Solo Build It Review

Solo Build It is a website building and affiliate training membership site that will teach members how to build a successful online business. The program includes hosting, domain, training, and tools that are needed for website development and online marketing. Solo Build it became quite popular as a step-by-step site-building “tutorial”, with the creators promising you success if you sign up, but are they making empty promises or does it really work? Stay tuned and we will find out.

Solo build it review

Solo Build It – Quick Overview



Who are the Founders?

Solo Build was created by Ken Evoy, the founder, and CEO of SiteSell Inc.


Solo Build it has two plans. Both plans include the exact things, so you ask why two plans. Well, the one plan is a yearly subscription that costs $299/year and the second is a monthly subscription that will cost $29.99/month.

Solo Build It for WordPress (WP) has two different prices, again one being monthly and the other being yearly. The first will cost you $17 per month and the second $149 a year. Keep in mind both plans offer the exact same thing, the only difference is the time span between payments.

NOTE: By selecting the yearly plan, you will save tremendously. (Due to the current situation with COVID-19, SBI has dropped their prices to help people during this time of need and they have added a 90 day guarantee).

It is completely free to sign up as an affiliate and they cover dozens of countries.

Any Upsales?

Other than having to choose between SBI and SBI for WP, there are no other purchases, subscriptions or anything of the kind needed. The tools, domain name and everything else are included in the original subscription.

Is There a Money-Back Guarantee?

Yes, they offer a 90-day money-back guarantee for those who decide that the program is not for them. The long guarantee is especially great since there are no free trials and enough time is needed to properly test the product before a final decision. As for the bonus, you get to keep the domain name you registered, even if you cancel.

Scam or Not?

SBI is most definitely not a scam. There are thousands of success stories out there and yes, there are stories about people, who have failed, but that does not mean the program is a scam. There are not only success stories though; there is moreover actual proof that they are not a scam, one reason being that they are a verified/certified company that has existed for many years now. They are not just the new kid on the block; they have been there for years.

What about Support?

SBI can be contacted via email or by calling them, using the toll-free number provided on their site. They also have 24/7 support, forums and a community so one can get help at any time of the day or week.

To put it simply, they have different types of support and the support offered is very good, but as always, there is room for improvement.

What is Included in the Membership?

  • Hosting and Domain Name for your site (One domain and one site)
  • Research your niche
  • Plan your work
  • Site builder
  • Training for online marketing and website construction
  • Tools
  • Security for your site
  • Support

Solo Build It – Features

Affiliate Program

Everyone knows what an affiliate program is these days, however for those of you that do not, here is a short explanation.

When you sign up to an affiliate program, you can earn money by referring people to the program where you signed up, it is that simple. Keep in mind that all programs have their own percentage of commissions that you can earn.

With SBI’s affiliate program, you will receive a URL once you have signed up. They will then give you tools that can be used to promote/advertise SBI using that link/URL. Then once someone uses that URL to subscribe to SBI or SBI for WP you will receive commissions from 60% to 200% depending on what they subscribed to. It is really that simple, with the only “hard” part being the advertisement, but that is why they provide tools to help with that.

Solo build it review

Constantly updated 80+ modules; so you never have to waste time installing and/or figuring it out.

An Action Guide that can be assessed in written, video and mobile formats that puts all the needed information into one place.

Brainstorm It 4, a tool that is used to not only research keywords but also, to help plan monetization and research competitors. It also helps with niche research, site concepts, topic research, image searches and so much more.

Solo build it review

Build & Manage your website helps you to choose the perfect domain name and everything related such as hosting, email services and so forth. (All included with SBI).

SiteDesigner is a tool created and provided by SBI to help with the creation of the perfect dream site. Templates, images and so forth can easily be installed with the help of this amazing tool.

BlockBuilder helps you build a more detailed and hands on-site, one block at a time. Everything from HTML, Photoshop and so on is included. It even helps you manage images and create mobile-specific sites. It moreover makes blogging easier by converting your content into “blog format” as you add your site’s content. There is regular WordPress blogging for those who prefer it that way.

Solo build it review

Solo Build It, also provides a bunch of tools to aid you in building the traffic of your site.

As for trust-building tools, no worries those are included as well. Make use of Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms to get the word out and build trust. You even get access to email newsletters, autoresponders and everything else that goes along with it.

Get rid of that workload with all the monetization tools they provide. Even hard workers need to share the load so they can actually make use of the hard-earned cash.

Solo build it review

As for a helping hand, SBI makes sure there is a way to figure everything out with all of their support and guidance “tools”. There is integrated online help, private tips and techniques headquarters, SBI! Express newsletter, private forums, private recourse s headquarters, and even unlimited customer support.

Solo Build It – Training

Here you will learn everything you need to know to become successful online. There are multiple ways of learning which include videos, lessons and so forth.

These cover topics such as:

  • Finding a profitable niche and registering a domain name for your site.
  • Building a website that will generate traffic.
  • Driving traffic by using a wide range of sources.
  • Understanding your audience.

Solo build it review

Solo Build It – Pros

Everything one needs from the tools to the hosting is in one place. I guess that is why they call it an all-in-one program.

Most of the tools they provide is actually quite useful, especially the keyword research tool.

They offer a money-back guarantee, but that is not the best part. It is a 90-day instead of the usual 30-day money-back guarantee.

The training is offered in both written form and high-quality videos, which makes learning much easier.

The support/information such as the forums is very helpful.

You now have the option to work with WordPress, which in itself is a great program.

There are no upsales. Everything is included in a single price.

They offer a monthly plan and a yearly plan which will save you some cash.

Solo build it review


No free version or trial run, payment must be made.

You only get to have one website and one domain per membership.

They are still pushing the SiteDesign version/platform even though they are now working with WordPress.

No live chat or private coaching, everything is prerecorded.

Solo build it review

Similar Programs to Learn About Affiliate Marketing


Wealthy Affiliate


Solo Build It vs Wealthy Affiliate – The online rival and my take on it.

Solo Build It is one of the oldest programs around and thousands of people made use of the platform to build successful websites. Their biggest online competitor, Wealthy Affiliate, opened up the challenge to push each other to provide top class hosting and training which is a bonus for those of us who seek the best service according to our needs. As with any competition between businesses, sadly some affiliates of BOTH programs do not play nice and like to put one or the other in a bad light. Due to my own experience, both programs offer a solid platform where success is a possibility with hard work and dedication. Solo Build It is a bit cheaper than WA for those who cannot afford expensive hosting. WA is more expensive, but you can build up to 20 websites. Huge differences in both programs and cater for different online needs. The mudslinging between the two companies sadly causes many people to seek training elsewhere and therefore they miss out on high-quality training and hosting. I can assure that both WA and Solo Build It is great platforms, especially for newbies. Both are old and reputable platforms with high-quality hosting.


Unless you are a skilled marketer, you will not get rich overnight. Solo Build It, is Not a “get rich quick” scheme. You will have to put some work and dedication into it.



Do you use Solo Build It or have you used it in the past? A one-sided opinion is so boring, right?

Please tell us about your experience as it will help others to make an informed decision. Thanks!


Take note, no bashing from Affiliates of SBI or WA will be allowed in the comments, let us play nice and only focus on user experience!


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