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Small SEO Tools Review – Best Free Tools?

Need to do SEO on a budget but not sure if free is reliable. With this Small SEO Tools review, we will have a look at the suit to see if it is worth the time. I have been using SST for many years and thus feel qualified enough to give an honest opinion regarding the platform. To keep this review short and sweet and to save you time, I do not list all the features in detail as it is already on their home page. If you require more information or have questions please drop a comment and I will gladly fill the gap.

One-sided opinions are so boring, right? If you use SST or have used it in the past please tell us about it in the comment section as this will help others to make a more informed decision.

Thank You!




What is SmallSEOTools all About?

It is an online suite that is focused on mostly SEO optimization. They offer more than 15 categories of tools to optimize your website. In addition, they also offer additional tools to make life online a bit easier.


Short History

SST was started by Tausif Akram in 2010 in the UK. He wanted to make life a bit easier for webmasters with access to advanced online tools that would enhance their content. Obviously still going strong with more improvements and tools added over the years.



Tools are free to use but please take note that some tools have limitations like the number of words you can scan on a monthly basis and so forth. SST offers a series of payment options if you wish to exceed some of the limits. Pricing starts at $9.80 for basic and goes all the way up to $599.80.


User Interface and Ease of Use

The dashboard is straightforward with clearly marked tabs for each tool, making navigation a breeze. The tools are beyond easy to use, mostly just a click of a few buttons to complete a task. If simplistic is your thing, then you will most definitely enjoy using this platform.

Small seo tools review

Quick Rundown of My Favorite Tools

Plagiarism checker – This is my favorite tool and the one I use the most! Beyond reliable and also the most accurate compared to other tools. Plagiarism can absolutely ruin search engine rankings and thus far this tool made quite a bit of first-page rankings possible by pointing out duplicate content that other tools simply missed. In addition, it points out exactly the phrases or words that are plagiarized and the source. Awesome tool that you cannot go without!

Ping Tool – I have absolutely no definite proof if pinging the engines makes a huge difference but I swear, this one does! Been blogging for about 12+ now and it is a custom to use the SST ping tool after publishing an article. Usually, articles will index only a day or two after using the tool whereas if I forget to ping, it will take longer. Obviously a few factors regarding indexing, however, I love their ping tool as I am convinced that it brought me luck when it comes to fast indexing over the years.

Backlink Checker – This allows you to calculate the number of backlinks pointing to a page. A reliable tool to some extent as data is sometimes conflicts with other online tools like Google analysis. The margin however is not big.

Small seo tools review


Website SEO Score Checker – You can use this tool to find out the SEO score of a website and identify the elements that need to be worked on to increase the score. Beyond useful tool that I use quite often to identify problems.

Grammar and Spell Checker – Works for basic grammar and spelling mistakes, overall not bad for a free tool.

AI Detector – In a world where AI is taking over writing, Small SEO Tools provides an AI detector, to help identify AI writing within articles, blogs, and any other texts.

Word to PDF converter – This Will convert your files from DOCX to PDF format without affecting text formation. Really cool feature since most platforms offering this service are not free or scramble the text.

Additional tools include but are not limited to:

  • MD% Generator
  • Text to Image
  • Text to Speech
  • JPG to word
  • Domain Authority checker
  • Image Compressor
  • Video Downloader
  • Facebook Video downloader
  • Image Resizer
  • Video to GIF Converter

And so forth.

Small seo tools review

Small SEO Tools Review – Pros

  • A large number of free tools are available.
  • A good portion of the tools are reliable like the plagiarism detector and ping tool to only name a few.
  • Tools are available worldwide and available in a few different languages.
  • Their blog has some useful articles that are informative and fun to read.


  • Some of the functions are not directly available on the platform and depend on third-party tools that will require registration to be used.
  • Analysis capacity is quite limited for the free version.


Let’s Sum This Up…

They offer some of the best free tools available that are much more reliable than many other tools. If you are on a budget with limited funds but still need basic SEO done, this is a good starting point. Although I do not use all the tools and went for some more advanced tools when it comes to grammar checking and keyword research I can say in all honesty that I still to this day stick with some of their tools since I find them more reliable than most.

Will their tools make a difference to your content? Yes, they will if used correctly! Keep in mind tho that SEO starts with great content creation, something that is unique and fresh. If constant rewriting is your idea of producing content, you might not do so well as the human factor cannot seldom be mimicked by online re-writers.

Well, that is it for this Small Seo Tools review, thank you for visiting, and please remember to add your opinion if you have time as this will make the review more informative for others.

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