Steam Review 2020

Steam is the latest and greatest platform when it comes to gaming, as they have a fare amount of features that does not stop and just a gaming store, which is why a review is necessary. When a program becomes popular, most people want to use it as well, but there are risks to diving in head first, the reason why doing research like say, reading a few reviews is a needed task. Now as for Steam, a program designed to be a game store, but developed to be much more. As to not waste time, let us begin to find out if Steam is really what people say it is.

Steam review

Steam – Quick  Overview



What is Steam?

Steam is an online store where one can purchase games, software, and even hardware; however, the program can be used for much more. The Steam platform has a few uses if it is installed on your device; which includes:

  • Update games, hardware, and software.
  • Streaming
  • Creating or adding mods
  • Purchasing, downloading and installing games
  • A library where all games are accessible whether they are installed or not
  • To launch games
  • Chat with friends and other players
  • Purchase in-game items

And so much more.

How Does the Program Work?

Once you have downloaded and installed Steam on your PC/MAC, you will be able to access the program without an internet browser, by making use of the Steam Icon/shortcut that appears after installation. While on Steam you can go to the store, where you will be able to buy games or download free ones. After purchase, Steam will download and install the game on your PC/Mac for you, hassle-free. If you already have games on your computer, then you can add them to the Steam Library, seeing as Steam can be used as a game launcher and they keep all games in the library updated as long as there is an internet connection.

They also offer hardware, software and more along with the capability to stream through Steam.

Who is Steam Intended For?

Steam is for anyone that plays computer games, whether you’re a hardcore gamer or just want something to pass the time with. Steam is an online store for games, free and purchased, but the program can also be used as a launcher and so forth.

Is the Program Safe?

The Steam program is completely safe as its download and installation have no viruses or malware of any kind. Not only is the program itself virus and malware-free, but the products you get from them are also free of any and all kinds of malware/viruses.

The program is furthermore not a scam either as you get what you pay for, nothing more and nothing less.

The Steam program has settings that you can use to either enable or disable the program from running in the background and whether or not it should start when your computer starts up or to only start when you make use of the icon/shortcut that appears after installation. With that said, the program will affect smaller rigs, whether or not it runs in the background, but larger rigs, aka i5 and up will not really be affected, and even if they are, it will not bother you or your gameplay.

Steam review

Short History

Steam was first released on 12 September 2003 as an update program, which could be used to update games and so on, but since then they have turned into an online game launcher, a store offering games, software, hardware and so much more. The program was founded by Valve Corporation and a new updated version was released in 2019, bringing even more to the program. They have furthermore, been nominated for quite a few rewards, been in magazines and so on.

What About Support?

Steam has a very popular and busy online community with a boat load of members that can help, but not only that, as they also have FAQ pages, forums, and even email support. If you need help, be sure you will get it, they do value their members after all.  If I were to rate their support out of 10, I would give them an 8 as there is room for improvement, but they are already doing a great job.

Free or Purchased?

Steam is completely free to join, download and install, with no payments needed for anything, however, the products offered by steam does have to be paid for. Yes, they have free games, software, hardware and so forth, but most of the products have to be purchased before one can download and install.

Payments can be made via 300+ ways, as they support more than 30 currencies and payment methods include PayPal, visa card, master card and so much more.

Steam review

Steam – Features


The Steam store is where one will have access to all of the games, software, hardware, and other products that they have to offer whether it is free or not. It is also where one will pay for whatever you are purchasing; get the download and the installation.

Keep in mind, once you have purchased an item, Steam will link it to the account so you can download and install it whenever on any rig, without having to purchase it again and again.

Steam is also available on android and IOS, allowing one to buy games for mobile devices as well.


The library is where all games you have installed and linked to Steam can be accessed and launched. It can also be used for updates, to change settings and so much more. The library also includes a few other features such as categories and so on, where one can sort out games, put them in categories/folders, drag and drop them where you want, start new games, exedra. The library even has filters making it so much easier to find the games you are looking for. To put it simply, the library is an easy to use platform that allows you to hide, sort, find, explore and even start new games.


Discussions: Everyone that is a member of Steam will have access to the Steam Discussions, where one can ask question or answer, getting or giving answers about games, software, hardware or even the program itself.

Workshop: The Steam Workshop is a handy little feature that allows you to insert mods into games, build your own mods; and even create new things or alter old things to make them new. Basically alter a game.

Market: The Steam Community Market is where players can sell or purchase in-game items by using their Steam Wallet. The currency can be used for a lot of things other than the market.

Steam Chat: Steam Chat allows players to talk to one another through Steam, while watching streams, playing games and so forth, without having to exit any programs/games.

Steam review

Available Platforms

Steam and the products they offer are on the following platforms:



Windows Phone

Macintosh Operating Systems


Microsoft Windows, aka PC/Computer

Keep in mind that not all products offered by Steam are available on all the above-mentioned platforms, so make sure before purchasing, for which platform the products are intended.

Steam review

Steam – Pros

The program hardly affects your device, unless the device is on the small side.

They have loads of promotions, meaning one can get the game on discounts if you wait a bit.

They offer the different editions of games, and sometimes even extensions for the games.

Steam is an all in one platform; you buy your games from them, install from them, launch using them and you can even stream or chat with buddies.

Steam is available on devices other than PC.

Not only is Steam free to use, but they have free games as well.

Steam review


They do not always have all of the games in the world, so sometimes they might not have what you are looking for.

They do not always update prices, so one can pay $15 in a game store, but Steam will ask $20.

Steam is not available on console, meaning if you use Playstation, Xbox and so forth, you will have to find another store.


Do you use Steam or used it in the past?

Please be so kind and tell us about your experience.

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