Wealthy Affiliate Review – Still Worth Joining in 2020?

I Joined Wealthy Affiliate in 2013 and thus feel qualified to review all the features the program offer. Wealthy Affiliate strives to teach people anything and everything that includes website development and internet marketing. The training, which comes in the form of video courses, is not only easy to understand but neatly organized as well. Training is not the only thing that they provide, you furthermore, get access to one of the biggest online communities, where loads of skilled marketers share their knowledge with others. To put it simply, they are an all in one for building websites and so forth.

Wealthy Affiliate – Quick Overview


History and Ownership

Wealthy Affiliate was founded in 2005 by Kyle and Carson, making it one of the oldest and most successful programs around.


Starter – Free, no need for credit card details. Includes two basic websites and level one training.

Premium – $49.00 per month or $359.00 per year. Includes access to all the training modules and one can host up to 25 WordPress websites.

Are There Upsales?

There is only one up-sale, and that is the Keyword tool upgrade which costs $49.00 per month. This upsale is not needed unless you are a professional blogger that do loads of keyword research every day.

What About a Money Back Guarantee?

They do not offer a money back guarantee because once you buy the premium membership, you unlock all the training and features. The free membership will give you a good insight as to what you can expect from the platform if you do decide to upgrade. The first 7 days of the free membership includes some premium features, be sure to test it before upgrading.

What About Support?

Wealthy Affiliate has one of the best support systems online with various methods of communication available. For problems regarding one’s website, site support can be contacted and problems are usually resolved quickly. In addition, WA also has a live chat that is busy most of the time and webinars also have a live feed where questions can be asked. With well over 1 million members, the platform is always busy.

Scam or Not?

Definitely not. WA has a great history and the only time people do not make money with them is when they are not willing to put in the time or effort to do the work.

Wealthy Affiliate Review

Wealthy Affiliate – Main Features

Hosting – Choosing the right company to host your site can be quite a big deal, which is why WA does everything they possibly can to make your experience a great one. Websites that are hosted by WA do extremely well as it is a reputable hosting company. Hosting is fast and secure, no worries about speed affecting your rank.

Double Host Your Site – Cloning your site ensures that you do not get downtime. If one fails, the other keeps going.

Got Your Backups – Ever made a huge mistake, no worries your data will always be backed up.

Site Manager – Help you to manage your website(s), notifying you of the latest backups, telling you the “health of your site and so forth.

Site Builder – WA’s online website builder that works on WordPress with well over 3000 templates to build your dream website and make it successful.

Site Domains – Register your own domains at WA. Much cheaper in the long run and many extras included like SSL, email and so forth.

Wealthy Affiliate Review

Site Content – This feature will help you design, create and manage your content comfortably without all the hassles that usually go along with these kinds of things. The platform also has a neat spell and grammar tool that works well to catch most spelling and grammar mistakes.

Site Comments – With the help of this program, you can earn credits by commenting on other people’s website’s or you can use the credits to request comments for your own site to help it ranks better. This is most definitely a super cool feature because it is always a hassle to get quality comments, especially when a website is still new.

Site Feedback – Same as with Site Comments, you receive credits for giving feedback on someone else’s site or you can use credits to request feedback on your site for better ranking.

Training – Wealthy Affiliate’s training is now new and improved, yet simplified in any way. The training, adjusted for everyone’s use, comes in many different ways from videos, classrooms, Q&A’s to live weekly classes, interactive discussions and so forth. It made so everyone can benefit, whether you are a newbie or some kind of professional.

Online Entrepreneur Certification – Consisting of 5 phases (50 courses), the Online Entrepreneur Certification program is there to guide and teach you the ways of building and growing a company, no matter what niche you choose.

Affiliate Bootcamp – With its 7 phases (70 lessons), the Affiliate Bootcamp program will guide and teach you the actions of constructing and creating a company using a Niche connected to promoting WA.

My Training Activity – To help you keep track of all the lessons, courses, videos and so forth you have watched, and learned from. It is there to help you keep track of everything you have done so far and makes it easier to know what exactly is next on the list.

Wealthy Affiliate training

Training HQ – The Training HQ is where everything info related from videos to tutorials and courses is located in order from newest to oldest. It is all put in one place to make it more convenient and hassle free for you.

Classrooms – A list of well, classrooms, each offering webinars, videos, tutorials and courses to teach you and all of them ending with a question & Answers section to help you answer your unanswered questions.

Research – Doing your research, might be one of the most important parts of online marketing. This is where the Jaaxy tool comes quite in handy, helping you gather info on all kinds of things, such as; keyword lists, affiliate programs and so much more other fun topics.

Affiliate Programs – Here you can find affiliate programs for a wide variety of niches.

Wealthy Affiliate reviews

Wealthy Affiliate – Pros

WA offers thousands of training courses, step by step tutorials and videos, with new ones added every day. You will never run out of “up-to-date” learning materials.

They have a great 24/7 support system. Site support is beyond awesome and issues get fixed promptly.

You get a 7 day “grace period” to pay for your premium membership if for whatever reason your payment failed.

You can stay a free member for as long as you want, since it is not limited to a certain time period.

All the training they offer is self paced. No one is going to make you do it in a certain time period.

A free SSL Certificate is offered for every website hosted using WA Premium Hosting Services.

All the training has checkboxes that you can tick off once you are done with it. Not only does this help one to stay on track without getting lost in the training, but I found it more inspirational myself to have a “schedule” to keep up with.

Wealthy Affiliate training

Wealthy Affiliate works with WordPress! Only the most popular platform for website development right? You own your website (If you own your own domain) and thus, you can move it to any other host if you do decide that the premium is a bit too much.

Websites build on WA hosting usually performs very well. They are a reputable hosting company that goes the extra mile to make sure that the websites are secure.

Live events are fun and easy to learn from, with a wide range of topics that covers everything one needs to know about building a successful online business. All the live events are available afterwards, for those who could not attend or feel like they want to go thru it in slow motion again.

wealthy affiliate live events


The live chats can get very busy at times, so you might have to wait for a while before your questions get answered.

Due to the massive amount of information WA provides, I found that new members can get quite swamped if they do not make use of the First start tutorials.

Yes, they do offer free membership, however, it is not available in all countries, because of their higher fraud statistics.

Wealthy affiliate reviews

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Wealthy Affiliate vs Solo Build It – The online rival and my take on it.

Wealthy Affiliate is one of the oldest programs around and thousands of people made use of the platform to build successful websites. Their biggest online competitor, Solo Build It, opened up the challenge to push each other to provide top class hosting and training which is a bonus for those of us who seek the best service according to our needs. As with any competition between businesses, sadly some affiliates of both programs do not play nice and like to put one or the other in a bad light. Due to my own experience, both programs offer a solid platform where success is a possibility with hard work and dedication. Solo Build It is a bit cheaper than WA for those who cannot afford expensive hosting. WA is more expensive, but you can build up to 20 websites. Huge differences in both programs and cater to different online needs. The mudslinging between the two companies sadly causes many people to seek training elsewhere and therefore they miss out on high-quality training and hosting. I can assure that both WA and Solo Build It is great platforms, especially for newbies. Both are old and reputable platforms with high-quality hosting.



Unless you are like a super skilled marketer or website developer, you will not get rich overnight. Wealthy Affiliate IS NOT a “get-rich-quick scheme”. The platform will help you to build a solid online business on reputable hosting, that will endure for a long time if you put the work into it.


Do you use Wealthy Affiliate or have you used it in the past? Please be so kind to tell us about your experience to help others make a more informed decision.

Thank You!



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  1. I joined Wealthy Affiliate some time ago and the training they offer helped me to get my online business up and running. Wealthy Affiliate is a very good program.

  2. I went and checked out Wealthy Affiliate and the amount of training and support they offer is outstanding.

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