Planet Zoo Review

Planet Zoo is the latest in games along with Planet Coaster and other tycoon games, that give people free ranch in creating an animal park/zoo. There has been quite the hype around the game as it is supposedly better than most tycoon games, with way more and better features. Well, let us see what this game is all about, and whether or not the hype is worth it.

Planet Zoo – Quick Overview



Available on Steam



Construction and Management Simulation

Age Restriction


Game Graphics (Blood, bodies, exedra)

The game does not include blood of any kind or human bodies, however, the animals in the game can die leaving bodies that will be taken away by zoo workers after a few seconds. If animals escape, they can attack people and kill them, but there is not a lot of graphics involved with this. Animals will also attack each other if placed incorrectly.

Does the game include foul speech, drugs, or weapons?

The game does not include weapons or drugs of any kind and foul speech is not present in the game itself at all.

Violence Rating

The game has a very low violence rating as the only violence present in the game is when animals fight after being placed incorrectly or if animals escape their enclosures and attack people in the zoo. Seeing as the game does not actually have visual graphics, weapons, foul speech, or even drugs, there is no point in giving it a high violence rating. This is why the game is suitable for younger children as well.

First or Third Person?

The game has two modes that one can play in, spectator mode and third person. Spectator mode is the mode you will be playing in the most as it is how most of the game plays out, whether you are building, looking around, or even just having fun. Third-person is when you select an animal or person and play the game from their perspective.

Parental Control

The game does not have parental control settings as it has a low violence rating and age restrictions, however, one can use the Steam settings to limit access and so forth, basically turning Steam into a parental control program.

Is it an Online or Offline Game?

At the time of this review, Planet Zoo is online, which means an internet connection is necessary to play the game, but there is talk of adding an offline mode in the near future, maybe even with its next update.


Planet Zoo and all of the extra/editions have to be purchased, as there are no free versions of the game available. The cost of the game can be anywhere from $44.99 and up depending on the packs, editions, and so forth. Where you buy it can also affect the price you pay for the game.

On What Consoles is the Game Available?

Planet Zoo is currently only available on Microsoft Windows, aka PC/Computer, with no plans to release on other platforms that the public knows of.

Planet zoo reviews

Planet Zoo PC Requirements

RAM: 16GB or more.

CPU: Intel i7-4770k/AMD Ryzen 5 1600 or better.

Graphics Card: AMD Radeon RX 580/NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 or better. (8GB+)

Storage Space: 16GB or more.

OS: Windows 10 only. (64bit)

Planet zoo reviews

Planet Zoo – Gameplay

Planet Zoo is a game that gives the player the capability to freely design, create, and the perfect zoo, or even one that is not so perfect. It really is all up to the player. With this game, players can do almost anything from creating massive enclosures to breeding habitats or even a fun wildlife park. The goal, well that is another story entirely. When in campaign mode, the goal is to build the perfect zoo, where all animals are happy, the zoo is making money instead of losing it, the animals thrive breeding and keeping the cycle going, all the while keeping protestors and so forth away from the park. You have to create and/or place buildings, shops and so forth, that will attract people and make you money. To put it in short, create the best self-sustaining zoo that makes money rather than losing it.

As for creative, well there you can literally do just what you want. Test out ideas for campaign mode, build zoos without limitations, bringing to life ideas and imaginations, whatever your heart desires.

Planet zoo reviews

Planet Zoo – Features

Planet Zoo has a wide range of animal species, from tigers to polar bears and even lions. With each new update more is added, even the occasional new animal species.

One has free creativity, meaning you can build literally anything you imagine, with terra-forming and rock placements along with plants and a whole list of other things.

Animals that are cared for correctly will breed producing baby animals that can be raised into adult ones.

There are already build structures one can place, or you can be creative and build your own using the many building tools and supplies.

The animals in the game will act like their real-life counterparts, for instance, wolves have pack mentality, and elephants will want to be in herds and so forth.

One can and must create different habitats and biomes to suit each animal’s needs, along with certain decorations and placements to keep them happy and healthy.

One can switch to client perspective, meaning you will see the zoo the way one of your customers does, in the first person.

Boat rides and safaris is a thing and you can set them up really easily.

If you have the imagination and time, you can literally create anything you want from an underground zoo to a wild safari or even a boat ride through the wild, it is all up to you.

The game also features different game modes including campaign and creative.

Planet zoo requirements


They have many different species of animals each from different biomes and so forth.

Animals have different needs, making each enclosure unique and specific, but also giving one many options when it comes to creativity.

The AI of the animals, make them act like their real-life counterparts, from breeding to feeding to general behavior. The even get scared of people and require shelters.

One has the option to go through the zoo in the first person, allowing one the experience of showing you what it would look like if you were really there.

There are safari jeeps and even boats that can be used to create unique experiences with the animals and their enclosures.

With so many tools and options, one has a lot of free reins when it comes to creating enclosures. If you want your tiger to live in a temple, just build a temple. Want a waterfall with zebras roaming around to go for it. Just make sure your enclosures are secure, wild animals chasing people might seem funny, but is not a great thing for a zoo.

Planet zoo requirements


There are quite a few species of animal that is not yet available in the game.

Animals tend to die rather fast if needs are not met.

Their breeding habits depend on the animal you bought or got, making it difficult to ensure that its species does not die out as one cannot control their fertility, and so forth, only influence it.

Planet zoo requirements

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