you will have to build up a good social following on various platforms, invest in software/programs to make certain tasks easier, and so forth. So yeah, the chances of picking up a few jobs a week, in the beginning, are extremely slim, and making $700 without prior skill is almost impossible!


Real Ways to Make Money Online – Popular Options


Paying Social Media Jobs  –  Pros

You get training, not the best, but you do not walk away empty-handed.

You are covered with a 60-day money-back guarantee



Sales material is misleading and not all true.

Hidden upsells that lead to more questionable products.

The website was first “Paid social media jobs”, and then changed the name to “Paying social media jobs”. Scammy websites usually use this method after being burned the first time.


Let’s Sum This Up with My Own Experience…

If you are not skilled at social media management and have the resources, it is beyond hard to find a job! It is not my forte since I am more in the line of blogging, affiliate marketing, SEO, and so forth. So basically I am a newbie with knowledge in this apartment. I could not land jobs that would provide at least a minimum of $100 a week. In fact, in 4 weeks’ time, I could not land one job that would pay enough to justify the hours working on a task. Some of the tasks would take me weeks to complete for a measly $60 or so.

For a specialist in this field, they would be able to do this quite easily as they already have huge followings and the resources to complete these tasks in only a couple of hours or days. Sure, I can get to this level as well (Not interested), but it will take a lot of time, investment, and dedication to build up a proper profile and skill. If done part-time and with dedication, it would take approximately a year to do so.

If you are still interested in this type of work you can find jobs directly at:





A simple Google/YouTube search will also provide you with free resources to acquire proper updated training in this field.


Scam or Not?

Since you do get training materials as promised and some value for your money, I will not call it a flat-out scam. However, why the need to hide the owner’s identity and replace it with a fake persona if the product is legitimate? The sales page is completely hyped up with only “possibilities” and no actual real facts or results. Making money with social management is not as easy and thus many will struggle and most likely not make much if any at all. They sure come close to being a scam if it was not for the added earnings disclaimer.

Taking into consideration how much traffic and affiliates they have, one would think that they would better their product and add some real value to it. They have an actual shot at making good money, and selling a product with value, but still choose to push rubbish.


Thank you for visiting my website and taking the time to read this review.

Please remember to leave some feedback if time is on your side, it would be much appreciated!

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