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Swagbucks Review – Does it Really Work?

I have been using rewards programs for quite some time, thus, with this Swagbucks review, I want to determine if it is worth the effort or just a complete waste of time. They are one of the more popular rewards programs currently online and many claim to make a decent chunk of money compared to others. Let’s find out…

But first, Do you use Swagbucks, or used it in the past?
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What is Swagbucks?

Swagbucks is an online rewards program that enables people to earn a digital currency called Swagbucks by completing various online tasks such as playing certain games, searching the web, completing surveys, and so forth. Once enough Swag Bucks have been earned, the currency can be exchanged for various rewards/gift cards, including, but not limited to PayPal reward cards, Stream Gift Cards, Amazon Gift Cards, and so forth. Swag Bucks can also be used to buy items from Swagbucks.

Swagbucks review

Who are the Founders?

Josef Gorowitz and Scott Dudelson founded Swagbucks as a way to help people earn a bit extra each month.


Short History

The company behind Swagbucks, Prodege has been around for many, many years, however, Swagbucks itself was founded back in 2008. The company, the program, and the people behind it all have been nominated for and even won their fair share of rewards over the years. Their awards along with their impeccable services are what makes them one of the leading and most popular rewards programs currently out there.


Who Will Benefit From Swagbucks?

Anyone over the age of 13 who has some free time that they would like to use to earn something extra in a rather interesting way while doing things online that most people do anyway, will benefit from the program. The age restriction of 13+ makes it a great program for teens especially but it is not limited to them.


What Does it Cost?

Only an email is needed to sign up, and it is completely free to join, with no costs, payments, or added fees.


Any Up-Sales?

The program is completely free to join with no added charges and does no up-sales or anything of the kind. There are no fees for exchanging Swag Bucks either. Take note! There are however some tasks that will require you to purchase something if you want to earn SB. These can be shopping, in-app purchases, and so forth.


Is Swagbucks a scam or legit?

The program is most definitely NOT a scam, it is legitimate. They have millions of users who not only earn Swag Bucks every month but also exchange them for reward cards, which do work 100%. Sure, there are limits on how much is needed before you can cash out, and quite a bit of Swag Bucks is needed for exchanges, but it is still legit, and if you do earn it, you do get it.


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User Interface

The platform is easy to navigate with clear buttons that are easy to understand. No loading up or lagging issues and I have found them to be online every time I log in.

Swagbucks review


What About Support?

Support in the form of Email, Tickets, FAQ Pages, and so on is provided and it is available 24/7. However, just because they offer multiple ways of support 24/7, does not mean they are on any lists for winning rewards regarding their support it has some room for improvement, but then again, I have certainly seen worse.


How To Earn and What Do You Get?

Swag Bucks can be earned in multiple ways, and they try to have something for everyone. The various activities one can use to earn include:

  • Completing offers
  • Filling in and completing surveys
  • Making purchases online at select stores
  • Playing games or making in-game purchases
  • Referral program – Earn Swag Bucks with every person you refer to the program who then earns Swag Bucks themselves. When they earn by searching the web, you earn as well.

Please do note that quite a bit of points are needed if you are going to exchange them for something worthwhile. 100SB is usually worth about $1, so a $5 Amazon Gift card will require 500SB to exchange. A $25 PayPal cash out will require 2500SB to exchange.

Owner of a website or blog, well, use the very handy Swagbucks widget and attract more visitors that will use Swagbucks directly from your website and/or blog, thus earning you even more credits through referrals and such.

Completing all your profiles on third-party platforms such as Yuno and Peanut Labs will ensure that you have better chances of being approved for a survey/task, or get you a longer list of surveys/tasks to apply for.

Swagbucks review

Swagbucks Review – Pros

  • Signing up and earning with Swagbucks is entirely and 100% free and does not cost a single cent.
  • A multitude of rewards and/or prizes are offered and you will never be limited in your choice or preference.
  • The Swagbucks user interface is simple to understand and easy to use, to the point that a teenager would not have any trouble at all.
  • Filling in and completing surveys/tasks is rather simple to do, and a college degree is not necessary to do so, thus allowing people from all walks of life to participate.


  • Unfortunately, the program is only available in a few countries worldwide and has not as of yet gone completely international, and as such, only a few can participate.
  • If you do not complete your profile correctly then your chances of getting surveys are slim, being approved, much less so. Things such as degrees, special skills, frequent traveling, frequent shopping, and so forth are needed to increase the chances of surveys.

Swagbucks review


Swagbucks is not a program that will make you rich, at all; it will not even replace your monthly income. Some of course will make a decent amount, more so than others, but it will vary depending on age, demographics, and how well you fit the profile. People who travel a lot, do a lot of shopping, as some sort of degree, and so forth will be able to earn a lot more as more surveys/tasks will be available to them.

In all honestly, if you can do this already, then there is no need to spend time and effort earning Swag Bucks, right? The program is a great time killer that allows you to pass the time and earn a little something extra while doing so, but it is not the solution if you are desperate for cash or looking for a way to replace your income.


Well, that is it, for now, thank you for stopping by. Please do remember to leave a comment as it is always a pleasure to hear the opinions of others.

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