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Make Money Online

Real Ways to Make Money Online – Popular Options

Want to know a few methods that can be used to make money online, well; you have come to the right place because that is what this article is all about. Now keep in mind, that this list will only include the ways I have personally used or tested in my 12 years working online, and I know will work for certain, thus excluding:

Trading and/or Binary websites – With these you usually end up spending more than you make, seeing as it is more like gambling than earning.

Rewards Programs – Hey, hats off to you if you can spend an eternity earning $15, I would rather dedicate the time and effort to something reliable and more rewarding. These places, like Swagbucks, are great if you have absolutely nothing and want to earn something extra on the side, or perhaps even, to earn your start-up costs for a website or other means of earning online.

Most of these recommendations will be centered on Content creation, SEO, website development, and blogging, all skills that are very useful and easy to learn. There is so much free information available these days, you can easily learn and become an expert, and to be completely honest, you will have to read up on things like content, search engines, web code, advertising, and so on, to be able to earn money online, especially considering that this is what the internet is mostly made up off. Knowledge and experience do after all determine who will get the gig and/or preference.

Thinking this is some way to make money online quickly and easily? Sorry to be the one to have to point this out, but if it was this easy to make money then everyone would currently be sitting in the Maldives, with a laptop, earning the big bucks. Money is a difficult thing to earn, especially without some skill and effort, so if you came here thinking it is a way to earn $200 in 12 minutes, well, you might as well find the exit, cause this ain’t that. Feel free to learn more about What it takes to work online.

This article is intended for those struggling, looking for a better future, a way to earn an income to pay the bills, or those looking for a new skill to learn without having to spend every dime they have ever earned to do so.

Real ways make money online

1. Blogging for Cash

Well, considering I am mainly a blogger and have been earning a full income doing so for quite some time, not surprising it’s the first method I cover, and to spruce things up, you need only a small investment to get started or even no investment at all. It could be done right now, I could go create a free or cheap website, start driving traffic to it, and make my first sale before sunset. Easy right, well for me anyway, you would still need to learn and gain experience first. On the upside, you only have to learn a new skill once, and once you have, there is no limit to how much you can do or make.

To do this, you will have to learn an entirely new set of skills, not to mention failure along the road as you learn. It’s not a snap of your finger and you have a money situation, but rather a long-term financial solution that will take some time and effort.

Now is it a skill worth learning? Well, who doesn’t love having financial stability? As for what type of time frame you’re looking at? The insides and outs of blogging and everything connected can take more or less a year to learn if you have the proper training. Considering what it takes to get a degree and blogging makes me more than the average worker gets paid, and well, it’s an easy choice.

How does it work?

Pick your topic (Niche) – Go for broader topics, such as pets, finance, health, hobbies, and so on.

Create a blog – Now depending on how much money you want to spend, any top-rated website builder will do the trick. WordPress is the recommended and much preferred option.

Choose your way of making money – There are a few different ways one can earn, such as paid advertising, selling services/products, affiliate marketing (Act of selling products/services that belong to others, to earn commission), and so on.

Drive Traffic – Use SEO, social media, blogging communities, and so on, to get visitors to your site.

Options On Where to Start…

Affilorama – Loads of free training available if you have no money for investment. A bit outdated but if you are flat-broke, this is a good start.

Wealthy Affiliate – All-in-one platform that provides your websites, tools, support, and training.

Real ways make money online

2. Create Websites for Small Business Owners

A very lucrative business model, considering everything in this world is going online these days. Web designers can charge you a king’s ransom to build a site, not to mention a lot of small businesses don’t have a website or rather poorly constructed ones filled with errors. You can do better, and free/cheap website builders are plentiful.

It’s simple, use Google to find small businesses in your area, check out their websites to determine quality, and, whelp, you know what to do.

Now as with all things, some skill and knowledge will be required, but it’s up to you whether this is one you think is worth learning or not.


  • Showcase your work to potential clients by creating a few sample websites
  • Contact via email or phone is so yesterday. You will have better chances of going to the manager or owner personally.
  • Build the site for free. Ridiculous, I know, but require that they pay for the domain and hosting using your recommendation. (Affiliate Marketing!)
  • Handle it like it’s a business model. Get branded, be great, advertise, and you will have a venture with massive potential, created with little investment.


Looking for a website builder and hosting?

BlueHost, Hostinger, or DreamHost with WordPress – Cheapest and most reliable hosting companies.

3. Create A Website(s) that Provides Services

People need services in the online world, so create a website that provides them.


  • Membership site – Provide services, online courses, or whatever you want, and get people to join and become members. Creating membership sites is a bit more difficult, but if you have something educational or unique, then the effort will be worth it. Memberships can be anything from free to paid, to something in between.


  • A Directory – Create an index of jobs, services, and so on. Is there a directory that lists jobs and/or services in your town/city? No, or maybe it’s incomplete, well just start one. Social media makes driving traffic to these types of websites easy, and monetizing with advertising is simple.


  • Content provider – Website that is used to sell and/or give away content such as photos, ebooks, and so on.

WordPress is the easiest to use and the best choice as it is simple to use, and eventually, it will work out better, especially if you want to switch hosting providers or if your site expands.

In my personal opinion, BlueHost + WordPress works out to be the best choice.

Make money using website


4. Make Money Online with EBooks

With this option, there are 2 ways to go, and well, I made my first $10 online, when I gave away a free eBook.

1. Sell an eBook that you wrote online. Are you a good writer? Well, put it to use. A great method of making money online with eBooks, if you can write and have a good topic is to write your very own eBooks and then sell them online. Now keep in mind that there are millions of eBooks online, a lot of which are free to download, so you will need something unique if you are planning to make money in this over-saturated market. But hey, if you have the skill and the ideas, it can be a great way of earning. What are eBooks that still sell? Ones that are about teaching people new skills.

2. Invest some money, and buy a few PLR eBooks. Then modify them by adding your affiliate links, before giving them away. A quick Google search will provide you with a few good places to upload your book, or you can give them away on social media. If you have a website, then upload them there.


5. Affiliate Marketing

There is a learning curve to affiliate marketing, but once you’ve overcome it, you can generate massive profits and an income.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is the act of earning commissions from promoting services, products, brands, and so forth. Some affiliate programs charge a fee to join, whereas others are completely free, and then there are those where you need to buy the product/service to promote them. The greatest affiliate programs offer training in marketing, consisting of tutorials, guides, videos, lessons, and so forth, all of which, are created by leading experts in the field or those with the experience. Most programs will also include marketing tools and banners to help you promote them.

How does it work?

  • Search for an affiliate program – Almost every online company, in nearly every niche, has an affiliate program these days. When picking, make sure what you choose, is reliable, legit, and gives you the tools needed.
  • Promote your link – Numerous methods can be used to drive traffic to your links, from social media and email marketing to, sharing them on your website/blog or even YouTube video advertising and so on.
  • Earn commissions – Earn a commission every time someone uses your affiliate link to buy or join, the amount you earn depends on the program and how successful you are at promoting the product. The limits are endless.
  • Multiple products – Expand how much you earn by promoting multiple products/services.


Want to learn how to become a successful affiliate marketer? Top programs include:


Wealthy Affiliate

Need to find products/services? These marketplaces are the most popular and trusted;



Free ways make money online

6. Email Marketing

At first, a lot of people struck big with email marketing, and though the fruitfulness has died down a bit, it is still an efficient way of earning money online, in 2023.

How does it work?

Choose a topic (niche) – When choosing a topic, you need to pick one that will sell, otherwise, it is pointless. You also want to be on the lookout for something that will last, not something that is trending at the moment but will eventually die down, otherwise, your income will die down with it. An evergreen niche is something like pet care or food, things that will outlast you.

Choose an Email Provider – If you decide email marketing is the way you’re going to go, then you will need a Decent Autoresponder, to provide the tools needed to create emails, deal with sending emails in bulk, and support your growing email list. It is of the utmost importance that you pick a proper email responder, as some aren’t reliable, and it will affect your success.

Get subscribers – You will have to get people to sign up for your emails, and there are many ways to drive traffic, including, but not limited to, landing pages, live webinars, giving away freebies, and so on.

Stay regular – You will need to send regular emails, promoting products/services, or with links that will redirect them to affiliate offers, your website, new blog posts, and so on. (What it is that you want them to do)

Please note, that it sounds a lot easier than it is, and there is a learning curve to it. Just going in and spamming your list or trying to constantly make them do/buy things, is not going to work. You will need to build trust with your members and supply useful information that they will find valuable.


7. Sell Products on Etsy

For those with the skill of making physical goods, you can sell your products on Etsy, as it is currently one of the bigger platforms when it comes to selling crafts. Crafts can include anything, from t-shirts to mugs, or pet supplies. If you can make it, then you can sell it.

Keep in mind people would need to be interested in buying what you make. A good example, everyone wants to save the world, go eco-friendly, and so on, so make and sell organic soaps and so forth. Choose a niche that leaves you with an open door.

Once your customer base grows, there is always the option of upgrading and moving to eCommerce.


8. Build an Online Store (E-commerce)

E-commerce exploded in the last few years, especially with the lockdown, I mean, who doesn’t like buying their things online, am I right? It has turned into a yielding business, yielding if done right that is. If you have a business model that works with physical products, and it has the probability of exploding into a full-sized business, well then this option is intended for you.

How does it work?

Find a product – you can choose to buy and re-sell the products of others or sell your own.

Choose a builder – Find a platform with which to build and create your online store, but choose carefully, some will not be worth the effort.

Promote – just like with everything else, you need to bring in clients/customers, which can be done with social media, word of mouth, reviews, promotions, advertising, and so on.

Shipping method – Two ways to go about shipping, either handle it yourself or drop shipping, where the manufacturer takes care of it.

Don’t want to create an online store for your products, no problem, just sell your products/services via another person’s online store, Amazon being the perfect example.

Looking for an online store builder?


WordPress with BlueHost (Recommended)

Free ways make money online

9. Make Money Online with Freelance Work

Have a service to sell? No problem, places like Fiverr and allow people from all backgrounds and places to sell their services online, whether that service is re-writing, building Minecraft maps, translations, website building, logos, or any other service you can think of.

When freelancing it is important to not only build up a brand but to do so with a niche that has an interest. This way you can create a decent profile, and start earning a decent income. Having a sample is a great way of showcasing your work, so if you are a website builder, build a few extras that people could use for reference. Writer? Publish a blog with some of your work on it.

Looking for freelance sites to sell your services?






10. Make Money With YouTube

Set up a YouTube channel, and start posting videos on it, the more views and subscribers you get, the more likely it is that you will generate a decent income out of it. The videos you upload can be about literally anything, from gaming to tutorials, food recipes, guides, travel, reviews, tech, and so on. The choices are endless.

How does it work?

Find a topic (niche) – As always, you will have to find a niche that attracts people. Try to focus on a single point, and not too broad of a topic.

Create – Start creating quality content. Now, this is not to say you will need expensive filming equipment, but a good quality camera with audio will help you get better views, as most people go for good quality content. To be honest, would you rather watch a video where you can barely hear or see anything or one that is clear and of good quality? Editing software isn’t the worst idea either but can be a later investment, as there are some free ones, that offer the basics for starters.

Upload and Optimize – With everything online, keywords are what bring the traffic, so upload with descriptions, titles, and so forth, that include great keywords, images, and so on, to help attract attention.

Monetize – Reach that 1,000 subscriber milestone, and start monetizing. Add advertisements to your videos, and start earning revenue. YouTube channels can also be combined with affiliate links, which would be placed in the description, thus allowing you to earn commissions.

Have a schedule – Routine is very important. Make sure to publish your videos at regular intervals, so your subscribers will know you are active, and when to expect your next video.

A large sum of views and subscribers will be needed for you to earn a relative amount of money with YouTube, thus the need for content that will attract and engage a lot of viewers. YouTube is an extremely saturated online world, with quite the competition, so do your research, find something that will make you stand out from the rest, and create unique content, that will have people preferring you over the rest of YouTube.

Free ways make money online

11. Twitch – Streaming Games to Earn an Income

Are you good at playing games, and do you play them a lot? Well, why not make some money out of it? Now Twitch is a streaming platform where one can stream a wide variety of things, but this is focused on gaming, as that is my personal experience with the platform.

How does it work?

Channel – Create a Twitch account/channel.

Stream – Livestream your content, or in this instance, if you are playing a game.

Increase your followers – As with YouTube, the bigger your following, the more you potentially earn. A great way of enlarging your following is by interacting with them in the chat/comment section of your streams and providing great, quality content to attract and engage followers.

Monetize – There are different ways of earning via Twitch, including, but not limited to, sponsorships, Twitch ads, subscriptions, selling merchandise, fan donations, and so on.

Now the gaming industry is a very large niche, with a lot of games to choose from when playing. If you are already playing, then why not just make some extra money on the side? Now an adequate computer will be needed to stream, but most gamers already have a decent setup as it is, so no sweat. A microphone will also be needed, with a webcam being optional, and you’re on your way.

Keep in mind, that most flourishing streamers are e-sports pros, and spend hours a day playing. If you are not willing or capable of putting in at least 6+ hours a day, then don’t even go there.


12. Become an Influencer on Instagram or TikTok

Create a brand for yourself, by choosing a niche and promoting it. At least 6,000+ followers will be needed to become an influencer, but once that happens, you can start promoting products related to your brand, on your account, and earn commissions. There is also the option of being sponsored, and so forth.

Creating a large enough following will take time and effort, but if you are willing to spend most of the day on your phone, interacting and posting content, then it might be worth trying. (A lot of people already do this anyway)

Real ways make money online

13. Test Websites and Apps for an Additional Income

There isn’t much of a description needed here; it is literally what it sounds like. You test out web pages, apps, programs, products, and so forth, and then get paid for doing so with rewards, i.e., cash.

A lot of the work will be done via video, so you will need a proper webcam and microphone to provide quality video and sound. Note that this market is a competitive one, and first come first serve, so you will have to act fast to get new tasks.

Looking for a feedback site?





14. Sell Media Online (Photos, Videos, Images)

Is capturing photos, videos, and so forth a hobby you are good at? In the online world, the need for content will never be filled, it will always be there, and you can earn cash by selling your content online to others for use.

Now as with all things internet, this market is a very competitive one with who knows how many people, out there trying to sell their content or giving it away for free, so you will have to do, and/or create something truly amazing, and unique to gather attention and create a market for your content.


  • Do the research; find what people are most interested in. High demand means better chances of selling your content.
  • Create a niche, and upload regularly, to build a large portfolio.

Looking for a place to sell content?




Real ways make money online

15. Become a Writer

Yes, writing books sounds like a fun idea, but that’s not what I mean. In the online world, becoming a writer means familiarizing yourself with a niche, or a few different niches if your ambitions are enough, and then writing content for those niches, and selling it to others for use on blogs, websites, and so forth. It can be an extremely lucrative way of earning an income.

Some people don’t have the skill or don’t want to create and produce content for their blogs, websites, and so on, or some just don’t have the time, so they hire someone else to do it for them. Being familiar with a niche, makes you stand out over other applicants for the same job, I mean if you’re going to hire a mechanic to fix your car, you’re going to hire the guy that knows what he’s doing and talking about.

With AI taking over and many people using it to create their content, how effective is this then? AI like chatGtp is actually a tool to make content creation easier and more effective, not replace it entirely! The need for quality content with a human feel to it, is still high, now even more than ever as people will be looking for content that is honest and comes with a human touch. Already we have tools available to sniff out AI-generated content, so yeah, the need for writing skills is still very much alive.

Looking for a place to sell your content or expertise?

Flex Jobs

Media Bistro


16. Buy and Sell Domain Names

If you can do it right then this can be a very lucrative business. Domain names are the real estate of the online world, and just as it is in the real world, everyone needs somewhere to go, a place for their website, blog, online store, and so on. Now people choose domain names according to their niche, after all, you’re not going to have a website about health, with a domain like Thus if you own the domain someone is looking for, then you can sell it to them at a great price. The higher the demand for the domain, the higher it can sell for, with some even pricing in the millions.

How does it work?

Research – A lot of research. Learn how market and keyword research works, and use it to find cheap domains, that have potential and then sell them for a profit. Keep in mind, that cheap doesn’t always mean cheap, some domains can price for thousands of dollars, so some investment will be needed.

Note, domains are like looking for gold, you don’t just stumble onto them, it takes a lot of time and effort to do the research, and find something that will be worth it in the end. Yes, in the end, some domains will have to lay dormant for months, most likely years, before they become profitable. Patience is a virtue.


  • If it is trending, then it will likely sell.
  • Predicting the future isn’t an easy feat, if it was, then a decade ago all of us would have bought BitCoin, and struck it rich by now, but with hard work and research, you can determine what will sell and what won’t, a few months or even a few years from now.
  • Look at what is already selling, and what is trending, and you can determine what domains to go for or stay away from, not to mention the potential profits that can be made.

Please do learn first if you don’t know how domain flipping works, because, yes, it can be very profitable, but if you do not know what you are doing, then just light a campfire and toss your money on that, at least you will get some heat out of it.

GoDaddy’s Domain Auction is the most popular platform for buying and selling domains.


17. Become an Online Tutor/Teacher

Everyone knows that teaching makes money, so it is only natural that tutoring makes the cut.

There are different ways of teaching online, you can make videos, write blogs, webinars, live chats, and the list goes on. There will always be people wanting to learn, the only question is, can you teach?

When setting up your portfolio, show your degrees, skills, experience, and so on, as this will matter a great deal when potential clients search for a tutor.

Now depending on what you teach, how well you teach it, and your skill/experience level, tutors can make anywhere from $20 and upwards per lesson.

Looking for a site to become a tutor?


Chegg Tutors


Free ways make money online

18. Make Money Online as a Vendor On a Digital Platform

When it comes to digital products, ClickBank and ShareASale are some of the most prominent marketplaces there are, to only name a few. Have your product? Just have it listed on a marketplace and affiliates will vend it for you. In summary, sign up, a bit of work to set up, and other people will sell your products for you, no websites, SEO, Promoting, advertising, or traffic drive required.

How does it work?

Product – Research and find a product that will sell, whether it be a membership, eBook, educational course, or something else.

Documentation – Make sure to obtain the required legal documents and so on, as you are personally responsible for the copyrights, and legal documentation of the product.

Compliance – Ensure that your product is within compliance with all state, federal, and local laws and regulations, appropriate for your product.

Domain – You will need a domain name plus hosting.

Pitch Page/Sales page – Design a sales- page, also known as a Pitch page, for your product, to provide potential customers with product information.

Thank You Page – A page to which customers will be directed after purchase.

Trust Badge – The ClickBank trust badge is a badge that indicates that your product is supported and approved by ClickBank.

Payment link – Create and then test your payment link, which is a link that will redirect to your order forms.

Hoplink – Create a Hoplink, which is a link used in the marketing materials of CB Affiliates, that will direct visitors to your sales pages.

Enter Product Information – enter your product’s information into the ClickBank marketplace so affiliates can discover and promote it.

Product – request approval of your product, and pay an activation charge.

Popular places to use include;



(Good for beginners)

CJ Affiliate


Well, that is my list, for now, I will update it as time goes by so be sure to check back later. Have something that you would like to add?
Please do so via the comment section, it would be much appreciated and help others as well.

Thank You!

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