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Wish is an e-commerce/online shopping site that is quite popular these days and seeing as it is a lot like Amazon, one can figure that loads of people want to make use of it. The question is though, can they be trusted and is it worth it to spend money on their products? Well, I can help with that and answer the hundred dollar question in this review. There are a few key things that are most important when it comes to e-commerce sites like, can they be trusted, are the products worth the money, will they actually deliver, and these key aspects are what this review is all about.

Wish is an e-commerce site, that we know, but how does it work? It goes like this; a person who makes the merchandise (seller) puts their product on the Wish site. There people can scroll through the thousands if not millions of products looking for something that they want. Once they found what it is that they want, they pay/checkout and the “seller” will then ship the products to that person, it is that simple. Wish is basically the middle man that makes sure everyone is happy and that no one gets scammed out of their money/products.

Wish – Quick Overview



Who Are The Founders?

The e-commerce company known as Wish was founded by Peter Szulczewski and Danny Zhang.

What Does it Cost?

Wish is an online store and it costs nothing to join, however since it is a store, you will have to pay for the items you purchase. You will also have to pay for the shipping of the products you bought.

Some products are free and you will only have to pay for the shipping, the rest can have prices of $1 and up.

Short History

Wish was founded on 4 July 2010 as a platform where sellers can sell directly to consumers through an online store. It started quite small at first, but it took the internet by storm becoming more popular each day. They have since, updated the platform to make everything more convenient for everyone using Wish.

Is There a Money-Back Guarantee?

Once an item is purchased and paid for, one can return it and get a refund within 30 days of the product’s arrival.

Scam or Not?

Wish is most definitely not a scam, the items are real and even though it might take a while, it will eventually show up at your residence. Furthermore, it might seem suspicious with all the free products, or the ones that are extremely cheap, but I can assure you it is all real. The only reason for the cheap products; they are bought directly from the seller, so there are no profits or anything added.

Keep in mind that even though Wish is legit, the products might not be. Some products on wish are made with cheap materials or they are just plain knock offs. So be careful what you shop for on wish. Sometimes clothing might not fit; electronics are badly assembled and so forth. If you want a good idea of what the products are like, I suggest watching Wish un-boxing videos on YouTube first.


Shipping can sometimes take months before the product is delivered. The time it takes depends on where the product is being shipped and to where. Wish products can also be shipped anywhere in the world as they support all countries.

What About Support?

Wish has a live chat support system to help with any problems one might encounter while shopping with them. Replies are instant and they always do everything they can to help solve problems and so forth.

Wish shopping online store reviews


All items must be paid before items will be shipped. Wish accepts the following as payment methods:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • Discover
  • Cirrus
  • Maestro
  • Apple Pay
  • EBANX (Credit Card, Boleto, OXXO)
  • Google Wallet (Android Pay)
  • Klarna
  • PayPal
  • iDEAL

Although the price shown on the items will be in the currency of the place you reside, all payments are done in US dollar.

Other costs like VAT and taxes will not be charged, however, you should check with your country of residence’s customs department to see if the product you purchased is allowed in.

Wish shopping online store reviews

Wish – Pros

Very wide range of products, from clothing and electronics to household items and beauty products. You name it, they have it.

The checkout is quite simple and easy to do.

Items can be refunded within 30 days of receiving the product.

People from all around the world in basically all countries can use Wish to do a bit of shopping.

There are a lot of free or extremely cheap products on Wish.

Wish has a mobile app that can be installed so you can do your online shopping on the go.

Product prices are displayed in the currency you deal with so no need to bring out the calculator and/or converter.

The list of products seems like it is never-ending due to all the products they have.

Wish shopping reviews

Wish – Cons

Some products are not what they seem or just very cheap knock offs.

Clothing may not fit or certain products may not work as intended.

Shipping can take months, and some products might not even show up at your residence.


Wish Buyer Tips

Always read the review of the product before purchasing, the product might be a waste of time.

Read the description and/or review, photos and so on can be
misleading and the product might not be what you think you are purchasing or it may look better than it really is.

Be careful of clothing, the size in another country might differ from the one you are in. Always use the chart to be sure.

Always check the shipping times. The longer it is going to take, the more likely your product will show up broke or just not show up at all.

Look for products with the “verified by Wish shoppers” label. They are the best choice.

Some suppliers will sell the same thing others do, but at a
reduced price. The same keyboard, for instance, can sell at 5 different prices. Be sure to browse before you buy.


My Personal Experience with Wish

I have purchased clothing and was not once happy with it. Way too small and after one wash, it came apart. Pictures are also misleading and the clothing items did not look the same. Total waste of money because I did not feel like spending more, just to ship it back for a refund. If you do decide to buy clothing, DO NOT EXPECT MUCH!

The same goes for exercise clothing, sizes are too small and definitely not good for self-confidence as you literally need to be stick thin to fit into these. In addition, poor quality, definitely only designed for one time use as it comes apart after the first wash.

Wish shopping reviews

The free stuff can actually be quite nice, I got a few of those and were especially impressed with some of the computer mice I got. Durable and actually good quality. I got one in 2017 and still use it on a laptop in 2019.

Wish shopping reviews

Some electronics are quite good. I got a gaming keyboard and gaming mice for my son and it was worth the price tag. Keyboard is what one can expect for the price and works well. Obviously, it is not the ultimate gamer keyboard, but I’ve seen worse at a more expensive price, buying locally. The gaming mouse was quite the surprise and he still uses it for hardcore gaming. Same mouse cost triple the price locally.

In addition, we got smartwatches, more keyboards, and some headphone sets. Again, not too bad for the price and usually last long. Not one item was faulty and also relative good quality.

Wish shopping reviewsWish shopping reviews


With Wish, it is like buying a “lucky pack”, you hope to receive something nice. Some categories, like electronics, actually have some really great stuff with good quality for cheap. Fishing gear is the other category I like, stuff is not too bad and makes great gifts for men who love spending time outdoors. Jewelry, not my favorite as I am allergic to fake gold and silver anyhow. Jewelry pieces just look cheap and they do not last long. Clothing for me is an absolute no unless you are like super small and plan to only wear it once. Obviously, there will be suppliers that actually sell nice, good, quality clothing, but I do not see it as functional to browse and buy from hundreds of suppliers, just to find the good ones.

To sum it up, you will get some items that works out to be really cheap for good quality and then there are those that is just a waste of good money and time. Shipping takes long, really long and sometimes you forgot you purchased an item before it arrives. (Depends on your country). I am not the patient type and need my stuff now, not months later, the biggest reason why I do not buy from them often. If there was faster shipping times, I would definitely buy more from Wish.


Did you buy from Wish before?

Please be so kind to tell us about your experience to help others avoid the bad products.

Thank You!






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